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The location of the reunion was Tianshui Resort.

Ling Tian had set the location of the reunion here for his own reasons. Firstly, this holiday village was a tourism industry invested by the Dafa Group. Secondly, Chen Xi was a big star after all, so he needed to find a relatively quiet place. If they were in a big hotel in the city, it would be easy for the fans to find them.

Thus, after thinking about it for a long time, Ling Tian finally decided to allow Chen Xi to participate in the gathering at the Tianshui Resort. When the time came, he would take the opportunity to take two pictures and hang them on the wall of the Tianshui Resort. He would also be able to make a name for himself and the hotel he managed.

When the vacation area's results were up, the people in the group were happy. They might be able to get themselves transferred to the headquarters and become a department head or something like that! His future would be bright then!

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on the fat man's face. A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes beside him asked.

"Little Ling, why hasn't this celebrity arrived yet?"

"Soon, soon!" It's about time! " That Ling Tian was extremely respectful towards this person. How could he not? The man in front of him was the General Manager of the Sunan city Branch, Wang Zi.

In order to please Wang Zi, he had secretly gifted him many gifts.

He was the one who gave away the crown. He was hoping that this general manager would give him a promotion so that he could leave this remote resort as soon as possible.

What can happen in a resort? It was just like the local officials of ancient times. No matter how awesome they were, they were not as fierce as the officials of the capital. Ling Tian had wholeheartedly wanted to go to the headquarters, so he first went to the branch to use as a springboard.

The reason why he invited Wang Zi to this reunion today was to use this opportunity to prove to him that he was still very capable, to the point that he could even invite a famous star like Chen Xi.

"Oh, so it's like that..." Wang Zi nodded. His gaze turned and suddenly landed on Yang Shanshan, who was sitting next to Fatty Wang.

This woman couldn't be considered to be beautiful, but she had an indescribable quality to her. Her hair was tied up and her eyes were like water, making people want to look at her. The red lips were like wine, causing one to be unable to resist tasting it.

Her figure was very standard, and did not have a devilish body, but this Wang Zi's eyes were very sharp. With a glance, he saw that she had a C-shaped chest and a small waist.

As the beautiful woman sat in front of him, Wang Zi couldn't help but to think about it. However, he didn't have any expression on his face, and only faintly smiled.

"Little Ling, today I will punish you with three cups of wine."

"Ah?" Mr. Wang, why is that? " Hearing those words, Ling Tian was taken aback.

"You have such a beautiful sister-in-law, but you've never told me about her. Hehe, you treat me like an outsider." Wang Zi said while pointing.

When Ling Tian heard these words, his entire body shuddered.

This Wang Zi had always had a hobby in the branch power organizations. The branch power organizations all knew of him, so he had some understanding of him.

It was this Manager Wang who really liked to play with other people's wives. Some of the married female employees in the group, some of them were more beautiful, many of them were killed by him.

What he said today was clearly because he had taken a fancy to his wife!

However, Ling Tian's gaze changed as he thought about it.

Even if he gave Yang Shanshan to this pervert to play with, what difference would it make? If he entered the company, if he didn't want a beautiful woman, then he would have a beautiful woman!

This Yang Shanshan, no matter what, was still a piece of trash that the damnable Qin Chao played with.

In fact, Ling Tian did not know that Yang Shanshan had learnt dancing in the past. Because his movements were too violent, that layer of membrane had already ruptured long ago. Even though Yang Shanshan and Qin Chao had been together for such a long time, nothing had really happened between the two of them.

"Class Rep, when will a superstar come!" There was a long table in the hall. There were more than 30 people in the class, so they could all sit down.

A boy sitting on the other side couldn't help but howl.

"That's right, when will he come!" Most of the reason why these people could join the reunion was because of Chen Xi. Otherwise, with only one year of graduation, everyone would be in the early stages of their careers and busy, so who would have the time to attend a student reunion in Losher?

"Shut up, what are you shouting for!" When Ling Tian treated his classmates, he had a completely different attitude as he arrogantly said, "I'm a superstar, and I just got on a plane from outside the city, so wait patiently for me!"

Seeing that the class rep seemed to be angry, a girl in the class who was as pretty as Yang Shanshan immediately raised her glass and said, "Aiya, don't be angry, class rep Ling, everyone is just anxious. Come, I, Yang Li, will accompany you for a drink! "

As he spoke, he secretly gave Ling Tian a coquettish look.

Ling Tian felt extremely comfortable. As expected, the feeling of wealth and power was not bad.

He raised his wine cup and took a sip as well, then his eyes swept over his classmates.

Humph, who amongst you people can compare to my development! That Yang Li, that coquettish little girl, didn't her eyes grow as big as the sky when she was in university?

How about it, isn't it the same as wagging your tail at laozi now?

