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"What are you dawdling for? Hurry up!" Zhao Jingjing broke the wooden stake beside her with a palm, then glared at Qin Chao, "What are you taking your time to take out from your pocket for!"

"Ah, Senior Sister, don't rush me. I've got too big of a bag, I have everything in this mess!"

Qin Chao hurriedly explained.

"Hard work!" Zhao Jingjing immediately pulled Qin Chao's hand away, and her own little white hand reached in, "i'll help you take it out!"

"AHHH! Senior Sister, don't! " Qin Chao was shocked, and replied anxiously.

"What are you shouting for, it's not like I want to molest you!"

Zhao Jingjing rolled her eyes at Qin Chao, and then grabbed two pieces of his pockets with her small hands.

With this first grab, he grabbed onto the valiant and spirited little Qin Chao that was about to cross the pocket.

Qin Chao shuddered. Damn, the beautiful woman's palm was too powerful.

Fortunately, I had practiced the Vajra Scripture before. The upper and lower body parts weren't bad, and even if you used your strength, it wouldn't be bad …

Otherwise, if it were anyone else, wouldn't they have crushed it...

Zhao Jingjing grabbed twice, making it hard for him to stop fast.

This time, she grabbed the phone that Qin Chao had placed inside and pulled it out.

"Ah, Senior Sister, this is my phone." Qin Chao said as he pointed to the black apple.

"That's not right!" Zhao Jingjing played with the phone, but shook his head, "Something is wrong. Do you have two phones?"

"How could that be!"

As Qin Chao recited the Diamond Sutra, it had already caused Little Qin Chao to temporarily quieten down.

"Senior Sister, if you don't believe me, just take a look!"

As he said that, he even intentionally opened his pockets, looking very proactive.

"Forget it, since you say so, then so be it." Zhao Jingjing placed the phone at the side, "it's good that you don't need to bring this thing in next time, it'll be a waste of your training."

With that, Zhao Jingjing pulled a wooden stake in front of Qin Chao and said, "Your current mission is to attack this wooden stake nonstop every day. Other than eating and going to the toilet, call me. if I don't want you to stop, you're not allowed to stop. "

"Huh?" Qin Chao was startled, it can't be, can it?

"AHHH!" Zhao Jingjing glared at Qin Chao, "Hit him right now!"

"Yes, Senior Sister!" Qin Chao was helpless, he had indeed spent money to make them suffer. However, to have such a beautiful senior sister come into intimate contact with him, he had not spent a hundred thousand yen in vain.

Since the other senior sister had given the order, Qin Chao could only follow it.

He was like a fool, constantly slapping his palm towards that silly wooden stake.

"Ha!" Ha! Ha! Dragon Goes Out of the Sea! "

According to Zhao Jingjing's words, even though this Dragon Breaks the Seas, it looked like a normal palm strike. But back then, Liu Renwu had used this move to defeat Noo Aooka and become the legend of the island's martial arts Lin.

"Hur Hur Hur, Junior Sister, you are busy teaching new people."

Just as Zhao Jingjing was supervising Qin Chao's training, an unwelcome figure walked in and stood at the side of the training grounds.

When Zhao Jingjing saw this person, he immediately frowned, looking extremely displeased.

"Liu Dahai, what are you doing here? We don't welcome you here."

"Junior Sister, your words are wrong, right?" Liu Dahai's smiling face immediately darkened, "This Renwu Guild Hall, is, after all, my Liu Family's property. I appeared in my own house, and I don't think I need you to say that. "

"Alright, this is your property." Zhao Jingjing said in disdain, "You can take this house away anytime you want, but the words Renwu Guild Hall does not belong to you, it only belongs to my father."

"You!" Liu Dahai's eyes turned stern, and thought that this woman really did not know how to appreciate favors.

But he quickly repressed his anger, and a smile once again appeared on his face.

"Junior Sister, no matter what, we were all grown up together. i, Liu Dahai, have made a mistake, but Junior Sister, do you really not want to forgive Eldest Brother? "

"i …" Zhao Jingjing choked on her words.

indeed, this Zhao Jingjing is a very emotional woman, and she values the friendship between fellow sect members very much.

Liu Dahai did make a mistake, but no matter what, he was still a grown up senior brother.

in the past, he even took care of himself.

Seeing Liu Dahai's somewhat regretful gaze, Zhao Jingjing's heart softened.

"Junior Sister, I know I was wrong. Give Senior Brother a chance, and forgive me this once."

Liu Dahai's expression seemed to be extremely sincere, causing Zhao Jingjing to waver once again.

"Junior Sister, tonight, i'll treat you to a drink to atone for your sins." Liu Dahai could see that Zhao Jingjing was shaken, he immediately struck the metal while it was still hot and continued, "Wait till all my fellow brothers are out of the hospital, I will treat everyone. I also want to ask Little Tiger to forgive me. Then, if we, your senior is willing to take the lead in the arena battle, get that iguchi Aooka to f * * k his way back to Shin Budo! "

"Senior brother, you finally understand." Zhao Jingjing was very pleased, her beautiful big eyes were filled with tears, "Let's skip drinking and apologizing, I believe senior brother, the arena battle is almost here, we still need to train properly."

