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Chapter Twenty-Three
I had to wake up way to damn early this morning, not only did I have to sneak into the office, but I had to leave without waking Chase up and go to my house to shower and get dressed, this sucked.

I drove over and parked my car a bit away so that Riley wouldn't see it by any type of chance and rushed inside, I stripped off my clothes and jumped in the shower. When I got out I put my hair up and went to my closet to pick out some lingerie.

I know he wanted sexy, but what to go with. He's seen me in a baby doll, he's seen me in just underwear, he's seen me in a few things, and I wanted this one to be a surprise, one he didn't help pick out, so I went to the box of things Rochelle and I ordered when we were drunk.

I could go for normal, or the secretary look, but I could also do the secretary look any day, I could wear it under something else and pull that off to reveal it underneath any day, so I was at a loss for what to grab and running out of time.

I didn't want to wear a corset, because that would be beyond uncomfortable under a desk. No white, too innocent. But I didn't want black or red because I'd done that before.

I looked and saw something purple and pulled it out, of this was the one. It was see through and tied in three places and had ruffles at the bottom, I pulled out some purple thigh highs and a garter that went with it.

When the hell did I go from no lingerie to a damn shop in here!

I didn't have time to give that thought much attention. I rushed into the bathroom and brushed my hair. I let it dry in its waves since my hair would probably be fucked up by the end of the night anyways and I set to work on my make-up.

I kept it pretty simple and actually put foundation on and blended it before working on my eyes, I made it a bit heavy but not too bad before slipping it on. I had to leave in the next five minutes if I wanted to get there on time, and it was still pushing it.


I text Chase


Was all I got before I grabbed a pair and put on a dress over everything so I could go out in public. I kept them off and tossed some stuff from the box in a bag in case he wanted it, I really didn't even pay attention to what I grabbed and I ran out the door.

I rushed to work, but parked a couple blocks down and rushed inside. I felt actually pretty ninja sneaking in past everyone, I ducked into a room when I heard someone and made it to his office without being seen. I used my key to open it and ducked in.

I kept the light off as I stripped out of my dress and put my heels on. I put my stuff in a locked drawer in my office and grabbed the bag and my phone before heading into his office and sitting under the desk.

My stomach rumbled and I groaned.

I didn't get time to eat, can you bring me something, please master.

I was actually a bit afraid he would say no and tell me to suck it up

Of coarse

I should have known better, a good master wouldn't let his slave suffer. He takes care of her, but keeps stern.

I spent the next hour researching about it online, I didn't know exactly how to act, he didn't either, we were making this up as we went, but it really helped me get into the whole mood of it all. I thought about how I would want to please him, how he has control and I'm the one doing what he tells me and sitting under his desk, which is right by my brother, because he told me to.

I tried my best to slip into the mindset of his sex slave.
I heard someone come in not much later and held my breath because I wasn't sure who it was, I also silenced my phone just in case.

My heart jumped when I heard Riley's voice and I started to panic. I listened as he sat down in front of the desk in a chair and waited. Then Chase came in too.

"Hey man, what are you doing in here?" he asked as he came around his desk and sat down, his eyes locked with mine momentarily as he sat his brief case down before looking back up to Riley.

"Just wanted to talk."

"One second, I need to reply to this"

My phone flashed and I looked at the text.

Be a good girl and stay silent as you move your hands to pinch your ni pples hard like I would and then slide those fingers in your panties and play with yourself. Don't you dare think about coming or making a sound.

Was he crazy! I sat there in panic, my brother was right there, I text him and told him that.

Chase! Riley is RIGHT THERE

What did you call me, sl ut? I told you what to do, and you better fucking do it.

Guess that whole being in the mindset run out of my head when my twin walked in. but the name calling was turning me on.

"Who's that?" Riley asked

"Just a friend."

That hurt a bit, but I knew that he couldn't just say 'oh it's your sister who's half naked under my desk'

Chase scooted his chair back and bent to 'get something from a drawer' his eyes glared right into mine

Such a bad girl, you'll pay for that later.

My heart started beating harder at that.

Sorry master, I'm touching myself right now thinking about you.

I sent him before I did what he told me and I pinched my ni pples harder like he would until I wanted to moan and then I dipped my fingers into my wet panties.

You're still in trouble, what are you thinking about?

How sexy you are when you're telling me what to do, how you call me names, how hot am for you, and how my brother is right there!

I continued to play with myself slowly and was so close to a release, I could do it and he wouldn't know. I didn't pay attention to what was being said and I decided that I needed to come, I kept quiet and it was hard not to moan.

