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"Cangyun!" Even though there were no feelings between the ninjas. But seeing that Cangyun was just lying in a pool of blood, the ghost dragon couldn't help but change his expression.

"How could this be? How could he be defeated in one move?"

Cangyun had even used his Ninja Devil Method, but he was still defeated by the man from the Sina with a single palm. Also, what kind of godly weapon is that sword in his hand to actually kill the White Tiger spirit body that won't die!?

"It's your turn." Qin Chao's gaze turned towards the fatty and laughed sinisterly.

"Grandmaster White Bird, we are no match for him!" However, this fatty was extremely cunning and did not attack. Instead, he took a few steps back and shouted, "I will still have to trouble you!"

"Trash, I saw it!" Onmyoji still had a look of disapproval, "It was only a sword that was slightly sharper, but I was already this scared of you."

He pulled his hand out from under a girl's skirt, which was still stained with some unknown liquid.

Under Qin Chao's dumbstruck gaze, the old man licked the liquid and chuckled.

"Let me, White Bird, come here and finish you off. Chinaman, if you die in my hands, consider it as you did not live for nothing!"

After saying that, the white bird took out a few white paper men and threw them into the air.

"Go, my Shikigami!"

"Bang, bang, bang!" He threw out a total of nine paper men, so nine huge humanoid monsters appeared on the deck.

These humanoid monsters were all three meters tall and had huge bodies. They only had one giant yellow eye on their head.

In each of the humanoid monsters' hands, there were two large blades that were brandishing like a tiger or a gale.

"What the hell, he even brought a guy here." Qin Chao clicked his tongue in wonder.

"My Shikigami are incomparably powerful. Every single one of them has the strength of nine cows! " The white bird was like a grandma selling watermelons, boasting to herself.

"Chinaman, I'm afraid you will be chopped into meat paste!"

With that, the Shikigami s rushed over and stepped on the deck of the ship, causing it to tremble.

"Then come!" Qin Chao went forward to face the attack. A pair of blades in the hands of a Shikigami landed heavily on Qin Chao's body.

ghost dragon opened his eyes wide in excitement. It was indeed Onmyoji who did it, it was definitely different. In just a moment, he hacked Chinaman to death.

The white bird smiled as it rubbed the various parts of the girl beside it. Hmph, Chinaman, this is the result of your confrontation with the Great Japan Empire.

But very quickly, they could no longer laugh, because Qin Chao was still standing there, like an iron tower, safe and sound. Then looking at Shikigami, he was forced to take three steps back, the blade in his hand flew out, directly landing on one of the Shikigami s behind him.

"Die!" Qin Chao waved his Evil King Sword and chased after him, slicing the Shikigami in half.

Shikigami also did him a favour by the way, so he shook off the sword and took care of the one behind him. Qin Chao killed two of the Shikigami s in one move.

"My Shikigami!" The white bird's face darkened. "What magical equipment are you wearing?!"

"Magic treasure your ass!" It's because your grandfather's body is sturdy, and he's so much stronger than a skinny old man like you! "

Qin Chao was the devil magic learner, he could call people without restraint.

When the white bird heard this, its face turned ashen. Indeed, he hadn't carried it out for a long time. When he was with beautiful women, it was to the satisfaction of having his hands on something. After that, he would listen to the beautiful girls' delicate voices and it would always make him especially excited.

Now that Qin Chao said it like this, it was undoubtedly pointing at his pain.

"Shikigami! Kill him! "

The old man became angry and threw out another handful of white paper talismans.

When the talismans landed on Shikigami's body, the bodies of the remaining seven Shikigami s immediately swelled up once more, and the large blade in their hands also emitted a faint black light.

It seemed to be a type of strengthening technique, temporarily allowing the Shikigami to become stronger.

However, this posed no threat at all to Qin Chao.

"Sword-form into a hundred shadows, overwhelming, Shadow-split Sword!" Qin Chao threw the Evil King Sword away, and inside the barrier that enveloped the ship, a black sword rain that blotted out the sky immediately appeared.

The Evil King Sword itself was incomparably sharp, and the sword images they separated were even more so. Right now, Qin Chao was an expert at the early stage of the Divine Arts. He could easily release hundreds of sword images, almost catching up to Shen Qing, that abnormal girl from Mount Shu.

There was no other reason but the fact that Qin Chao cultivated both buddha and demon, and that his realm was not easy to improve compared to other cultivators.

However, if he entered that realm, his strength would be much higher than other cultivators.

"Bang bang bang bang bang!" A series of explosive sounds rang out and the sword shadow directly pierced through the boat, leaving hundreds of holes. No matter how much it was repaired, it was unlikely that this cruise could be saved.

Sooner or later, he would sink into the sea.

But, regarding the lives of these Japanese, Qin Chao did not care about them at all.