That Qin Chao dared to snatch my girlfriend back then! Hmph, how about it now? Forget about losing your girlfriend, you can't even find a job!

I must humiliate him when he arrives!]

Speaking of which, why hasn't this guy come yet? It can't be that he's afraid to come, right?

The fat guy cursed in his heart. Fuck, Chen Xi was late, and this brat was late as well! He thought and him would be treated the same!

What the hell!

While Ling Tian was cursing Qin Chao, he did not know that Qin Chao was also being suppressed.

He had waited at the entrance of the Tianshui Resort for a long time, but he did not see Luo Xi, that damned girl, coming over.

He had summoned Luo Xi a few hundred times already, but this girl didn't even come out to reply to him.

"Damn it, if I see him again, I will definitely whip him!"

Qin Chao was so angry that he wanted to scold.

"Little brother, why are you so worried?" At that moment, a slovenly old man in a tattered Daoist robe walked over from the other side of the resort.

This old man's dressing was quite strange. In his hand was a white banner with the word "Fortune-telling" written on it.

His daoist robe was tattered and tattered, with some traces of burning. However, this old man had a rather fairy-like appearance. He was tall and thin, with white eyebrows and a white beard.

That beard was quite long, and it could reach the old man's chest, fluttering in the night wind.

Especially in winter, this old man had added a green military coat over his daoist robe. This wasn't the funniest part. The funniest part was that the old man was wearing sunglasses.

F * ck, is this fellow pretending to be blind? Would a blind person be able to avoid the parked car?

"Little brother, I can see that you're frowning. It seems that you have something on your mind."

The old man mysteriously came over and grabbed Qin Chao's hand. Qin Chao suddenly felt a strong smell of garlic rushing into his nose.

"Damn …" "This smell is too bright …" Qin Chao resisted the urge to vomit and covered his nose.

"Damn, geezer, who are you …"

"This Penniless Priest descended from Old Lord Taishang and was able to calculate. Little brother, look at my hand. I can deduce the heavens with just a few pinches. Little brother, what do you want to know?

"What the f * * k!" Qin Chao rolled his eyes, "Does Old Lord Taishang smell like this?"

"Little brother, you don't understand this, right?" The old man chuckled, stroked his beard and said, "This is not an ordinary smell, this is the smell of a celestial pill." For a mortal to smell it and live forever, you must become an immortal! "

"Holy sh * t, that's true!" Qin Chao was about to go crazy, "If an ordinary person were to smell it, they would probably fly into the sky!"

"Sigh, mortals naturally don't understand this sort of immortal pill aura." The old man seemed to be feeling very regretful as he shook his head vigorously.

"Elder, please let me go …" Qin Chao felt that even though he had trained in this technique for a long time, he could not compare to this old man.

No matter how good one's kung fu is, it would be better if they didn't wash their feet for ten years...

Just as Qin Chao was about to collapse, the old man suddenly spoke again.

"Little brother, it's fate that we meet each other. Look at this dark night, I didn't meet anyone else, so why did I meet you just like that! "What does this mean? It's our fate!"

"Fate your ass …" Black lines started to float on Qin Chao's forehead. He only wanted to stay away from this old man.

"Little brother, don't be in such a hurry to leave!" The old man grabbed onto Qin Chao's clothes and said repeatedly, "Such a good fate, don't make me give up! Let me tell you, This Penniless Priest's greatest strength is in the hands of others! Little brother, your face is like a peach blossom! Don't you think so? "

"Peach Blossom?" Qin Chao was startled, "When did I commit a crime like a peach blossom?"

"Little brother, don't deny it." The old man smiled mysteriously. He pinched the middle finger of his index finger and pointed to his white banner, "Look, the word 'fortune-telling' is not written in vain! This Penniless Priest counted with his fingers and knew that you, little brother, are no longer a virgin. "

"F * ck me …" Qin Chao's head was covered with black lines.

"Also, you must have more than one girlfriend, right?" The old man continued, "At least there's... Hmm, my calculations … Damn, little brother, you actually have a girlfriend, you're too strong! "

Hearing the old man curse, Qin Chao felt a little depressed.

** One! It was too exaggerated. Where did he get so many …

Counting them, there should only be Su Ji, Yu Lu, Liao Shasha, Wu Xin …

Ehh, if we add in those who have intimate relationships with each other, Luo Xi, Long Bei'er, Li Xue, Shi Xin … If it was calculated like this, the f * * k really did exist …

Little Nana is still young, hmm, let's not count her …

Qin Chao shamelessly left out a few more things, and he automatically neglected those that belonged to the God Horse Shangguan Yan, Li Na, and Hu Lili.

"Bullshit..." Qin Chao would not admit to such things, so he swung his hand and turned to leave.

"Aiyaya, little brother, you and your real girlfriend have been through a lot …"

"Hmm?" When Qin Chao heard this, he could not help but turn his head.
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