Does that feel good?

I had to stop to text back and nearly groaned

Yes, master.

How good.

I want to come, I can't go through today and not.

Don't you dare come, or you won't like what comes next. You will not come today, do you understand me?

I didn't reply. I kept playing with myself and I was getting close again when I was pulled out from under the desk by my hair.

"I told you not to come, and you were about to." I looked away from his eyes "Look at me" he ordered and I did.

"Didn't I tell you that you were not to come, you were going to disobey me, you already did when you refused to touch yourself at first."

"I'm sorry master" I told him
"Sorry just isn't going to cut it this time. Bend over." I didn't hesitate to turn around and bend over his desk. "Give me a number Brylee"

"Seven" I said without thinking.

"I'm going to spank you seven times and you're going to count them."


I felt his hand come down once and I moaned

"No moaning, I only want to hear counting. Each time you do I add another"


He rubbed the flesh and his hand stung as he smacked me harder


Each time the sting was worse and he spread it so that I could feel it everywhere.

He sat me on his desk and I didn't know whether to moan or cringe.

"Are you going to listen to me now?"

"Yes master" I replied, at least I hoped so.

"Good, because I didn't want to have to punish you, I wanted to be able to take you all in." his eyes roamed my body

"Do you approve?" I asked suddenly shy.

"Yes baby girl, I do. I have something for you, but if you don't want it, I'll understand." He said as he pulled something from his bag.

"I bought this and I want you to wear it, not just today either."

"What is it?" I asked and he pulled out a necklace. It was beautiful, it had a thick chain and a heard that connected it.

"It's beautiful." I smiled at him

"Yeah, but this necklace is a bit different. The heart is a lock, and you can't get it off without a key, which I would be the only one to have."

"So it's a collar?" I remembered reading about them

"Kind of, I bought it last week and it's a way to show that you're mine." He looked nervous

"Okay." I told him, it just looked like a necklace, it's not like it was a dog collar.

He put it around my neck and secured it in place and put the keys in his desk.

"And what is this?" he grabbed the bag.

"I don't know it was stuff from when I order with Rochelle and so I put some things in there. I just am not quite sure what."

He opened the bag and smirked

"Looks like you got some too." He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and then some out of his bag "Hands in front of you." he ordered and I did a bit hesitantly. I felt the cool metal lock around one wrist and then the other.

There weren't the type to flick a lever and you get out, these required a key.

"Under my desk now slu t while you suck my di ck so I can get some work done." I slid off his desk and back under it. After a bit of difficulty, I got his pants undone and I pulled his member out.

To try to get back in his good graces I took him all the way in my mouth and did everything I knew he liked to him, I knew about the right pressure, how much teeth he liked, where he licked me to lick, I knew that if I deep throated and bobbed my head, than pulled back slowly as I sucked hard and grazed my teeth against his shaft and then sucked on his head and licked the ridge, it would drive him crazy.

I threw that combo in every now and then and I felt him building.

His moaning came more frequently and I'm sure he stopped whatever work he was doing because I soon felt his hands in my hair pushing me to go a bit faster.

I sucked him and made him come in my mouth.
He moved and redid his pants before continuing on with the work he had to do. a little later he scooted back

"Get on my desk" he said as he walked to the door

"How do you want me to sit master?" I asked

"Lay down." He told me and I complied with his wishes "Other way" he told me and I turned

He took a key and undid my left wrist before fastening it to his chair.

I was laying on his desk with my legs by his computer

He grabbed my legs and pulled me down and spread my legs so I was opened to him and he sat back down.

"Play with yourself, I want to watch"

Immediately my hands went down to my entrance and I rubbed at it.

"Anything you want me to do, Master?" I asked and he looked at me.

"I'll let you know as you go, wh ore." He said and I groaned

"Rub your cl it," he told me as he half worked and half watched me I slid my fingers up and made circles "Faster," he told me and I did "Do you like that?" he asked


"Yes what?"

"Yes master." I moaned

"You're a dirty little wh ore aren't you? That slutty lingerie, you exposing yourself to me, masturbating for me to watch."

"Yes, yes I am" I said and my body clenched at the admittance

"Who's dirty wh ore are you, Brylee?"

"Yours master" I moaned when he rubbed the inside of my thigh

"Damn fu cking straight you are. Say it."

"I'm your dirty little w hore, Master." I moaned as he rewarded me by slipping a finger inside me

"Who's sl ut are you?" he asked

"Yours master."

"Such a good girl, and so damn sexy." He said in appreciation.