"No, how can that work!" When Liu Dahai heard that Zhao Jingjing did not drink, he immediately panicked. However, he wasn't an idiot. With a turn of his eyes, he immediately came up with an idea.

"Junior Sister, we martial arts practitioners all rely on alcohol to speak!" if you don't drink, then it's because you don't want to give face to my eldest senior brother that you don't want to forgive me. Forget it, I see that I really can't stay in this sect anymore. I think it's better for me to leave. "

As he spoke, he turned pale and was about to walk out the door.

"Senior Brother, I didn't mean that!"

Zhao Jingjing immediately extended his hand out, and pulled back his big senior brother.

"Senior Brother, let's go drink. You can book a place for us!"

Since big brother has a letter to repent, how could this Zhao Jingjing not agree?

it was just drinking, so she quickly agreed.

"Good, good, good! Junior Sister, this is great!" This time, as your senior brother, I am relieved! "

This felt good in Liu Dahai's heart. Hahaha, it's better if you agree. This time, I can fulfill what I promised iguchi Aooka!

Five million yen! With such a large sum of money, he could be carefree for a long time no matter where he went!

This young master of the iguchi family is really willing to spend money, five million really isn't a small number!

Now, he was rich.

isn't it just a beautiful Junior Sister? I'mrich now, where can I find a girl that isn't prettier than her! At that time, he could play whoever he wanted to! Hahaha, maybe he can even accommodate two high school students! Wa ka ka!

Good day, the good day for me, Liu Dahai, has finally arrived!

"Then we'll book it and leave now!"

When Liu Dahai thought about the bunch of bills and the white ladies, he started to get impatient.

"Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, since you're going to drink, then bring me along!" Qin Chao who was at the side asked excitedly.

"Ah?" You want to go too? " When Liu Dahai saw this inconvenient guy, he started to mutter in his heart.

Wouldn't it be a bad thing if this island nation wanted to go?

"Ok, let's go together Yamazaki!" Zhao Jingjing did not wait for Liu Dahai to speak and nodded his head: "Your seniors aren't here, drink their wine for them!"

Martial artists all liked to drink wine.

Naturally, Liu Renwu's sect was no exception.

Especially this Zhao Jingjing, even though she was a girl, she could drink a lot.

However, to Liu Dahai, this was not a big deal. This was because iguchi Aooka had already arranged that the small capsule that could even charm elephants was still lying in his personal pocket.

This kind of capsule was a very advanced product. if you put it in the wine, it will melt immediately. And with the help of alcohol, the medicinal effects would be released even faster, causing one to fall into a trance very quickly.

Just this capsule alone was enough to bring 5 million yen to Liu Dahai.

Thinking about it, Liu Dahai's eyes flashed with evil. But very quickly, it was suppressed by him. Although Zhao Jingjing did not notice it, Qin Chao saw through it.

"Alright, alright. I also like drinking alcohol. Although my alcohol tolerance is not great, I won't admit defeat when the time comes!"

Qin Chao said, and patted Liu Dahai's shoulder. "Eldest Brother, when the time comes, I will definitely toast you. Do not refuse, or else you will not give face to this Junior Brother of mine!"

Liu Dahai laughed apologetically, and said in his heart.

Damn, why does this Kato Yamazaki look like a civil servant of the continent who had been rolling around the table for a few years?

"Alright, alright. When we're drunk enough, we'll drink until we're drunk enough."

Liu Dahai calculated in his heart. Since Zhao Jingjing was going to bring Kato Yamazaki along, then so be it. Even if this brat wanted to do something bad when the time came, she could still take care of him with her bare hands.

Hmph, a business deal worth five million is not something an island like you can mess up.

"Then let's go, junior sister. My car is parked outside. Let's go now!"

Five million! This made Liu Dahai extremely impatient. in any case, iguchi Aooka had already led his people and ambushed them in the hotel, and was waiting for him to lead Zhao Jingjing into the trap.

As for this Kato Yamazaki, just consider it as a gift.

i heard that Niaoci Lang, who was standing beside iguchi Aooka, was a homosexual, and liked to take the backdoor.

Kato Yamazaki also looked like a dog, probably Niaoci Lang liked him.

Yes, we should ask Sir iguchi Aooka how much he can sell this for. After all, Niaoci Lang was a loyal dog by his side.

Liu Dahai had his own plans in mind. Smiling merrily, he led the two of them towards the hotel.

As Qin Chao followed behind, he couldn't help but sneer at his Senior Sister when he saw her pleased expression.

Liu Dahai, if you dare to hurt Senior Sister, I will definitely not let you go!

Even if he was Liu Renwu's successor, Qin Chao would not show mercy!

The path of demon was the path of demon. Whether it was Qin Chao or Xiao Bai who had secretly followed them, they both believed in the tenet of the demonic way.

Anyone who was a threat to him or his people would be killed!
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