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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1099 – Signing Up And Entrance Exam Part 4

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Chapter 1099 – Signing Up And Entrance Exam Part 4

Mu Ru Yue walked over to them. With her gaze focused on Li Sha’s resentful face, she asked indifferently, “What happened?”

“Yue Er,” Li Sha pursed her lips in resentment and explained, “I originally fancied this necklace and wanted to buy it, but it is too expensive. It unbelievably cost ten Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones. It is clearly ripping people off!”

A voice drenched in contempt was suddenly heard once she said that. “Why do you even decide to shop when you can’t even pay ten Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones?”

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly. When she looked behind her, she saw a crimson red dress entered from outside.

There were people in this world that was suitable to be dressed in red. For example, it would be Feng Jing Tian. However, for some, the redness of the robe just made them look tremendously tacky.

The best example would be this woman before her…

“Yue Er, do you know her?” Yi Lian creased her brows tightly as she continued, “Why do you think she has a beef with you…”

Mu Ru Yue looked at the girl’s face before shaking her head and replied, “I don’t know nor have I ever seen her before.”

‘I’ve indeed never seen this girl before. It was due to me not even looking back after reporting, leaving without casting a glance behind me…’

“Hmph!” Ding Lin (gem) hummed coldly as she continued snappily, “You’re just a God-general ranked trash. Why did you even come to the God Academy? All of you trash has the greatest number of entries during the yearly recruitment. Yet, none of you are able to pass the final entrance exam! You even wasted our time, making us wait redundantly to sign up for the recruitment for such a long time!

“I know some of you want to depend on the factor of luck that perhaps if you are lucky enough, you will be able to pass. But have you considered the feelings of others? My time is so precious but has been wasted by trash that doesn’t even deserve to stand at this place.”

Mu Ru Yue finally understood why this woman had a beef with her after listening to her rambles.

‘Does this mean I am suffering from an undeserved calamity?’

“What did you say?”

Li Sha’s adorable face turned gloomy instantly as she yelled infuriatingly, “How dare you insult my acknowledged idol?!”


Ding Lin chuckled as she said, “You are treating her as your idol? It seems you are a nobody then! You don’t even have ten Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones. Even if you pass the entrance exam, how will you be able to survive in this God Academy? This place heavily uses spiritual stones.”

She looked toward the boss after saying that and declared loudly, “I want this necklace. I will give you fifteen Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones for it!”

The boss was jubilant as he said hastily, “Lady, please wait a moment. I will pass the necklace to you.”

Perhaps it was due to successfully carrying out a big business that made the boss happy. He rapidly passed the necklace onto Ding Lin’s hand.

Ding Lin looked at the necklace in her hand with satisfaction. She then looked complacently at Mu Ru Yue after passing the spiritual stones to the boss.

With a mockery smirk, she mocked, “Trash, why are you standing there for? Shouldn’t you immediately scram from this place?! This isn’t a place for you poor people to stay.”

Li Sha bit her lip hard as she glared at Ding Lin with indignation. But she didn’t rebuke.

‘I was in a rush for this trip so I didn’t bring many spiritual stones with me. But now, I indeed can’t even take out ten Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones…’

“Boss, how much does this bracelet cost?”

Mu Ru Yue’s eyes landed on a bracelet on the front desk as she asked calmly.

The boss was stunned for a moment but due to etiquette when facing a customer, he still replied to her question, “This White Jade Bracelet can defend up to three attacks from a God-king ranked expert. Of course, its price will be tripled of that previous necklace, costing thirty Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones.”

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