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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1100 – Signing Up And Entrance Exam Part 5

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Li Sha couldn’t help but click her tongue when she heard that price. When she was about to pull Mu Ru Yue away, the woman’s indifferent voice was heard.

“I want two White Jade Bracelets.”


The boss was stunned for a moment. He doubted his ears at that instant.

‘Have I heard it right? Does this woman really want to purchase the White Jade Bracelet, two to boot? This…’

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she asked indifferently.

“Ehh…” The boss hesitated for a moment before he continued, “Lady, the price of the two White Jade Bracelets will be sixty Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones all together. About that…”

“Don’t worry, I will give you the whole sum but…” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze shifted to the black rock in the corner and said, “This item seems really interesting. How about letting me sharpen my sword with it? I don’t know if you’re willing to give it to me?”

The boss abruptly came back to his senses as he agreed with an excited gaze, “There’s no use for that rock here. Lady, please feel free to take it.”

“A great thanks to you then.”

With a wave of her hand, sixty Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones piled up before the boss. She said frankly, “These are the sixty Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones. Do you want to rectify the amount?”

“No! Don’t need!”

The boss was so stirred up that he was speechless.

‘The heavens will know that I’ve been unable to sell such expensive items over the years. The White Jade Bracelet is one of the most expensive items in the shop. Yet, I’m able to sell two of them today…’

“It’s for the two of you.”

Mu Ru Yue took the items from the boss’s hand. She tossed the black rock into her storage ring but she placed the two jade bracelets before Li Sha and Yi Lian.

Yi Lian was stunned for a moment before she refused, “Is-isn’t this inadvisable? We just got to know each other after all. How can I accept such an expensive gift?”

“I’ve no use for this item but the two of you have some uses of it. If you don’t want it, I can only throw them away.”

“About this…” Yi Lian paused for a moment before looking at Mu Ru Yue. With a resolution gaze, she said, “I, Yi Lian, shall remember this grace you’ve shown me.”

Similarly, Li Sha didn’t reject as she excitedly took the bracelet that Mu Ru Yue had passed to her. With a smile, it instantly revealed her two eyetooth.

“Yue Er, you treat me so well. If you’re a man, I will really want to marry you.”


Yi Lian’s expression darkened instantly as she said, “Li Sha, are you seeking death?”

‘If the man with purple eyes was here, Li Sha will most certainly be tossed away by him. It will also be a light punishment. If he chooses a heavier punishment, perhaps he may have beaten her to a pulp.’

“Hehe! I’m only kidding.”

Li Sha happily put on the bracelet. Her adorable face was glowing with joy. Following that, she shifted her head to look at Ding Lin that had a pale complexion. With a mocking smile, she said, “Aren’t you almighty just now? What? Did a cat catch your tongue now? My idol is superior to you! If you’re capable, take out that many Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones too!”


Ding Lin was so mad that she almost vomited blood. She glared furiously at Li Sha. Her gritted teeth seemed as though she wanted to rip her corpse into thousands of pieces…

‘Only the heavens will know that even if I acted as if I didn’t care about those ten Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones, my heart was bleeding from that. But I wanted to give these people a shock so I acted cool.

‘But the other is able to take out sixty Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones easily. This is really too shocking!’

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