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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1077 – End and Beginning Part 4

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‘Originally, everything would have ended after Bei Jun died. I didn’t expect for a more stronger enemy to be waiting for me…’

Madam Sheng Yue and the rest returned from Realmless after the continent’s annihilation crisis had ended. When Madam Sheng Yue saw Mu Ru Yue who had walked out from the room with Ye Wu Chen, she walked briskly forward and asked elatedly, “Yue Er, you’ve returned?”

“Mhm.” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she revealed, “Mother, I will be bidding my farewells to you all.”


Madam Sheng Yue was startled for a moment before she asked reluctantly, “Are you leaving again?”

‘The opportunity for the reunion with my daughter has been too little for all these years. I didn’t expect for her to leave again right after we reunited…’

Suddenly, the woman before her spread her arms, gently embracing her body.


She smiled slightly as she voiced gently, “I will be heading to deal with our final enemy. I will come back here once I settle with that matter. We won’t ever need to be separated again after that…”

Madam Sheng Yue’s body stiffened. She raised her arms to embrace Mu Ru Yue to her chest. With a warm smile, she said, “Yue Er, no matter what, Father and Mother will always be waiting for you here. Hence, no matter how many crises you face, you must return here…”

Warmth filled Mu Ru Yue’s heart. She nodded smilingly before her gaze shifted to Yan Ruo Xi1 who was standing by a side.

“Mother, can I ask you a favour?”

Yan Ruo Xi’s gaze raised as she continued, “Yue Er, you just have to tell me what you need. If I don’t help you, I’m afraid that brat Ye Wu Chen won’t forgive me.”

Zi Shao giggled as she gripped onto Yan Ruo Xi’s arm upon hearing that and joked, “Cousin dotes Yue Er fondly. Everyone knows about that. But aunt similarly dotes Yue Er fondly, no?”

“You…” Yan Ruo Xi glared at Zi Shao helplessly as she chided, “When will you be going to find someone to settle down? Otherwise, your parents will blame me for not finding a good man for you.”


Zi Shao’s expression gloomed. But when she said that she couldn’t help glance at Deity Yun Yi.

When Deity Yun Yi received her gaze, he returned a smile as gentle as jade. But elation filled his heart.

‘Can it be my little disciple finally understands my feeling after all these days?’

“Master,” Zi Shao couldn’t help but look at Deity Yun Yi as she continued, “You have not tied the belt of your pant properly…”

Instantly, Deity Yun Yi’s expression darkened momentarily.

‘I originally thought this little girl understands. But it turned out I’ve overthought…’

“Yue Er, what help did you previously want from me?”

Yan Ruo Xi looked at Mu Ru Yue with a slight smile on her face.

“It’s nothing much. I just hope you can bring my family members from Hua Xia to this place. Currently, since the Eastern Island’s crisis can be counted as resolved, they should come here. They will gradually grow old and die in Hua Xia. But there will be countless pills that can help in maintaining their current appearances here…”

‘I don’t know how long I will be gone this time.

‘Perhaps I won’t able to be counted as a mortal after returning to here.’

Thus, Mu Ru Yue wished for the people of Mu family to be brought here. It was only this place that they would be able to wait for my return…

“Alright.” Yan Ruo Xi smilingly nodded as she asked, “Are you not going to wait for them before you leave?”

“No.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she explained, “It is already getting late. Wu Chen and I should depart. We can only continue cultivating if we head to that place…”

Yan Ruo Xi no longer tried to persuade her upon hearing that. But her eyes looked at the two people before her with reluctance.

“Will Jing Er and little Huang Er be going there as well?” Madam Sheng Yue pursed her lips as she asked while looking at the two figures beside Mu Ru Yue.

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1. Miki: I had to check up from the glossary who this was~ I forgot. She is Ye Wu Chen’s past life’s mom, AKA Mu Ru Yue’s Mother-in-law.
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