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“Your wish came true!” Rosy’s delightful voice resounded in his ears, signaling that Qin Chao has made his first wish to the devil.

After killing the King of Ghosts, Qin Chao obtained an additional skill which was telekinesis. Qin Chao quite liked this ability because, in the period before he can learn to cast spells, he can use this ability as an attack and defensive method.

“What happened today, I hope, you guys won’t spread it out.” Qin Chao turned toward those girls, who were still cowering in fear, and said, “There are many things in this world that you don’t understand. Since you don’t understand, do not go out to talk nonsense. Moreover, Sun Xiaofeng was also a victim. If you go out and spread rumors, his future will become affected.

“Understood….” Those girls were now earnestly admiring Qin Chao. Some of the more open-minded among them even have the idea to have a one night stand with this powerful man.

Ahem, the previous Qin Chao perhaps can agree to this idea.

“Especially the big mouth Hu Lili. You are not allowed to say this to anyone!”

“Go to hell! You’re the big mouth!” Hu Lili immediately jumped from the shocked, pinched her waist, and refuted, “I, this aunty, am quite prudent in speech, you know? For example, I never told anyone that Wenwen was still wet herself in her sleep even after she was more than ten years old!”

“Lili, you want to die!?” Fang Wen’s face blushed scarlet. She holds onto Hu Lili, wishing so that she could bite this fellow to death.

Cold sweat dripped down Qin Chao’s forehead. ‘How could something like this be called discreet?’

“Who exactly is eyeing on me….?” Su Ji pursed her mouth while watching the fainted Sun Xiaofeng on the ground.

“Whoever he is, I won’t let him near you.” Qin Chao’s sparkling eyes attentively watched Su Ji.

Su Ji looked at the man before her. Suddenly, she started to panic. ‘When he, he said those words, why was my heart suddenly beating so fast?’

Actually, both Qin Chao and Su Ji did not realize that they were subconsciously avoiding their feelings toward each other.

“Second Miss, this place is too dangerous. Let’s get back to Jingyang city.” Jiang Dong put away his machete and urged Su Ji to leave.

“No, I’m not going to leave.” Su Ji surprised herself. She immediately found herself a high-sounding reason, “The student exchange ceremonial will soon come, in which I have to perform with the other students. Jiang Dong, this was just an accident, you cannot tell my sister. You also can see that she cannot resolve this kind of matter.”

“But, second Miss, it is too dangerous here. As a responsible Housekeeper, I will not let Miss expose yourself to danger.”

“As long as there is Qin Chao, I will not be afraid.” Su Ji suddenly laughed. Qin Chao, who was standing next to Su Ji, suddenly felt warmth in his heart. This chick always makes people feel happy ….

“Jiang Dong, you help clean up this place. Zhang Li, I need your help to process this student.” Su Ji said to Zhang Li while pointed her finger to the unconscious Sun Xiaofeng.

“Don’t worry teacher Su. I’ll take him to the infirmary.”

“Qin Chao, you can go back now. There’s no more danger here.”

“Ok.” Qin Chao looked at Su Ji. Only to found out that this girl’s eyes suddenly become flurried. He took a deep breath, turned and left the classroom.

Qin Chao surmised that Su Ji has little feeling for himself.

Although he said some arrogant words toward Jiang Dong, faced with this kind of feeling, Qin Chao cannot help but become somewhat dejected.

His ex-girlfriend figure has been hovering in his mind.

Will Su Ji be like his ex? Could a wealthy princess, who is accustomed to an abundant life, be willing to live in an impoverished life together with him?

By the look of it, Su Ji seemed a bit hesitant about her feelings. Could it be she was also hesitant about this thing?

Actually, all of Qin Chao’s concerns did not even enter into Su Ji’s consideration. What she was worried about was….

Qin Chao is a devil path disciple. One day he will become a great Devil God. While her? She is a Buddhist disciple. If they were to be together, would the cultivator on the cultivation realm allow it?

In the cultivation world, the Devil path and the upright sects were as incompatible as fire and water. Could she and Qin Chao able to break this barrier?

“Teacher Su, what’s going on with you?” While they were rehearsing, a few girls noticed that Su Ji’s dance moves have become somewhat chaotic. They immediately asked with some concern.

“It’s okay. I’m probably hungry.” Su Ji beckoned with her hand, “Come, we continue our dance. I’ll invite you to eat after this!”

“Yes! Teacher Su invite us to eat!”

All the girls cheered as if they were just coming out of the shadow.

But how could Qin Chao suppose to know what was inside Su Ji’s mind? He returned to the security office absent-mindedly.

“Qin Chao, you were scheduled to do a night shift today. But, if you want to return home early, I can help you arrange your substitute.”

With a flattering face, electric baton Wang was trying to kiss Qin Chao’s ass.

“No need. I’ll do my night shift today.” Qin Chao waved his hand and put himself on the sofa.

Electric baton Wang became unhappy. He feels like instead of kissing ass, he was just kissing the leg. He put away his smile and cursed loudly. Humph, what makes you so arrogant? Aren’t you just a gigolo, who lives off of a woman?


Qin Chao did not eat lunch. So, he spent all day inside the security office.

He also did not spend his time in a daze. To pass the time, he has been studying his new ability.

