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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1094 – Big Harvest Part 6

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Chapter 1094 – Big Harvest Part 6

Just when he was about to say something, a glacial voice soared through the sky, entering everyone’s ears.

“Who was it that shot a sword ray in my direction?”

The crowd was startled before looking in the direction of the voice. Instantly, an ice-cold yet impeccable face entered their eyes.

The woman’s white robes fluttered slightly. A cold aura enveloped her body with an intense coldness in her expression.

There were countless somewhat expensive medicinal ingredients in the chaotic grounds. Just when Mu Ru Yue discovered a medicinal plant that could be used in refining the Surpassing Limit Pill, it was cut down by a sudden sword ray before she could pluck it.

That medicinal plant, unfortunately, needed to be fully uprooted. The leaves would wither instantly once they were separated from its roots. It wasn’t a wonder why she was that enraged then…

“Who are you?”

The knife-scarred man came back to his senses as he sized up the woman before him in lust. He couldn’t help but swallow his breath.

“Can it be you similarly want to be my concubine like them? Since so, how can I not satisfy you?”

The knife-scarred man didn’t in the slightest notice the expression of the man standing by Mu Ru Yue’s side had turned gloomy when he said that.

Currently, sinister cold aurae were circling his body. His purple eyes seemed to be capable of making people instantly fall to hell. It was so sinister cold that people would shiver subconsciously…

“If…” Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before she chuckled all of a sudden. But her smile brimmed with coldness as she continued, “If you still have a life to enjoy it…”

Li Sha opened her eyes abruptly as she looked in astonishment at Mu Ru Yue’s peerless face. She got back to her senses after a long period of time had passed. She muttered, “So cool! Yi Lian, I’ve decided this woman will be my idol from now on…”

Yi Lian pursed her lips but she didn’t say anything. She just stared at Mu Ru Yue with a peculiar ray of light that flickered past her eyes.

“Haha! You’re too brazen. Woman, I will make you understand my might now!”

The knife-scarred man laughed out loud before pouncing toward Mu Ru Yue. Yet, an sickening breaking sound was heard before he could near Mu Ru Yue.

“Little Teng!”

Little Teng that was originally coiled around Mu Ru Yue’s wrist raised his tiny head at this moment. Its large round eyes sneered at the knife-scarred man with a sinister cold gaze.

The knife-scarred man got a fright and couldn’t help but retreat a couple of steps back. “I-is that a snake?”

‘My god, her bracelet is actually a snake?’

Little Teng slithered up Mu Ru Yue’s body. It snapped open its mouth before the knife-scarred man came back to his senses. It shot its tongue toward his neck.

The knife-scarred man widened his eyes in terror from the suffocation feeling he felt from the snake. Following that, Little Teng’s mouth widened larger under his terror-filled gaze.


It had swallowed his entire body…


A heart-wrenching shriek was cut shot after Little Teng’s mouth closed. Little Teng burped in satisfaction before slowly slithering to Mu Ru Yue’s arm.

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly.

‘I originally just wanted Little Teng to teach him a lesson. I didn’t expect for him to swallow him a whole, not leaving a single bone behind…’

“That snake is also so cool!” Li Sha’s eyes lit up as if she had seen a treasure as she couldn’t help but comment.

Yi Lian’s expression darkened.

‘I don’t know just which part of that snake she thinks is cool.’

“Boss… boss has died?”

“Quickly! We must run away now. That snake eats people!”

“If we don’t run now, we will be eaten by that snake!”

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