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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1076 – End and Beginning Part 3

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She squeezed out a drop of blood from her index finger at that instant, entering the Alchemy Book.


An intense golden radiance surged forth from the Alchemy Book, spreading across the entire sky…

Mu Ru Yue could only feel a moment of piercing pain in my mind under the golden rays. Following that, countless knowledge played across her mind, filling her mind to the brim…

The pain made Mu Ru Yue’s complexion gravely pale. Sweat gradually rolled down from her forehead. Yet, she bit firmly on her lips, forcefully bearing the pain…

Simultaneously, a phoenix’s roar was heard making the entire sky shake for a moment.

Mu Ru Yue was stunned. She looked past the golden rays, landing on the blood-red figure. Her pupils constricted…

The enormous figure of the Scorching Flame Phoenix had slowly minimized, forming a fuzzy shadow.

A woman’s charming and impeccable face entered her eyes after the gold rays had diminished…

It was a woman with a stunning appearance with a red muslin robe covering her body. Her fair skin seemed so delicate to the point that it would feel as if her skin would break with a flick. The bindi on her forehead was bright and beautiful, enhancing her charming face to be more devastatingly beautiful.

Red muslin fluttered slightly under the moonlight. The faintly discernible perfect figure was enough to make all the men at the scene nosebleed, unable to shift their gazes away from her.

“Flame Phoenix?” Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly as she asked experimentally.

The Flame Phoenix smiled jubilantly as she explained, “Master, since you’ve succeeded in fully contracting the Alchemy Book, it has helped me in regaining some of my might. If you head to the God realm, you will be safer now.”

But what the Flame Phoenix didn’t understand was how Mu Ru Yue was able in contracting the Alchemy Book. It was an item that only people related to her former Master could contract it…


Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly with a sincere expression.

“Master, do you plan to make a trip to the Continent of God?” The Flame Phoenix smiled as she continued, “If you do, you can go can find the old fellow at the God Academy. He previously had some connections with my former Master. However, since Master had disappeared a thousand odd years ago, I’m not sure if that old fellow is still living in this world.

The Flame Phoenix lamented slightly.

‘It has just been a blink of an eye but so many years have already passed. People in the Continent of God definitely will be much stronger than mortals now…’

“Alright. I will make a trip to the Continent of God after bidding my farewells with my family!”

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze with a faint glint that flashed past her eyes.

“But what is the ancient Dan family?”

The Flame Phoenix was startled for a moment before she pursed her lips slightly and explained, “The ancient Dan family is my enemies. The ancient Dan family is one of the five ancient families. It is due to the battle between God and Devil that it became abundantly resourceful. Moreover, only the ancient Dan family possesses the most alchemists in this world! Therefore, the Dan family carries a formidable summoning influential power within the large Continent of God.”

“Master, Dan Yu, who has been dispatched here from the Dan family, is the weakest existence in the ancient Dan family. There are too many experts within the Dan family. The Dan family can be counted as the strongest family among the five ancient families…”

“Fortunately, Dan Yu shouldn’t have transmitted any information to his Master due to wanting to accumulate his successes for his master. You should temporarily be safe for now as long as the Alchemy Book isn’t exposed to anyone…”

The Flame Phoenix blinked her eyes as her red eyes focused on Mu Ru Yue.

‘Previously, I didn’t have a choice but watch on as he got hurt. Now, I must protect my Master well no matter what…’

“The ancient Dan family?” Mu Ru Yue rubbed her chin. A cold ray of light shone past her eyes before she sniggered shortly after as she commented, “I understand. I will leave this place after my parents return…”

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