Qin Chao held out his hand. The distant water cup on the table immediately flew to the crook of his hand.

This is definitely was a very handy ability.


“Qin Ling, the exchange students will come in ten days. What about the reception’s preparation?”

Among the offices in the Administrative building, Su Fei is busy. The desk in front of her is piled with files.

“All has been arranged.” Qin Ling stood next to Su Fei. She was reorganizing the document that already been processed for Su Fei.

“Good. The city’s Leadership will attend this reception. So, I don’t want anything to go wrong.” Su Fei signed her name on a document, gave it to Qin Ling, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

“This is the last document. You can handle the rest. I have to go back and look for Su Ji. This little sister sometimes doesn’t let her elder sister free from worrying her.”

“Em, Director Su. The day is already dark. You better hurry.” Qin Ling received the document and said with a smile.

“Then sorry for troubling you for working overtime again.”

“It’s okay. After all, there will be a bonus for doing overtime, right?” Qin Ling said with a smile.

Although their relationship is between a Leader and subordinate, they usually treat each other like sisters. Su Fei is indeed a little tired. She picked up her coat from the rack and wore it on her body.

“Very well, I’ll leave now. If you’re tired, sleep. If you’re hungry, call the people from the security office. So that they can go and buy you a meal. In any case, you can make those silly guys do something useful.

“I know Director Su. Take care.”

With a tired body, Su Fei left the Administrative office and went to the School’s parking lot.

The school’s affair makes her dizzy while her sister makes her worry. This is all because of this guy, Qin Chao, who led her sister astray! No, I have to find a way to bring Su Ji to Jingyang. If she stays in Suzhou, sooner or later, she will have an accident*.

*TL Note: Implying she will get pregnant

Su Fei let her imagination run wild. With her head down, she walked toward the school’s underground parking lot. Before she knows it, she suddenly bumped into someone.

“Oh!” Su Fei felt like she was hitting a wall and almost fell to the ground. But, the figure suddenly reached out. With a strong arm around her waist, he pulled her into his arms.

“Ah!” An intense masculine smell rushed into her. Under such stimulation, Su Fei’s face could not help but flush. When she looked up and saw the man’s face, she suddenly startled. The small fire inside her heart suddenly burns bright.

“Qin Chao, how come it’s you!?” Su Fei pushed the man in the security guard uniform, and angrily said, “What are you doing running around in this underground parking lot!?”

“I’m on duty tonight, so, of course I would be on the school’s ground.” Qin Chao somewhat funnily looked at the angry School’s Director, “Parking lot is also within my area of responsibilities.”

Su Fei angrily looked at Qin Chao. Suddenly she rolled her eyes, pushed up her glasses, and said, “Qin Chao, how about this. I remember from your CV that you graduated from university majoring in Chinese Literature. In Jingyang city, we happen to have an advertising company. What do you think about being an assistant manager of the planning department there? The salary there is high. You also don’t need to work this hard.

“No need. I like working as a security guard here.” Qin Chao waved his hand. He actually refused Su Fei’s offer, “Moreover, the living expense there is much higher than here. Therefore, I would suffer hardship if I live there. I also cannot afford an apartment there.”

“You….!” Like being applied oil and salt in the mouth, Su Fei’s teeth were itchy. She wishes she could bite this guy to death. Su Fei’s original plan was, if Su Ji didn’t want to go to Jingyang, she would have Qin Chao go there instead. It doesn’t matter who will be going to Jingyang. As long as she can separate the both of them, that would be enough.

Who knows, both of them were like the tortoise that bit the steelyard weight, they were unshakable.

“Btw, Director Su, it’s already late now. Why you haven’t gone home?” Seeing Su Fei’s complexion was somewhat bad, Qin Chao hastily changed the topic.

“None of your business!” Su Fei rolled her eyes, no longer caring for Qin Chao. From her bag, she pulled out her car key, and then, after a couple of beeps, the doors of her white BMW 5 series were unlocked.

When she opened the door, a person suddenly flashed from behind the adjacent pillar. That man wore sunglasses and held a wicked looking dagger. His whole body was covered in black. He grabbed Su Fei with his hand while the other hand was ready to stab her white neck with the dagger.

Su Fei is not an outer court Buddhist disciple. She also never learns any form of self-defense. Thus, she can only let out a scream and then despairingly wait for her death to arrive.

Qin Chao almost subconsciously launched his ability toward that black-clad killer. He flipped out his palm. That killer felt like a mysterious force was controlling him. He was sent out flying and hit the pillar behind him with a bang sound.

The incident happened lightning fast that Su Fei has not even recovered from her shock.

Fortunately, Qin Chao was there, ready with his newly acquired ability. Otherwise, even if she somehow survived, Su Fei would, at least, be injured.

The killer must have been lurking here for a long time, waiting for this opportunity to kill her.

“Quickly come here.” Qin Chao pulled the panic looking Su Fei and put her behind him. This man clad in black is obviously a professional killer because he was still not giving up. After getting up, with his hand still holding the dagger, he walked toward them step by step.

At this time, another man clad in black came out from under Su Fei’s BMW. He seemed to be the killer’s companion. It appears that these two people were assassins that were sent to kill Su Fei.
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