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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1104 – God-general Mid Rank Part 2

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Chapter 1104 – God-general Mid Rank Part 2

‘How can that peacock-like woman with a face caked in makeup be this delicate, pretty and adorable little girl?’

Qian Ye smiled coldly as she said, “I’ve dressed up for him. Since he doesn’t like that, why should I still degrade myself? I will be able to live better without him!”

Li Sha blinked her eyes in a daze. She was only able to come back to her senses after a long time. She sized up the woman before her with her large pair of eyes.

The woman before her had tied her slightly curly hairs behind her head. Her orange-yellow robes made her perfectly shaped body look indiscernible. Her hair skin looked transparent under the morning sun rays. She had a bindi on her forehead. Her arrogant eyes that contained self-mockery looked incredibly fresh and pure.

“Qian Ye, your current appearance is too beautiful. It’s that man’s loss for not picking you instead.”

It was in Li Sha’s wildest dreams to expect the woman she had a bad impression of would be so pretty. She looked more beautiful without her makeup.

“Let’s quickly head out. The elimination round is starting soon.” Qian Ye glared as she said that.

Yi Lian walked out from the room the moment the two of them left the room. The two of them looked at each other before heading outwards…

Currently, Mu Ru Yue was sitting at a side outside the room, sipping tea. She gradually placed her teacup down after seeing all three of them walked out of the room, “Are you ready?”

“Yue Er, let’s hurry up. If we continue to dilly dally, we will be late.” Li Sha was a little anxious.

‘If we’re late, we will lose the qualification to participate in the elimination competition.

‘This is also my fault for forgetting today is the day of the elimination competition…’


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. Her smile enhanced her gorgeous appearance.

The academy’s plaza was bustling with life. It was densely packed with people. Mu Ru Yue and the rest unintentionally attracted everyone’s gazes when they entered the plaza.

“Are those four this year’s newcomers?”

“Tsk! Tsk! I didn’t expect that there will be such good talents among this year’s newcomers.”

The crowd was discussing amongst themselves. Yet, an even louder uproar was heard at this moment, attracting everyone’s gazes…

“My heavens, who is that man? He is really handsome! This is the first time in my life to know that a man can be that handsome!”

“He is smiling at me. I can’t take it. I’m going to pass out…”

“If I can marry him in my life, I will be satisfied with my life…”

Mu Ru Yue was a little startled. She then looked at the source of those voices. Instantly, the man’s gentle-filled purple eyes met with hers…

A breeze blew by, making his purple robes flutter lightly.

The man’s body was being enveloped by faint morning sunlight. He was handsome and charming to the point of making the world lose its luster. The flower pattern on half of his face looked so life-like.

“Wu Chen…”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart stirred. A faint smile graced her impeccable face. It was as if only he could enter her eyes.

“I really don’t understand what those girls are doing.” Qian Ye snorted coldly in disdain. “They can be love-struck to such an extent. They don’t even know or understand this man. Yet, they want to marry him. The type of girls This Princess detests the most are those that are adamant in marrying a man with a good-looking appearance at first sight. They can even find themselves a dignified excuse for their behaviour, saying it’s love at first sight. That’s bullshit! That kind of feeling is established due to the person’s outstanding appearance. If he is ugly, how can they fall in love with him at first sight?”

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