"Get off the desk" he told me and I carefully stepped down he grabbed another set of cuffs and handcuffed me to the other arm of his chair and stood behind me I was forced to bed and he came up and smacked my ass.

"Take a step back and bend over more." He told me and so I did, with some difficulty, but I did.

He rubbed himself at me entrance before pushing in making me moan

"Quieter" he hissed and I nodded

He pumped slowly at first, getting used to this position, and then he speed up.

I was horny right now and I wanted a release.

"Let me come, please" I said

He smacked my a ss

"Did I tell you to speak, bi tch?" he asked and I shook my head. He spanked me again "I asked you a question"

"No, you didn't." I said.

"You want to come?" he asked

"Yes, please master." I moaned he yanked my hair back so I was looking at him

"Too damn bad." he accentuated each word with a hard thrust

"Please" I begged

"No and if you come I'm going to throw you down and fu ck you harder then you've been fuc ked before." He threatened and I bit my lip. I don't know how this was going to turn out.

He thrust harder and faster until he found his release and he groaned my name as he came.
"Good girl" he kissed the side of my head.

He pulled out and I heard him doing something, I just didn't know what.

"You look sexy like that." He told me "I'm going to take pictures of you, is that okay?" he asked

"Yes" It's not like he hasn't before, and I trusted him. "And same threat about anyone seeing them"

"Baby girl, I would never show anyone, no one needs to see what's mine."

"And if we break up?

"Not happening, but I would never do that to you, you're not just some girl. I wouldn't do it to any girl, and you would be the last girl I would ever want to hurt."

"Okay." It was quiet unless he was telling me to do something, he yanked my hair back and took one like that, and other various poses. Once he was done he undid the cuffs and replaced them like they were before and told me to get under his desk again and took more that way.

He left me there as he worked some more and I grabbed my phone.

"Master?" I asked


"Can I play a game on my phone, please?" I asked

"You deserve that, go for it." he told me and I was pretty excited, I was so damn bored under here. It was lunch time and Riley came in

"Want to get something to eat?" he asked

"Nah, I brought food and I'm behind, can you tell people not to bother me."

"Sure" he said and walked out. He got up and locked the door again

"Get up, slu t." He told me and I put my phone down and scooted out.

"Bend over the desk" he told me and I did. "You look so sexy like this" he told me and I could see him taking more photos before he picked me up and put me on the desk to take more.

"I love photographing you. So sexy." He said as he bent over me and pushed inside me again. I moaned as he took his time and I had to remind myself not to come.

Thank god this day was half over, I don't know how much more I could take, and Chase was like a machine.

"You feel so good" he moaned as he spread my legs farther apart and he was getting close when there was a knock on his door.

"Shh" he told me as he fucked me harder and came quickly "Under the desk" he said and he fixed himself and went to the door.


"These need your signature Mr. Rodriquez" someone told, a minute later he was back in his desk.

"Scoot out here and sit on your knees by me." Chase told me and I was getting more used to this so I moved out slightly and kneeled as he worked. He took a picture before he turned to me.

"Suck me off" and like before, I undid his pants and with no hesitation took him all.

He ate his lunch as I continued to suck him

"Slower" he told me and I calmed it down a bit.

"I want to spend time enjoying it, not just coming."

Another knock

"Damn it" he mumbled "Under my desk, but keep sucking, and slowly." We shifted as someone walked in. His fingers tightened in my hair as I once again heard my twin's voice.

"Hey, have you talked to Brylee today?" his fingers gripped even tighter and I paused, only to restart as he pushed my head.
It was actually so god damn hot to do this. it was hot before to pleasure myself with my brother there, but to have my mouth around Chase as I was handcuffed under his desk, that was hot. Scary, but hot.

"Not really, she told me she wasn't feeling well, but would be here tomorrow."

"I'm worried about her."


"She's been not feeling well and pulling away from me. I don't know what's going on with her."

"Have you talked to her?"

"No, when I try she just dismisses it, I figured I would ask you to see if you had any incite."

"Not really, sorry." He said

"It's fine, I'll let you get back to lunch." And I heard the door again. Chase slid back and I followed with him and he took a picture of what I was doing.

"Look up at the camera" he told me and took a couple more before continuing eating. When he finished he looked back down at me

"Now make me come" I did the little combo I knew he liked and he was throbbing as I swallowed all he was giving me.

"Good girl, I got you food, I don't want you to go hungry." He told me as he brought me up. He took the cuffs off my wrists and he rubbed them before handing me food.

