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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 103 – Break through! Break through!

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Chapter 103 – Break through! Break through!

“Alright,” Mu Ru Yue sighed before gradually walking forth. Peng! She viciously directed her mental power to strike the Phoenix Furnace. Instantly,, the Phoenix Furnace radiated light in all directions and illuminated the entire arena.

Everyone was astonished as they looked dazedly at the young girl enclosed in the red light.

The president couldn’t help but stand up and stare at Mu Ru Yue. “Is she really the owner of the Phoenix Furnace? It seems that the water of the world will start to move again. Not long after, due to this little girl’s existence, the sky and the earth will definitely be turned upside down….”

He didn’t know if this change would be fortuitous or disastrous.

Currently, Mu Ru Yue, who was within the red light, could feel a power viciously entering her body, rampaging through her meridians. She momentarily couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood as her exquisite face started to pale.

When the red light faded, everyone looked at the young girl before the Phoenix Furnace. They looked at one another, but no one knew what was going to happen.


The intense pain made Mu Ru Yue’s body twitch. It seemed as though something was directly forcing its way through her meridians, which weren’t large.

When she reached her limit, a silver cloth robe moved in a flash to her. The man embraced her body. Under the silver mask, a pair of black eyes focused on her lovingly.

Mu Ru Yue’s body shook slightly. This feeling was really warm and familiar….

“Wu Chen….”

Slowly, Mu Ru Yue’s consciousness started to become hazy as she subconsciously muttered. She clearly felt the arm that was embracing her slightly tremble. Following that, a warm feeling passed through her body, causing her consciousness to clear.

What appeared before her was a silver mask that made it hard to see that man’s appearance. While that man’s eyes gave her an exceptional familiar feeling, she just couldn’t remember where she met him.

“You’re not Wu Chen.”

During the previous moment, she really did think that Ye Wu Chen had suddenly appeared at the Pill Assembly. This man wasn’t him, so who was he then? Seeing the hurt for her in the man’s eyes, it made her heart palpitate.

Suddenly, countless streams of energy surged towards Mu Ru Yue and was rapidly being absorbed into her body. Due to contracting with the Phoenix Furnace, it had expanded her meridians. The nourishment of those energies slowly made her pain vanish.

Perhaps it was due to her instantly absorbing the vast amount of energy as Mu Ru Yue used the momentum to break through from the Fourth Stage Martial practitioner to the Fifth Stage, entering a new step.

The silver masked man gently placed the young girl in his embrace down before looking deeply at her. The silver clothes then vanished from the venue, not waiting for her to question him. It was as though he had never been there.

“Who was he?”

Mu Ru Yue slightly raised her brow. She seemed to have met him before as an exceptionally familiar feeling was felt from the man, especially from his eyes.

“Little girl, I should congratulate you.” The president smilingly walked forth. “Not only have you succeeded in contracting the Phoenix Furnace, but you also broke through to the Fifth Stage. Such an achievement would be the best among the four kingdom.

“Congrats! Congrats!”

Elder Flame and the others came forth as well and sincerely congratulated her.

“Alright, since you kept the Phoenix Furnace,” Craftiness flashed past the president’s eyes as he continued, brimming with smiles, “I will give you two choices. The first is to become my disciple. Once you become my disciple, I can guarantee that no one here will dare to bully you. The second is that I will give my grandson to you. You can do anything to him, be it warming the bed or folding blankets. You can also casually discipline him and I won’t say a word, even if you beat or scold him.”
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Table of Contents
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