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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1086 – Demon Beast Egg Part 5

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A sword ray shot toward Huang Yu but she dodged her body to a side, avoiding that blow. With a wave of her hand, a sharp sword glow flashed past. Blood instantly surged forth from the people before her, spurting on her body…

But it failed to stop Huang Yu’s advancement. She rapidly soared toward that demon beast egg. She excitedly extended her hand toward the Ancient Soaring Serpent’s snake egg when she was about to reach it…

When the crowd turned their heads, they saw Huang Yu that was nearing the Ancient Soaring Serpent’s egg. They shouted anxiously, “Not good! Quickly, stop her!”

But it was already too late. Both of Huang Yu’s hand had landed on the snake egg. Instantly, a white glow was emitted from the demon beast egg, gradually covering Huang Yu’s excited expression.

The crowd stopped their steps at that moment, straightly at the place not far from that.


Following that, a figure could be seen tossed out from the white glow, crashing heavily onto the ground.


Huang Yu opened her mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood. She was in shock as she looked at the demon beast egg in astonishment. Disbelief overwhelmed her shock.

“Is the demon beast egg rejecting me?”

‘That’s right, this egg is indeed rejecting me from nearing it. Why?’

The entire land recovered its tranquility after the white glow dissipated. It was like nothing had occurred.


However, the demon beast soared from the stone platform through the crowd under the crowd’s gaze…

“Quickly! Quickly capture that egg!”

Finally, there was someone that regained their senses. Their expression changed as they pointed toward the demon beast egg and shouted hastily.

One after the other, the crowd came back to their senses. They momentarily pounced toward the demon beast egg, trying to catch it. But the demon beast egg was like a mudfish.


It slipped out from the grasp of someone’s embrace, escaping…

“Hmph! It is just a demon beast egg. I don’t believe I will fail to subdue you!”

Huang Yu stood up and yelled with gritted teeth.

With a brandish of her hand, a sword ray was shot toward the demon beast egg.

It was as if the demon beast’s egg felt the danger closing it from behind that it hastily dodged to a side, dodging the blow. After that, it leaped into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace under everyone’s gaze…

That’s right, it was indeed shivering as it hid within Mu Ru Yue’s embrace.

‘Only this woman among the crowd gives me an exceptionally soothing feeling.’

But Mu Ru Yue was startled. She didn’t expect for the Soaring Serpent Egg to come looking for her…

When she raised her gaze, everyone was charging aggressively toward her. Their gazes as though Mu Ru Yue was their arch-enemy who had wiped out their entire family.

Huang Yu’s expression turned sinister from hatred.

‘This demon beast egg rejected me but chose that country bumpkin instead? How can I that has always been prideful endure this?’

“I shall give you a piece of advice. It is better that you obediently give up that demon beast egg. Otherwise, you will definitely lose your life today!”

Huang Yu raised her chin as she looked arrogantly at Mu Ru Yue.

‘A country bumpkin that has just entered the God-general realm isn’t worthy for me to place importance on her.’

“What if…” Mu Ru Yue narrowed her gaze slightly as she taunted, “What if I say no?”


Huang Yu sniggered lowly and with a slight smirk, she said, “Do you think you have the qualification to deny? If you don’t give up that demon beast egg, all of us here won’t let you off! Thus, I’m only advising you out of goodwill! The Ancient Soaring Snake is such a noble demon beast. It similarly requires a powerful Master to be compatible with its status… Do you think you are strong enough to contract it?”

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