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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1009 –The Gathering Part 1

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Jin Kai’s throat seemed to have been choked with emotion as he watched Shu Ning’s disappearing figure. He wanted to say something but was unable to voice them in the end…

He understood that this departure would mean he would no longer have a chance to be with her from now on. Even if they met each other in the future, they would only be strangers…

When Mu Ru Yue was rushing toward the Dou family, the current Dou family was already facing a crisis.

Even since Dou Yi Jun started to govern the Dou family, he requested for Madam Sheng Yue and Xiao Tian Yu to stay in the Dou family. But the peace didn’t last long as the entire continent was already being controlled by the North Devil Palace.

Currently, people of the North Devil Palace could be found across the continent. The Dou family that was related to Mu Ru Yue naturally would be in a crisis.

The original Dou family that was as large as a city had become extremely miserable in these couple of months. If it wasn’t for the backings of the Tian Mo Sect, the Dou family would have already been obliterated by the might of the North Devil Sect ages ago…

Currently, Dou Yi Jun was looking coldly at the crowd from the North Devil Palace in the courtyard of the Dou family.

With a glint that flashed past his eyes, he said, “Elder Yan Tai (ink slab), Elder Wu Xu (no emptiness), Elder Yu Yan (jade swallow)! My Dou family doesn’t have any grudges and vengeance with your North Devil Palace. Why are you so adamant in annihilating my family?”

“No grudges and vengeance?”

Yan Tai snorted coldly as he replied, “It is all due to you having Mu Ru Yue as your family member. Once we capture all of you, we will be able to force her to submit to us!”

“Yan Tai, why are you saying so much nonsense to them? You should just capture them. But I think if we want to threaten Mu Ru Yue, we just need a person. We should just capture her mother and kill the rest…”

The person that said that was a beautiful woman with an alluring appearance. But her white hair exposed her age…

“What Yu Yan said was logical. Dou Yi Jun is just her uncle so there isn’t any use of him for us. Hence, let’s just kill him!”

Yan Tai’s expression turned gloomy with a trace of sinister ruthless glow that flashed past his eyes.

Wu Xu, who was full with an immortal grandeur, didn’t say anything from the start. He just looked calmly and indifferently at Dou Yi Jun.


Tian Mo laughed brazenly when he heard what he said as he said, “Are you guys ignoring my existence, wanting to kill these people before my sight? If you really kill them, perhaps my outcome will be a life worse than death.”

‘There isn’t anyone other than me that understood how ruthless Ye Si Huang could be. When that devil god tortured a person, that person would definitely live a life worse than death. I am more willing to die protecting the Dou family than to willingly enter the hands of the devil, experiencing tortures that would make anyone terrified.’

“You are at the Supreme Realm. But there are three of us.” Yan Tai sniggered as he continued, “Do you think you will be our match?”


Tian Mo moved in a flash with sinister cold aura emitting from his body, attacking them without any warning.

Yan Tai chuckled as he commented, “It seems that these people want to die badly. Since so, I shall grant you your wish!”


Three cold sword aurae shot toward Tian Mo at this instant. Tian Mo expressed an unprecedented seriousness when facing their oppressing grandeur.

“Younger sister, brother-in-law, quickly leave!” Dou Yi Jin hastily looked at the two people behind him and said anxiously.

Xiao Tian Yu creased his sword-like brows slightly but he didn’t make any action. His gaze was calm without a single ripple but his voice was low and heavy when he said hoarsely, “Wife’s older brother, please protect Yu Er and leave.”

‘These people’s target is Yu Er. They want to use Yu Er to blackmail Yue Er. No matter what, I won’t let their sinister plot succeed.’

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