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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 101 – Two-faced Ye Wu Chen

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Chapter 101 – Two-faced Ye Wu Chen

“Woman.” Feng Jing Tian’s lips curled up. Every frown and smile of his displayed limitless charm. His red clothing revealed both his chest and back, making him look increasingly flamboyant. “Since you haven’t married him yet, I still have a chance. I don’t believe that I’m incomparable to a fool.”

Upon saying that, he laughed for a while before turning around to leave the room.

Not long after he left the inn, a slender figure blocked his way.

The man before him wore silver clothing as though he were a moon-exiled immortal. A silver mask adorned his face, revealing only a pair of eyes that would make people tremble with fear.

The corner of that man’s lips curled up into a demonic smile, making him resemble an Asura. When his tyrannical aura burst outward, it made even Feng Jing Tian retreat a few steps from feeling the pressure of that domineering aura.

“She is my woman.” That man smiled, his smile looking demonic and sinister. With that aura suddenly and violently exuding from his body, he continued, “As such, I won’t permit any man to have any intention in seeking her.”

Feng Jing Tian laughed. His smile was so exceptionally moving that it couldn’t just be described as matchless. It was highly unimaginable that a man could have such beauty when he smiled.

“When did that girl become your possession?”

The silver man narrowed his eyes, a sinister ray of light flashing past his pupils as he replied, “Unless it is she herself that lets go of my hand, I won’t release her, even if I had to run through blades, traverse mountains, or stand in an ocean of fire. What irritates more for me is people harassing her. And also… she hates you.”

Feng Jing Tian’s expression changed slightly. What that man said was right; that girl did indeed hate him. But this fact was what Feng Jing Tian was most unwilling to think about.

“So what?” Feng Jing Tian gradually recovered. With a smile, he continued, “I just need to frequently appear at her side. She will naturally forget the mistake I had made when we first met.”

“It’s a pity that you won’t get that chance.”

The man narrowed his gaze as he looked at Feng Jing Tian’s alarmed gaze. With a slight smile, he explained, “It will be due to you being unable to get off the bed within half a year’s time.”

He was a decisive man so he definitely wouldn’t allow any dangerous seedlings grow, especially when he still hadn’t obtained Mu Ru Yue’s confirmation. He was completely clueless to whether he existed in her heart. Thus, he must make this man temporarily disappear for half a year. In that half a year, if he couldn’t obtain her heart, then he wouldn’t be Ghost King Ye Wu Chen.

Feng Jing Tian’s phoenix eyes slightly narrowed. He had a feeling that this man was truly powerful, to the point of being monstrous. Why was there such a powerful man at that girl’s side?

It seemed that if he wanted to pursue that girl, it would be extremely difficult.


As for the other side of the story, Mu Ru Yue naturally didn’t know about their meeting. She didn’t have any intention of sleeping after chasing that enchanter out, so she sat crossed legged on her bed to cultivate. Faint wisps of energy circulated around her, gradually being absorbed by her body.


The little beast leapt up from the bed, his minute body gradually elongated to form the distinct appearance of a handsome man. Yan Jin just sat at the side as he silently watched Mu Ru Yue cultivate.

This little girl was usually extremely sharp, but once it involved feelings, she was obviously inexperienced. Yet, she easily attracted men to her. First was Ghost King Ye Wu Chen, and now that enchanter-like guy, Feng Jing Tian.

‘It’s fortunate that I had only admired this little girl and didn’t have any other feelings towards her. Otherwise, if I had fallen for her, that relationship’s path would be extremely arduous…’
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Table of Contents
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