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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 331 You care about her

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Black smoke came out of Zombie King's body along with rolling flames. It quickly formed into the shape of a giant hand, grabbing towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao's heart was moved, even though he had lost his Bodhi Vajra Hand, but this Zombie King was still using his instincts to use the Earth Treasure's skills.

In the blink of an eye, the black and red giant hand grabbed Qin Chao and held him within its palm.

"Did you see that!" The Zombie King laughed disdainfully, "This is the difference in strength. You are too weak, you have no right to continue living! "Go to hell!"

With that, Zombie King clenched his fists. The black smoke giant hand quickly retracted, as if it wanted to pinch Qin Chao into a meat patty. But very quickly, a scene that stupefied Zombie King appeared.

The black coloured palm kept twisting and turning, but it could not grab onto Qin Chao. As for Qin Chao, a faint golden light was emitted from her body, it seemed to be the Buddha Energy of a buddhist sect.

"Diamond Sutra!" The Zombie King had lived for too long, he understood nothing about these cultivation methods. With just that glance, she could already tell what kind of spell Qin Chao was using.

"Dammit, you actually know the Diamond Sutra!?" Are you the descendant of the Song Mountain Baotai Temple? "

"I, your father, am still young, and at the prime of my life, there are many beauties by my side. I would not be a monk from the Godly Horse Sect!" Qin Chao could not help but pout his lips and said.

"No matter where you are from, if you anger me, you will die!"

Zombie King was, after all, an expert of the Golden Body Level 9.

"Come down!" She stomped her foot.

A deep hole suddenly opened up in the ground. It was as if someone had pulled open a lock on the ground, exposing the core of the earth within.

Red colored lava surged out of the crevice and extended to the ground. The ground in front of him split open from the impact and fell into the crevice.

Qin Chao was pulled down and his feet actually stepped on the scalding magma.

Even the ground had been charred black by the scorching lava. On the other hand, the boots on Qin Chao's feet seemed to be made of some kind of super material, without any trace of melting.

The reason why he did not burn was because Qin Chao's vitality and Buddha Energy were wrapped around his feet, preventing them from being attacked by the lava.

The scalding lava tumbled under Qin Chao's feet as a scarlet light shone onto his face, making him look like a devil who had just crawled out of hell.

In that instant, Zombie King suddenly did not know whether he was an evil being, or Qin Chao was an evil being.

"You've lived for a few thousand years, is that all you've got?" Qin Chao stood in the lava as if he was a Vajra Arhat, unaffected by the lava's burning sensation.

"Damn it..." The Zombie King said softly, "If it wasn't for my treasure being taken, I wouldn't have been able to take you down in one move!"

Zombie King was originally a member of the Golden Body Level 9, and with just a finger, he could crush Qin Chao to death. It was a pity that after her magic treasure was snatched away, the strength within her body weakened significantly. Her strength was less than half of her usual strength, and she urgently needed fresh blood to replenish her strength.

He had originally wanted to hide for a period of time, replenish his strength, and then snatch the Earth Treasure back. Who would have thought that after hiding for less than a day, a cultivator would come looking for him, moreover, it was his enemy!

This damned buddhist disciple, he must kill him! Then he would suck out all his blood essence!

"Even if I'm weak right now, I can still kill you!" After Zombie King finished speaking, his body suddenly turned into an afterimage.

"Bam!" When she appeared again, her fist had fiercely smashed into Qin Chao's chest.

The Zombie King was very fast, and before Qin Chao could even react, he was already sent flying by this punch.

In terms of speed and strength, he was still a far cry from Zombie King.

"Ah!" Seeing the person who saved him sent flying, Su Fei couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

"What are you shouting for? The next one to die is you." Zombie King turned his head and looked at Su Fei coldly, causing Su Fei's entire body to go numb.

Being stared at by "herself" was not a pleasant feeling...

"Go to hell!" After Qin Chao was sent flying in one move, black smoke flew out from Zombie King's body again, transforming into several black arms that clawed towards Qin Chao.

"Nine You Summon Method? Possession! "

Qin Chao knew that this was not the time to hide it anymore. He immediately spat out four balls of flames, grabbed them together, and swallowed them.

The Nine You Black Ox's power directly caused his strength to rapidly expand, and very quickly, he entered the Nascent Soul Late-stage's stage.

The Nine You Summon Method was indeed a good item.

The defensive power within his body was also increasing rapidly. The strength of the Nine You Black Ox and the Diamond Sutra complemented each other. They complemented each other and could unleash power that was three times stronger than the current level of the Diamond Sutra.

"Residual Heart Swords Formation!" At the same time as the Nine You Black Ox's Possession, Qin Chao unleashed the powerful sword formation that he had from the Immortal World.

Forty-nine black sword images flew out and floated beside him. The black smoke flew over and the sword shadows automatically went up to meet them, crushing those arms.

"Nascent Soul Late-stage!" Zombie King's pupils contracted tightly. She did not know what had happened, but she could tell that Qin Chao's strength had suddenly increased by a lot.

