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One bottle was six hundred thousand yen, and two bottles were one million and two hundred thousand yen. This Liu Dahai, his heart was bleeding. Damn, the fifty thousand that Iguchi Aooka gave him couldn't even afford a bottle cap.

"Young, young miss, if we order so much, can we get a discount?"

Liu Dahai almost wanted to cry now, he thought to himself that it would be fine to give her a discount, it would be fine if he could save a bit!

"Yes, that's right!" Qin Chao hurriedly added, "Let me tell you, my big senior brother is an open person who hates discounts the most, that is a form of humiliation towards his character! No discounts allowed. According to the original price, my eldest senior brother is rich! "

Liu Dahai really wanted to hide in the bathroom and cry.

"Alright, I know that you're a good person too. Don't worry, we won't offer any discounts!" The beautiful waitress followed suit and nodded, "Alright, Mister, please wait. We'll be taking our leave."

After he finished, he twisted his plump butt and walked out of the room.

"Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, speak the truth."

Qin Chao spurred others into action, and said to Liu Dahai while beaming, "A few days ago, I thought that you, Big Senior, were some trash. Who knew that today, he would discover that his eldest senior brother was actually a good person! Great good people! "

"That's right, that's …" Whatever pain Liu Dahai had, he could only swallow it down. He forced a smile and said apologetically.

"Of course." Zhao Jingjing also said, "Your Big Senior's character has always been good, it's just that afterwards you made a small mistake, that's all. Martial artists were all very straightforward. Eldest senior brother, when the wine is served, toast the two of us.

Zhao Jingjing really thought in his heart that Liu Dahai would repent. After all, the two of them had grown up together and he had once worshipped.

While she was speaking, two bottles had already been placed on the table.

"Sure, sure. Come, let's finish this cup!" Liu Dahai immediately poured himself a cup of this rather expensive wine, picked it up, and said, "Today, I'll apologize to everyone for my gifts, and hope that everyone will forgive my mistake."

"Sure, sure!"

Without waiting for Liu Dahai to drink, Qin Chao immediately raised the cup and drank the full cup of red wine. This speed gave Liu Dahai a fright, and made his heart ache for her.

F * ck, you drank such an expensive wine in one gulp? F * ck your grandpa, do you think this is drinking beer or whatever?

"This wine doesn't taste good enough!" Qin Chao finished his wine in one gulp, licked his tongue unsatisfyingly, and poured himself another glass, "Eldest senior brother, don't be courteous, drink!"

After he finished speaking, he took another gulp and drained his cup.

Alright, gulped down a bottle of 82 year Lafite like it was beer.

"Slow, slow down..." Liu Dahai's face turned green.

"This won't do, this little bit of wine isn't enough either." Qin Chao looked down and saw the bottom of a bottle of red wine. He quickly waved at the waitress and said, "Your wine isn't good enough. How about this, ten bottles of Royal Cannon! "

"Royal Ceremony Cannon?" Liu Dahai's heart trembled, this name did not sound like cheap wine. he asked, taking the waiter's hand.

"Waiter, this, how much is a bottle of Royal Cannon?"

"It's very cheap, only 20,000 yen per bottle." The waitress had a sweet smile on her face.

What the f * ck, you call twenty thousand yen cheap? Fortunately, it was not a sky-high price of six hundred thousand. Ten bottles, two hundred thousand yuan, that's it …

He still hadn't gotten his hands on the five million. Right now, he had to spend nearly two million.

F * ck, you two can just let me have a good drink, I'll make you suffer later!

Zhao Jingjing still did not understand her eldest senior brother's thoughts. She raised her wine cup and said to Liu Dahai.

"Eldest senior brother, I didn't treat you well in the past. As your junior sister, I will apologize to you here today."

With that, she followed Qin Chao's example and finished the glass of red wine.

"Indeed, it doesn't have any taste. No wonder Yamazaki doesn't like to drink it."

After drinking it in one gulp, two patches of red appeared on her beautiful cheeks. Although the alcohol was stronger, she still shook her head and said something that made Liu Dahai vomit blood.

You two. Fuck, it's so expensive to drink wine for free, and you're still talking so much.

I'm going to die from the heartache.

"Come, eldest senior brother, let's have a drink!"

Qin Chao seemed like a person who didn't know the situation at all. He pulled Liu Dahai's arm and continuously drank his wine. The two bottles of Lafite drank quickly and started drinking the Royal Cannon again.

Liu Dahai was still muttering in his heart.

Damn it, two kinds of foreign wine will not kill you.

Sure enough, after the five bottles of Royal Cannon, Qin Chao's expression became somewhat confused. After another drink, he lay down on the table.

"Aiyaya, junior brother's alcohol tolerance isn't good." Liu Dahai laughed in his heart. Luckily, before I came, I had already taken the antidote in advance. Otherwise, I might really have been knocked down by you today.

"Well, he's an islander, but he suits my tastes."

Zhao Jingjing looked at the unconscious Qin Chao with appreciation as she asked.

"People from our Guild Hall, naturally, have decent morals." Liu Dahai laughed and accompanied him as they talked.

The two of them toasted each other and chatted for a while.

"Eldest senior brother, please sit for a moment. I need to go to the bathroom." With that, Zhao Jingjing stood up with blush and walked out the door.

