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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1095 – Big Harvest Part 8

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Chapter 1095 – Big Harvest Part 8

Dread slowly permeated the crowd’s hearts when they saw the knife-scarred man was swallowed by Little Teng. They hastily dropped their weapons before turning around and running away. It was as if there were vengeful ghosts chasing after them…

White robes fluttered slightly under the gale.

Mu Ru Yue carressed Little Teng’s head gently with a light smile.

A weak voice from in front of Mu Ru Yue entered her ears at this moment.

“Erm…” Li Shao raised her baby doll-like face and with radiance flooding out from her eyes, she continued, “What you said previously is too awesome. I really like you. I wonder if we can be friends?”

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she lowered her gaze slightly, landing on the loli’s adorable face. She had just noticed the three people’s existence.

“You are…”

Li Shao’s eyes lit up as she introduced herself, “I’m Jin Li Sha (gold jasmine katydid)1. I wonder what’s yours…”

“Mu Ru Yue.”

“Then can I call you Yue Er?” Li Sha expressed a candid smile. Her two eye teeth looked exceptionally adorable under the sunlight. She continued, “Yue Er, is this snake your pet? The appearance of it swallowing that person just now was too cool. Can I touch it?”

Li Sha raised her hand wanting to caress Little Teng’s head when she said that.

Instantly, a ferocious gaze was shot out from Little Teng’s eyes. He stuck out its tongue at her. It was as if he was warning her not to near him…

Li Sha got a fright, hastily withdrawing her hand. But the radiance in her eyes didn’t diminish in the slightest.

“I’m sorry but it’s not fond of strangers.” Mu Ru Yue placated Little Teng before she raised her head to look at Li Sha that was standing before her and asked, “Do you still have matters with me?”

Li Sha blinked her eyes as she replied, “I really like you so I want to follow you. Please… please take me in. I can do anything.”

Yi Lian took a couple of steps back as she saw Li Sha’s hoodlum appearance. “Can I choose to not know her? Furthermore, this girl isn’t observant. Didn’t she notice that the face of the man beside this woman has already turned so gloomy that it may drop water? Yet, she still chooses to pester…”

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at Li Sha before rejecting indifferently. “I’m sorry but I am not fond of getting too close to people I don’t know. Hence, I shall bid my farewell.”

Li Sha didn’t in the slightest mind what Mu Ru Yue said. The smile on her face stayed candid.

“Alright, you can go your way. But I will surely follow after you.”


Yi Lian almost tumbled to the ground. With a darkened face, she said, “Can she be even more shameless? I don’t know her anyways!”

Gu Chen didn’t say anything but his gaze toward Li Sha wasn’t as cold and emotionless as usual. It carried a gentle glow where nobody could detect…

“Mu Er!” Ye Wu Chen frowned, pulling Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. He snapped at her, “It is usual for you to provoke men but when have you even provoke women? Can it be you want to attract all gender, young and old, to you?”

“Why are you jealous?” Mu Ru Yue glared at Ye Wu Chen as she said, “She is just a woman. You really are a vinegar jar.”

Ye Wu Chen’s handsome face darkened as he rebuked, “She wants to pester you and even plan on following you for your entire life!”

The man’s voice made Li Sha look over to him.

A trace of astonishment appeared in her eyes when she first saw his charming face. But she quickly came back to her senses.

‘In my point of view, no matter how beautiful a person is, it is just an exterior skin. What I admire more is this woman who has such a cool personality. It is only such kind of woman that can become my heartfelt idol…”

“Let’s go. Wu Chen, the God Academy’s recruitment event is starting. We must rush in time for it…”

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1. Miki: the whole name of Li Sha
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