I sat on his desk as I ate the pasta salad, it was delicious and I wondered where he got it, I knew he didn't make it.

"Alright" he said when I ate it all "Back under in case someone comes in" he said as he put the cuffs back on. I thought about what Riley said and I felt horrible. Chase was flat out lying to him and so was I. he was going to be angrier that we kept it from him, and I was afraid of that. Riley was everything to me and I couldn't loose him.

And it was a good thing because about five minutes later Riley came back in and I almost groaned, can't he just go away?

"Hey man, what's up?" Chase asked

"I wanted to talk to you about something."


"What's been up with you recently, I haven't seen you much."

"I've just been busy, I'm sorry."

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out this week."

"Sure what day?"


"Alright, what are we doing?"

"Dinner. Monica and I are setting you up with a friend of hers from work."

I almost choked or screamed no or something. No way in hell was that happening. I dug my nails into his leg. I didn't care about the damn slave role; I had no problem being the jealous girlfriend right now.

His hand rubbed mine soothingly

"Not happening, dude." He said sternly.

"Yeah it is, you need to date it's been months since your last one, and I think you would be great together."

"I said no Riley."

"I already told Monica I would get you there." His hands squeezed mine and I could feel how tense he was and that he was getting frustrated.

"And I told you no. I'm not going so you better fix that real quick." He said

"Dude why not? It's one damn date, the worst that can happen is you don't hit it off, best is you really like her or hook up with her." I glared at my brother through the desk and dug my nails into his leg harder this time.

Not because I was mad at him, but mad in general.

"I'm not hooking up with her, and I'm not going to date her. I told you fucking no, and the answer will remain no."

"Whatever" he muttered angrily and left. Chase got up and locked the door and came back to his desk

"Get up here." He ordered and I got up as quickly as I could

He kissed me aggressively and I could feel how angry he was right now, and I knew what that meant for me, it didn't matter if I made him angry or now, I would be what he used to release his frustrations, and I was actually okay with that.

He spun me quickly and pushed me down. I was pretty much thrown down onto the deck and my hands slid up over my head.

"I'm sorry for this" he said as he thrust hard into me. the thong I was wearing didn't make it hard to do just that.

"Be quiet" he ordered and I bit my lip

He pulled back and slammed into me so hard I was whimpering slightly in pain. His fingers were probably bruising my skin as he used me for a release. I was getting close to my breaking point when he got rougher. I bit my lip but said nothing.

And then he found his release and came hard. The whole thing lasted not very long but it felt like it did.

"Back under my desk" he said as he fixed himself and I moved under it.

I winced when I sat down because I was sore.

I'm not going to lie, I actually felt like shit right now. I knew that this was a little experiment, but the way he just treated me made me want to cry. I felt disgusting and used and not in a good way.

He worked a bit longer and brought me back up, it was about an hour and a half from being time to go home.

"Are you okay?" he asked and I looked away. I didn't care what he was going to do to me, I wasn't in the mood right now.

"Look at me" he said and I resisted "I said to fucking look at me" he grabbed my hair and made me look up at him. I adverted my eyes and he let go. "Baby talk to me."

I still said nothing.

"I'm sorry" he whispered as he pulled me against him.

"I didn't deserve that, I've done nothing to deserve it." I finally spoke

"I know, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have taken my anger with him out on you. I promise you I'll spend tonight and as long as it takes being nothing but gentle with you and making love to you." he tilted my head to look at him and he kissed me sweetly.

"Okay" I smiled at him, I knew he didn't mean to hurt me, and I should have told him to calm down, so this was kind of my fault, I felt much better now.

"Do you still want to do this?" he asked and I nodded

"Of course"

"Okay. Get dressed and meet me at your house, I'll cut out as soon as I can."

"How am I going to get out of here? And my stuffs in my office locked up."

"I'll get it and just go in there and say hi to Riley and then leave, say you forgot something."

"Okay" I kissed him and he got my clothes for me and I slipped them on. I went into my office and then into Riley's.

"Hey." I said

"I thought you weren't feeling well" he looked up at me surprised

"I'm not. I forgot my laptop charger here though."

"Oh, alright. You headed home now?"

"Rochelle's." I lied

"Alright, so I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Of course, love you." I smiled at him and left.

I was on my way home when my phone rang

"Hello" I clicked my Bluetooth.

"I want you to go home and changed into some sexy bra and pantie set, and when I walk in that door I want you handcuffed to the bed, Do you understand my dirty girl?"

"Yes Master" I said, not questioning him.

"See you then." And he hung up.
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