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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1103 – God-general Mid Rank Part 1

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Chapter 1103 – God-general Mid Rank Part 1

“Li Sha.”

Yi Lian walked briskly over from behind. She glanced at Qian Ye that was on the ground. With a slight raise of her brow, she shifted her gaze over to Li Sha that was at a side.

“What happened?”

Li Sha pursed her lips but didn’t say further. She sized up the woman that was lying on the ground. She then asked giggling, “Qian Ye, how long do you intend on lying on the ground?”

Qian Ye’s face blushed. Just when she wanted to say something, a glacial aura was felt before her.

White robes swayed before her eyes. The woman had an ice-cold expression. Yet, each of her every action stunned people’s heart.

Qian Ye stunned for a moment as she looked at the woman standing in front of her. She raised her gaze slightly.

Mu Ru Yue glanced lightly at the peacock woman on the ground. She then said in neither cold nor indifferent tone, “As a woman, you should live for yourself. If you don’t even cherish yourself, how can you expect others to cherish you?”

“I…” When Qian Ye felt like rebuking and when those words reached her throat, she didn’t know how to voice them. She bit down on her lip hard as she covered herself up by saying, “I just think the ground is cooling. Hence, I lie down here.”

She hastily stood up after saying that, dusting the dust and sand off her robe. She was like an arrogant peacock, leaving without casting a back glance.

“Li Sha,” Yi Lian creased her long, shapely eyebrow slightly. She then chided her lightly, “With her haughty personality, she will never be able to be on good terms with us. Why do you care so much about her?”

“I… I just think she’s rather pitiful having unrequited love.”

Li Sha flattered her long eyelashes. With her gaze being filled with starlight-like candid radiance, she explained, “She is just using a tough facade to protect herself. Actually, Qian Ye’s heart is really feeble…”

It was precisely due to that she sympathized with Qian Ye…

“Let’s go. It is about time for the elimination competition to commence. We should head back to prepare a little for it. No matter what, I hope to see your figures after the elimination competition has ended…”

Li Sha nodded, swallowing all of her words. Nonetheless, her gaze was focused at the direction where Qian Ye had disappeared to…

The elimination competition was at dawn after three days.

Thus, Li Sha and Yi Lian hadn’t awakened yet. But they were woken up by frantic knockings on the door.

“Hey! Get up! All of you, quickly get up!”

Li Sha rubbed her sleepy eyes, slowly climbing out of bed to open the door. When she saw a woman with a pure hibiscus-like appearance, she subconsciously wanted to shut the door.

“My apologies but you’ve gotten the wrong room. I don’t know you.”


The woman kicked open the door. Fury and haughtiness was expressed on her delicate and pretty face. “Oi! Have you forgotten what day is it today? It can’t be you don’t want to succeed the elimination round, right?”

“Oh~ the elimination competition.”

Li Sha mumbled in reply before she was stirred up suddenly. “What did you say? Elimination competition? Has it already started?”

The woman chuckled before saying, “If you are half an hour later, you will really be late.”

“What are we waiting for then? Let’s quickly head out.” Li Sha immediately wanted to exit the room but turn back to look at the delicate and pretty face behind her. “That’s right! Lady, who are you? Do we know each other?”

“Li Sha, do you really not remember everyone that lives in the same dormitory as you are?” The woman widened her pretty eyes as she asked furiously.

‘Live in the same dormitory?’

Li Sha tilted her head slightly, staying silent for a while. Suddenly, her pupils dilated abruptly as she asked in disbelief, “Qian… Qian Ye? How can this be? Are you really Qian Ye?”

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