Liu Dahai's mind shook, and thought, This is the chance!

After he waited for Zhao Jingjing to completely walk out of the room, he glanced at the unconscious Kato Yamazaki for a moment, then immediately took out the capsule from his own pocket and threw it into his Junior Sister's cup.

When the capsule met the wine, it quickly dissolved, leaving not a single trace behind.

Liu Dahai laughed coldly in his heart, thinking that he had succeeded. The five million was finally going to be in his pocket.

As for the money for the wine … Hmph, when I run away, I'll let that kid Yamazaki pay. Hahaha, I'm really too smart.

Just as he was thinking, Zhao Jingjing quickly returned.

"Eldest Brother, what are you laughing at?"

The moment she returned, she saw the complacent smile on her eldest senior brother's face.

"Huh?" Liu Dahai was startled, but quickly thought of an excuse, "I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart, how can we be together?"

"Me too." Zhao Jingjing sat down and nodded his head. He then picked up his own wine cup and prepared to toast to Liu Dahai.

When Liu Dahai saw Zhao Jingjing raise his glass, he was extremely excited.

He hurriedly raised his own wine cup and said in a very happy tone.

"Come, Junior Sister, for today's great day, let's toast!"

As he spoke, he took the lead and finished his wine.

Since eldest senior brother was already so straightforward, Zhao Jingjing naturally would not hesitate either. She lifted the cup, the rim almost touching her rosy lips.

Liu Dahai's eyes almost reached the cup as he stared at Zhao Jingjing and prepared to drink.

Great! Drink, drink! Drink it, I would have a huge sum of five million!

Who knew that at this critical moment, Qin Chao, who was lying on the table, would suddenly jump up with a whoosh?

This shocked both Liu Dahai and Zhao Jingjing.

Liu Dahai thought, oh no, did this brat find out?

"Heh, fuck!" Who knew that as soon as Qin Chao stood up, he started to act drunk.

"Eldest Brother... I, we'll continue to drink! "

Liu Dahai didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He thought to himself that this guy had not had enough to drink.

F * ck, but you're messing around with alcohol, don't ruin my plans.

Just as he thought of this, Qin Chao suddenly grabbed the wine cup from Zhao Jingjing's hand and gulped down all the wine in one gulp.

"Eldest Brother... "Here, it's your turn …"

"Huh?" Liu Dahai was dumbstruck.

This capsule, was only one pellet, and had already been consumed by Qin Chao.

This was bad. However, Liu Dahai still had some luck in his heart. It was just that this damned bastard, Shan Qi, had been bewitched. He could take this opportunity to go to the toilet and ask Sir Iguchi Aooka for another pill back.

However, the situation seemed to be a little different.

After Qin Chao drank the wine, his face suddenly flushed red, and then, he began to pull at his clothes.

"Huff … Huff … So hot, so hot … " As he shouted, he hugged Zhao Jingjing's delicate body, causing this senior sister to blush red to her ears.

"It's so hot. I really want to take off my clothes …"

"Yamazaki, calm down!" Zhao Jingjing was shocked, and thought to herself, What's going on? She desperately pressed onto Qin Chao's hands, preventing him from taking off her clothes.

Soon, she came to an understanding. She looked at her eldest senior brother with a gaze filled with killing intent.

"Liu Dahai, you actually want to drug me!"

"I, no, I'm not …" Liu Dahai didn't know how to explain it.

Damn it, Iguchi Aooka said that this was a kind of drug that made people faint after eating it, allowing people to do whatever they wanted?

From the looks of it, it seemed more like an aphrodisiac!

"Senior Sister, hold me!" How could Qin Chao be in heat? He was taking advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the Senior Sister. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he used his big hands and went up and down Zhao Jingjing's body in an unconventional manner.

He took the opportunity to touch her perky buttocks.

It truly was flexible... Tsk tsk, if only I could always touch it … What a pity, I won't have such a chance next time.

Qin Chao felt that it was a pity, as Zhao Jingjing was touched to the point that her entire body was burning.

She wanted to slap Qin Chao's hands away, but she was afraid that he would take off her clothes.

But don't slap it off, Yamazaki's hand is always on her hip... How weird...

This damned Liu Dahai, actually wanted to drug her! If it wasn't for the fact that he drank this goblet of wine by accident, she would be the one who drank it!

"Liu Dahai, I have seen through you! You are a beast, a complete beast!"

"Junior Sister, I …" Liu Dahai complained in his heart. How did it become like this?

Who is your junior! Get out of my way! "

Zhao Jingjing pulled Qin Chao and was about to walk out the door.

"No, I can't leave!" Liu Dahai panicked, if Zhao Jingjing left, then his five million would fly away! Five million years! How many beautiful women could he find!

"Scram!" Zhao Jingjing was so angry that she slapped Liu Dahai's face.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Liu Dahai subconsciously dodged to the side to avoid the palm strike.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhao Jingjing had already left the private box with Qin Chao.

"Hey, don't, don't go!" It seemed that in order to maintain his image in front of Zhao Jingjing, Iguchi Aooka would not reveal himself. Liu Dahai anxiously chased after him, but the waiter stopped him.

"Sir, don't go! Pay up!"

"Huh?" Seeing the list that was close to two million yen, Liu Dahai wanted to jump off the roof and commit suicide …
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