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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 102 – An Exceptional Looking Man

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Chapter 102 – An Exceptional Looking Man

“You still decided to come back here?”

A melancholy voice was gradually heard in the mountain valleys.

If someone were to see this man that stood before the valley, they would definitely gasp. He was extremely good looking. There would only be a handful in this world that possess such exceptional looks.

The assistance of eye piercing white hair increasingly amplified that man’s appearance. Such handsomeness made him look like an immortal. He wore spotlessly clean white clothes. Some of his clothing fluttered when a breeze blew past. His beauty was so astonishing that he could be mistaken for an exiled immortal from afar.

Not only was that man’s hair white, but his eyebrows were also white. Only his eyes seemed similar to ordinary people, a pair of eyes that exuded a faint sadness.

Who was he being gloomy for? What had his hair turned white for?

The man chuckled lowly. His handsome face became more exceptional with that smile. He seemed like an exiled immortal who wasn’t affected by the world in order to reach an extraordinary realm….

Three days later at the Pill Assembly’s Venue

The president surveyed the crowd before drily coughing a couple of times. He stood up with a smile and announced, “Coming up will be the announcement of prizes for this competition.”


Everyone became excited as they wanted to know what the prize for the champion will be.

The president was extremely happy to see this kind of atmosphere. With a smile akin to a cunning fox, he continued, “The champion’s prize will be the Phoenix Furnace from the PIll Assembly.

Everyone was startled. They knew that the Phoenix Furnace was a divine instrument. With the assistance of the Phoenix Furnace, the user could refine high grade pills. However, the Phoenix Furnace chose its owner, so even the grandson of the president was unable to contract with that Phoenix Furnace.

The president had actually set the Phoenix Furnace as the top prize today?

“Someone, bring forth the Phoenix Furnace!”

Upon that order, some people immediately brought forth the Phoenix Furnace. The Phoenix Furnace required 10 people to carry it onto the stage. Moreover, the furnace was covered by a red cloth. After the red cloth was removed, a completely bright red treasured furnace appeared in the crowd’s eyes.

There was a roaming phoenix carved on the treasured furnace. It was so life-like that it seemed it could leap out of the treasured furnace.

But while the others only looked at the beautiful appearance of the phoenix, Mu Ru Yue felt as though she could hear the moving cries of the phoenix.

Mu Ru Yue’s brows twitched as she stared unemotionally at the Phoenix Furnace.

“That girl ripped such a bargain.” Qin Fei Fei was so angry that her face flushed. She clutched her clothes tightly as he glared at Mu Ru Yue with a jealousy filled gaze.

The Phoenix Furnace was a top grade item that even Elder Qin didn’t have the rights to touch. Now the Phoenix Furnace was given to that girl? It was really a mystery as to what the Pill Assembly was thinking.

“Little girl, give it a try to see if you can contract this Phoenix Furnace.” The President smiled at Mu Ru Yue and cordially spoke like a benevolent grandfather.

When Mu Ru Yue saw the craftiness smile in his eyes, however, she withdrew the foot she was planning to move forth.

“Little girl, why aren’t you going to contract with it?” The president obviously noticed her action and asked with his white brows slightly raised.

“Will you set any demand after I contract it?” Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she kept feeling that this fox-like old man didn’t have any good intentions.

The president was stunned. Many wanted to obtain the Phoenix Furnace but weren’t able to. This girl wanted to reject it, even though what she said was indeed his plan?

“Hehe! Little girl, don’t worry. I promise you that this Phoenix Furnace is the top prize for this Pill Assembly. If you can contract with it, it will belong to you and I also won’t set any unreasonable demands.”
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