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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1071 –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 8

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“Bai Ze!”

Suddenly, Bei Jun opened his eyes as he looked coldly at Bai Ze and said, “Give that item to her!”

Bai Ze frowned slightly as he refused, “No, it will be too dangerous! If she consumes that thing, she will certainly become a devil… I can’t take that risk!”

Bei Jun smiled. His smile was no longer as crazy as the beginning. It was filled with resolution instead.

“Don’t you always believe in her? So do I. The only person that will not become a devil after consuming a Devil Crystal will be her. You can take this as my final remorse to her…”

Bai Ze remained silent for a moment when he looked at Bei Jun’s sorrowful-filled eyes. He nodded slightly as he agreed, “Alright, I will temporarily believe you this time…”

With a raise of his hand, a Devil Crystal had suddenly appeared in his hand.

The gemstone emitted an intense glow as if it wanted to illuminate the entire world…

“Yue Er, catch it!”


The Devil Crystal soared in an arc, instantly flying toward Mu Ru Yue.

“Perhaps the Devil Crystal can help in improving your might by absorbing it…”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment, raising her hand to catch the Devil Crystal. She nodded slightly as she said, “I… I understand…”

When Bei Jun saw Mu Ru Yue clutching tightly on the Devil Crystal, his usual ice-cold eyes thawed…

“Bei Jun, you betrayed me!”

Dan Yu’s furious yell vibrated through the entire courtyard.

However, even so, he still didn’t show his true appearance…

“Dan Yu, you lied to me first! You shouldn’t have wanted to hurt her. She is the person I am most unwilling to hurt in this life…”

‘If it wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have betrayed!’

“Bei Jun, your heart has already demonized. How can you have such deep feelings for her? You should only forcefully take her for yourself!”


Bei Jun laughed brazenly. His voice was filled with sorrow as he laughed.

“I indeed can do everything in my power to obtain her. But it doesn’t represent that I can just watch on as she dies! I unquestionably won’t be able to do that! I won’t even frown no matter how many people I kill. Yet, she is the only one that I will never be able to make a move on her. It was due to her being embedded in my heart several years ago. No matter how much the Devil aura takes over my heart, it won’t be able to replace her position in my heart…”

‘But it is due to this love that I’ve made too many mistakes…

‘Nonetheless, what I regret was being deceived by Dan Yu, hurting my most beloved woman…’

“Bei Jun, you will pay a price for what you’ve done today. I will seek you out to settle the debt with you shortly!” Dan Yu gritted his teeth with hatred.

‘I won’t be able to expect Bei Jun’s Devil Crystal will be stolen away and that he will convince another person to absorb the Devil Crystal…

‘If I knew this earlier, I won’t have decided to give him the Devil Crystal to help him increase his might!’


Boundless glow was being emitted from Mu Ru Yue’s palm at this moment, making her be enveloped by a black gale…

Currently, Mu Ru Yue was within darkness without an inkling light. Moreover, there was countless power fighting their way to surge into her body. That mighty power filled her body to the point that she thought her body was about to explode…

The feeling of her body feeling to be going to explode at any moment made her body shudder constantly. It was as if her soul will be obliterated in the next instant…

It was unknown how long had passed when Mu Ru Yue’s body was drenched in sweat. A tyrannical power was trying to take over her soul…

Once her soul was taken over, she would devil that won’t be able to recognise her own family but only know to massacre from then on!

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