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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1010 –The Gathering Part 2

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“Leave? Haha!” Yan Tai laughed brazenly. His laughs were filled with arrogance as he continued, “Do you think you can leave this place? The entire Dou family has already been surrounded by people of the North Devil Palace now. Nobody will be able to leave! We will be killing every single person in this place, excluding Mu Ru Yue’s mother, today!”


Everyone, excluding the three elders, surged toward Madam Sheng Yue and the rest at this instant.

“Qing Qing, are you afraid?” Madam Sheng Yue’s gaze turned grim as she looked at Xiao Qing Qing and asked gently.

Xiao Qing Qing shook her head. Her youthful appearance had become even more devastating beautiful after the baptism of time; it was refined, fresh and clean like a lotus flower breaking the surface of water.

“It isn’t the first time we are experiencing a crisis anyways so I’m not afraid. But I don’t possess a powerful might like Elder sister so I won’t be able to protect my family…”

Madam Sheng Yue’s gaze increasingly softened but her eyes remained resolute when she said, “That’s good. Qing Qing, you are to remember that your elder sister is the key to this situation. No matter what, we must not fall into the hands of the North Devil Palace even if it leads to our death. Your elder sister will unquestionably avenge us in the end.”

Xiao Qing Qing obediently nodded. However, the hand that was holding onto Madam Sheng Yue’s hand tightened uncontrollably.

“Oh no!”

Cold sweat flowed profusely from Tian Mo’s forehead as he looked at the swarming crowd. He was already reaching his limit while facing three Supreme Realm practitioners with his current might. Hence, he didn’t have spare time to save them…

‘If something happens to those people, the outcome will be unimaginable!

‘But it is already too late…’

Despair was expressed in Tian Mo’s eyes. Scorching flames of fury burst from his chest. Following that, he was pushed back a couple steps by Yu Yan…

“Haha! This place seems really lively.”

Nonetheless, a carefree voice was heard from the sky at this moment, entering everyone’s eyes.

The crowd was stunned, raising their heard to look upwards. A lofty figure instantly entered their sight at that instant. He had an arrogant expression. He was like a judge judging the crowd beneath him.

There was an immortal-like man with a cold expression standing by his side. With his silver hair fluttering and handsome face, it enhanced his immortal-like grandeur.

“Mister Murong?”

Xiao Tian Yu was stunned.

I don’t know the middle-aged man by Murong Qing Chu’s side, but I know the relationship between Murong Qing Chu and Yue Er…’

“May I know who are the two of you?”

Yan Tai’s expression darkened.

‘These two people are at the Supreme Realm!’

“Hehe!” Murong Qin1 chuckled as he continued to say with his chin up high while looking down at them, “Mu Ru Yue is my Master. Since her family is in danger, I naturally can’t just watch on.”

Yan Tai’s expression finally changed upon hearing that.

‘Why wasn’t I aware Mu Ru Yue has a Supreme Realm disciple?’

However, what Yan Tai didn’t know was Murong Qin was only self-proclaiming himself as Mu Ru Yue’s disciple. Mu Ru Yue had never acknowledged him as her disciple…

“What about this mister?” Murong Qin’s voice was chilly as he asked, “Do you also want to meddle in this matter?”

Murong Qing Chu smirked slightly. With a cold glow in his eyes, he replied, “She is my Father’s Master so what do you think? Furthermore, Mu Ru Yue is my friend. I certainly won’t let anyone touch her family till my last breath…”

Although his speech was light, it’s content was like a heavy hammer smashing on the crowd’s heart.

The expression of the three elders’ faces from the North Devil Palace had turned slightly unpleasant. The reason why they were currently able to be on the upper hand in this situation was due to outnumbering their foes. Now, three Supreme Realm practitioners had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They had totally lost their advantage in numbers…

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1. Miki: I don’t remember this person much but his first appearance was in Chapter 742. He was the mysterious lord of the Immortal Doctor Sect. This proved the beauty of having a glossary.
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