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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1022 –Burden? Shock! Part 2

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Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened.

‘It seems that I will need to spend some times looking for Feng Jing Tian…’

However, boundless flames of fury burst out of her chest whenever she thought about the torment Feng Jing Tian was currently suffering from within the Fire Sea Purgatory; it almost literally set her entire body ablaze.

‘I will never forgive Bei Jun no matter what!’

Leng Yan glanced at Mu Ru Yue but quickly withdrew his gaze. He then ordered in a low and heavy voice, “Let’s continue moving forth…”

The tranquility of the forest was disrupted by the footsteps of the crowd.

Occasional rustling sounds could be heard within the dense forest. But once it felt the power radiating off those people, that sound gradually disappeared…

“Lady Mu, we will be leaving the Purgatory Forest really soon. But…”

Yin Feng was suddenly stunned. He seemed to have discovered something as his eyes had widened. He had even forcefully swallowed his words that had already reached the tip of his throat.

“Is… is that the Purple Spirit Flower?”

The crowd looked in the direction that he was looking at.

A purple flower was fluttering slightly among the breeze within a dried up tree amongst bush and tree.

“Purple Spirit Flower! Oh heavens, this is the purpose of why we had come to the Purgatory Forest this time! Yet, we didn’t notice it when we first come here and only to discover on our trip back.”

Everyone became excited at this instant with surprise-filled eyes.

Yin Lin brows curved up from happiness. She moved in a flash over to that Purple Spirit Flower. Nonetheless, a large figure blocked the sunlight in front of her just when she was about to touch the Purple Spirit Flower.

“Ling Er, be careful!”

Yin Feng’s expression changed greatly. His complexion turned gravely pale with despair-filled eyes.

Yin Ling’s fingers stiffened slightly. When she raised her head, her eyes met with a large open mouth. Disgusting saliva drooled out from its mouth, making people feel like retching.

But Yin Ling couldn’t care much of anything now. Dread filled her heart, making her freeze uncontrollably…

The scent of Death was that close to her. It was as if she was soon be going to enter hell in the next second.


A black of light flashed past at this moment. His black hair was fluttering among the wind.

Yin Ling was stunned for a moment. A large hand pushed her hard away when she still wasn’t able to recover her senses. Following that, the figure moved to dodged to a side.

The beast’s claw ripped off the skin of his arm even if it was the case. Blood covered his entire arm, staining his robes red…

“Team… team leader?”

Yin Ling raised her head, startled, as she looked at the man’s grave and stern face. Tears subconsciously misted her eyes as she apologized, “Team leader, I’m sorry…”

Yin Feng sighed helplessly as he explained, “Ling Er, medicinal ingredients such a the Purple Spirit Flower will always be protected by a demon beast. You are indeed to reckless this time. Moreover, this spiritual beast’s power is so strong. It should be at the Spiritual Realm. Yet, what is more important to settle now is how to deal with this demon beast.”

Yin Ling bit down on her lip hard. She looked guiltily at Leng Yan that was standing among a gale. A light coat of tears covered her eyes.

“Everyone, listen to my order! We must protect our team leader!”

Yin Feng’s heart sank slightly as he yelled out.

Instantly, all of them surrounded that demon beast, enclosing it within their encirclement…

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The Eight-clawed Heavenly Python hissed as it’s sinister cold eyes locked on to the crowd before it. When it slithered over, it was akin to a heavenly dragon dashing toward the crowd.

Its tail coiled around a person’s neck.


With a heavy swing of its tail, that person’s head crashed against a tree, momentarily made him feel confused from the fall…

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