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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1028 – Getting A New Servant Part 2

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The crowd was stunned for a moment, staring dazedly at the storm that covered the entire sky.

So… this was the power of a Supreme Realm expert? It was so powerful and astounding. It wasn’t a mystery why so many people in this world desired this kind of power…

With this kind of might, the person could wipe out the entire world.


The black cyclone suddenly moved. It uprooted everything that it came in contact with. Dread permeated the crowd’s heart under such a might. But they couldn’t escape from it. Hence, they could only watch on as the black cyclone neared them…

Just when everyone thought they were done for this time, white robes flashed past their sight.

The robes fluttered slightly like snowflakes fluttering before them.

Instantly, the black cyclone engulfed the woman’s body. A glaring glow shot out from the cyclone, making everyone to shut their eyes by reflex…

The light dissipated after a long time. Everyone shifted their heads to look at the white-robed woman standing silently within the gale.


The woman’s body suddenly moved. She spat out a mouthful of blood, her body gradually collapsed toward the ground…

Leng Yan’s pupils dilated. The figure of the woman protecting them at that moment was reflected in their eyes. It made Leng Yan’s usually ice-cold heart shudder.

‘The reason why we wanted to help her was to repay the gratitude in her saving their lives. Yet, I’ve been saved by her again now…’

“Lady Mu!”

The expressions of Yin Feng and the rest had changed drastically.

They could not believe Mu Ru Yue would choose to sacrifice herself to save them at that critical moment.

“Haha!” The elder looked at Mu Ru Yue that was toppling toward the ground. He laughed heartily as he mocked, “You definitely aren’t my match! You will only have such an outcome for opposing me.”


Mu Ru Yue stabbed her sword into the ground when she was able to reach the ground. Her unkempt hair stuck to her face. But it was still unable to cover up her magnificence even in such a tattered state.

“No! Impossible!”

The elder widened his eyes as if he received a blow.

‘How can this girl still be alive?’

“Have you had your fun?” Mu Ru Yue lowered her head and with a slight smirk on her face, she continued, “Don’t you think it should be my turn next?”

She borrowed the strength of her sword to stand up gradually. She used her finger to gently wipe away the blood remnants from the corner of her mouth. Her smiling gaze landed on the elder’s elderly face.

“Your might is indeed really strong. Even if you are at the Supreme Realm and is much stronger than ordinary people, I can still make use of this battle to increase my might.”

The elder’s body shuddered. White robes had already reached before him when he raised his gaze.

The elder hastily raised the sword in his hand to block Mu Ru Yue’s attack in that split second.


Sparks were emitted from the collision of their swords, shining on the elder’s face.

He stared fixedly on the girl with a flawless appearance before him. With gritted teeth, he queried, “Are you really at the Spiritual Realm1?”

‘It is a miracle for a Spiritual Realm practitioner to be able to receive a full-forced attack from me and survive!’

“I’m genuinely at the Spiritual Realm.” Mu Ru Yue sneered as she mocked, “It is just that your might is insufficient so you failed to kill me. But even so, you were able to badly injure me in the process. Nonetheless…”


Mu Ru Yue used her strength on her sword to push the elder away from her, making them retreat a couple of steps back. Following that, she took out a pill and consumed it.


The grandeur from her body rose rapidly again.

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1. Miki: The previous chapter he said True Realm but says Spiritual Realm now. I guess typo since he has cultivation higher than Mu Ru Yue’s so he should know Mu Ru Yue’s might?
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