"That's right, the Nascent Soul Late-stage!" Qin Chao's body trembled, holding onto a handful of Evil King Sword, he rushed towards the Zombie King, "Today, I will use the Nascent Soul Late-stage to kill this Zombie King of yours!"

"How laughable!" Seeing that Qin Chao actually broke through his corpse Qi arm and flew over, Zombie King was immediately enraged.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Vajra Subhuti had been taken away and he could smash it with his palm, he wouldn't have needed to suffer this humiliation right now!

"I've lived for thousands of years, my power is something you can't understand! You actually tried to challenge my authority, what a joke, what a joke! "

Zombie King released a few sharp screams, his arms suddenly opened wide and his body shook.

The ground that surrounded her feet suddenly collapsed layer by layer. Like a spider web, cracks appeared on the surface of the red lava, causing the ground within a hundred meter radius to shatter.

The red lava churned non-stop and the black corpse Qi swirled crazily, looking like ferocious devils waiting to tear Qin Chao apart.

"Die!" Zombie King waved his hand and the corpse aura and magma immediately rolled together. Then, they suddenly transformed into a giant black and red devil shadow.

This time, the Demon Claw was more powerful and more imposing than before.

Qin Chao's eyes widened, and all forty-nine flying swords beside him flew out, and pierced towards the Demon Claw.

But this time, after the Demon Claw was pierced to pieces, it quickly gathered together and grabbed towards Qin Chao.

"Humph!" Qin Chao allowed his body to be grabbed by the demonic claws, and held tightly.

"Kid, do you see? This is the terrifying power of the Zombie King!" Indeed, a very terrifying power came from the Demon Claw, and wrapped around Qin Chao's body, as if it wanted to crush all of his bones.

As the Diamond Sutra activated, the grey stone armor once again appeared on his body, resisting the Zombie King's attack.

"It's useless, it's useless!" The Zombie King roared, "On this earth, I am an invincible existence! My power is limitless! Give up that useless resistance, and you'll suffer less! Let me tell you, this is the Bodhi Vajra Hand that I have lost. If the treasure is in my hands, as long as it is small, I can pinch you to death! "

"Bodhi Vajra Hand?" Qin Chao looked down at the somewhat crazed Zombie King and couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing for!" Zombie King asked in shock when he saw Qin Chao actually smile.

"I'm laughing. You're such an idiot." Qin Chao said.

"Impudent!" Even when death is at hand, you are still stubborn! " Zombie King sneered, "Don't worry, you will slowly suck your blood essence, and then train you into a black zombie that only knows how to kill."

"I'm afraid you won't have the chance." Qin Chao's eyes suddenly flashed with a dazzling golden light, and he raised his right hand.

"Vajra Palm!"

A palm that had fused with a Bodhi Vajra Hand!

Qin Chao's hand suddenly became as large as a hundred meter radius, nearly covering the sky above his head. The Zombie King was stunned as he watched the giant hand land on his body.

"Bam!" As the palm hit the ground, the ground trembled.

"Bodhi Vajra Hand! It's the Bodhi Vajra Hand! " The Zombie King was smashed into the ground, but he still shouted crazily, "It's actually you, it's actually you who took my magical equipment!"

Zombie King watched as the gigantic Bodhi Vajra Hand was gradually retracted by Qin Chao into his palms, a crazed look flashing past his eyes. But very quickly, she quieted down.

"Hur Hur Hur, I thought that it would take me some time to find it. Now that's good, you actually took the initiative to send it back. "

"It will never belong to you." After Qin Chao slapped away the Zombie King, the black demon claw naturally scattered away from him as well. He landed on the ground and looked at Zombie King coldly, "Because you are about to die."

"Is that so?" Zombie King's current strength was very weak, and he was basically above Golden Body Stage. However, despite having lived for so many years, he was extremely cunning. "You seem to have forgotten something."

"What?" When Qin Chao saw the pointed gaze of the Zombie King, he immediately realized something.

"This is bad!"

He rushed forward, but Zombie King was even faster, a black shadow swept past and was held in his arms.

"Tsk tsk, as expected of the most beautiful girl in the world …" Zombie King hugged the trembling Su Fei, her face identical to the person in her embrace as she stuck to her neck, "The smell of fresh blood is also so sweet … "Not bad at all..."

"Let her go..." Seeing Su Fei being captured, Qin Chao was actually a little dazed.

This was different from the women who were kidnapped before. In the past, those robbers were only ordinary people. He could subdue them with a wave of his hand.

And the one in front of him was a monster that had lived for thousands of years!

Even the weakened Zombie King was an expert of the Golden Body Stage!

As long as she moved her fingers, Su Fei could die thousands of times!

"As expected, you care a lot about this woman …" The Zombie King looked at Qin Chao and that bloody smile returned to his face, "If you don't want anything to happen to her, obediently hand over the Bodhi Vajra Hand! Then, I will break my own meridians! "
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