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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1068 –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 5

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Swish! Swish!Swish!

Yet, several black figures suddenly appeared inside the Devil Deep Pool. Those figures seemed to have been mixed with ink, unable to see their original figures…


The middle-aged man laughed brazenly as he said, “Kill! All of you are to kill every single person on this continent! Everyone shall die along with her! I’m not the one that is personally doing this anyways. The God realm should also be clueless of what I’ve done…”

There was a rule within the God realm.

Residents of the God realm could not casually make their moves on mortals. They were also forbidden from exposing their identity to them. Otherwise, they would be killed by those influential powers in God realm.

It was precisely due to this rule that people in this place weren’t wiped out by people of the God realm…

The middle-aged man’s laughter became increasingly crazy as he looked at the figures appearing in the Devil Deep Pool. He commented, “There probably will never be anyone that will know that the North Devil Palace is linked to the large entrance of the Devil Realm. Although these are only the weakest devils, it will be enough to slaughter everyone in the entire continent…”

Zi Qian Jing and rest were still unaware of the imminent danger at this moment as they looked nervously at the two people battling in the sky…

“It’s coming.”

Yet, Murong Qing Chu’s calm voice was heard that this instant as he continued, “The world annihilation crisis has finally arrived!”

‘There won’t be anyone except this couple that can stop this crisis.’

Murong Qing Chu frowned slightly with worries in his eyes.

‘I also don’t know when she will be returning…’

“World annihilation crisis?”

Zi Shao was stunned for a moment. Just when she was about to ask him, countless sinister grandeur was suddenly felt coming over. Her body shuddered as she hastily turned his head to look at the sky before her…

Several black figures were reflected in her eyes, making her pupils constrict.

“They… they are…”

“Demigod! Oh heavens, they are all demigods!”

“That’s not right! Those people in the forefront seem to be much stronger. They are even more powerful than demigod experts… How can this be possible? It is not only the Eastern Island, but also there has never been god appearing in the large continent of the Central Region!”

Martial God!

How mighty were they?

According to ancient time, Martial God did exist in this dimension. However, there was a great war between the god and devil. The war persisted for a really long time that no matter if it was god or devil, they had all vanished from their sight from then on…

Currently, how could so many Martial God expert appear?


Ye Wu Chen blocked Bei Jun’s attack, retreating a couple of steps. When he saw the black figures that had covered the entire sky, his handsome face darkened slightly.

‘Even if it was Bei Jun, I will need to spend some times if I want to kill him. But now, there are so many demigods has appeared…’

He sighed lightly. With a slight charming smile, he said, “It will be a little troublesome.”



Zi Qian Jing and Zi Shao couldn’t help but call out. Worries were expressed in his gaze.

Ye Wu Chen’s smile gradually vanished. His purple eyes stared at the crowd that was coming over before him. Bei Jun’s brazen laughs were suddenly heard before he could say anything.

“Haha! It seems he has already succeeded. Ye Wu Chen, no matter how powerful you are, it will be the death day for all of you following this!”


Countless grandeur came over Ye Wu Chen from all directions, surrounding him within the grandeur…

Yet, Ye Wu Chen seemed to have felt something at this moment. His slender body stiffened slightly, slowly turning around…

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