The seven Shikigami s who had been arrogantly showing off just now were also chopped into pieces, becoming pieces of flesh on the ground. In the blink of an eye, they turned back into paper men, and then ignited into ashes on the ground.

"What, what spell is this …" ghost dragon muttered in panic as he dodged the sword images.

"Impossible!" "That's impossible!" White Bird's face was also filled with disbelief. He stared with a pair of turbid eyes and shouted, "No one can break my White Bird's spell, what's more you're just a Chinaman!"

"Slow down." Qin Chao said lazily, "I don't have time to play with you guys, I'm going to leave with my friends."

This trip was really dangerous. Qin Chao wanted to eat the seafood dishes again, so he didn't want to play with the Japanese again.

"You can't leave!" The white bird old man laughed maniacally, "My enchantment is still there, you won't be able to escape!"

"This barrier …" Qin Chao looked at the translucent membrane floating in the air, and waved the Evil King Sword in his hand, "Go, Evil King Waning Moon Killing Technique!"

A black crescent moon flew into the air, directly cutting through the barrier and then drilling into the clouds.

The powerful barrier that the white bird claimed to be unable to break was instantly split in half.

"How, how is this possible …" The white bird was dumbfounded as it watched the barrier it had meticulously placed slowly dissipate. "No one has ever been able to break my barrier before …"

"You call this a Spirit Formation?" Qin Chao could not help but want to laugh, "Stop joking."

Even the most basic sword technique defense enchantment in disciples of Shushan Mountain is a hundred times stronger than this one.

The Japanese came to mainland China to put on airs after learning so little about it. It was simply suicidal.

"Never mind, you're too ignorant, so I won't blame you." Qin Chao's blade was pointed at the white bird, causing the beauties beside him to flee to the side in fear, "To be able to die in my, Qin Chao's, it can be said that your life was not lived in vain … Tsk tsk, this line is really terrible. "

"Bam!" Just as Qin Chao was about to activate Half Moon Slaughter, a ball of water suddenly burst out from the ocean beside him.

Following that, a water shadow split out, quickly approaching Qin Chao.

The speed was so fast that it sounded like it was about to be torn apart, that Qin Chao had no time to dodge it.

"Clang!" With a violent crash, the water shadow was knocked away, as it could not break the Evil King Sword's defense.

Water Shadow landed on the ground and a figure dressed in blue ninja robes gradually appeared.

This figure had a pair of ample breasts and a humongous waist. Qin Chao seemed to be able to see through her true appearance.

"Chiyo Misaki!"

The Ninja's mask was cut in half after he said that, and it slowly floated down to the ground.

Although the Evil King Sword did not attack, the Sword Qi still wrapped around it still affected the female ninja.

Her long black hair fluttered in the wind, and below her were a pair of beautiful ninjas that were filled with hatred and complicated emotions.

Chiyo Misaki, this woman who had once had a dewy relationship with Qin Chao, had now become a water attribute middle Ninja and appeared once again in front of Qin Chao.

"Dammit, I didn't kill you!"

"I'm so handsome. I won't be killed that easily." Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders and said.

"F**k!" Chiyo Misaki's hatred towards Qin Chao was not just a little bit. Everything that had happened in the abandoned factory that day was still fresh in his mind.

Every night was like a nightmare entangled within Chiyo's mind.

For some reason, Chiyo seemed to have a deep desire in the depths of his heart for this kind of experience.

It made her afraid, and she was afraid of herself.

What was wrong with her? Why did she have a special feeling for that demon?

Could it be that if his body was taken over, he would feel a sense of subjugation?

Chiyo Misaki, you truly were abnormal!

Chiyo punished himself everyday, so he could receive even more terrifying training. With this willpower and willpower, she finally had a breakthrough and became a water attribute middle Ninja.

He had thought that he could seek revenge in China once he became a middle Ninja.

Who would have thought that even the superior Ninja who had mastered the Ninja Devil Method, would not even survive a single move from that man!

He, he seemed to be many times stronger than last time!

Then what kind of place did the Chinese cultivation method reach? How could it cause a human to cultivate to such a terrifying level?!

No wonder the people of Black Dragon Society had set up such a shocking scheme, wanting to obtain Qin Chao's technique. If they could get it, Black Dragon Society's strength would definitely dominate Japan, or even the entire Asia!

"Water Ninja Skill? "Shadow Clone Technique!" This Chiyo simply did not know what it meant to give up. She suddenly turned into eighteen different directions, and holding onto her Tai Dao, she rushed towards Qin Chao.

"It's useless." Qin Chao allowed four or five Chiyo s to pass through his body in a row, "These little tricks are useless against me. Didn't I tell you about Cangyun's idiotic death?"

"Die!" Chiyo replied to Qin Chao with her actions. The remaining female Ninja waved her Tai Dao, and pierced towards Qin Chao's waist region.

"It's no use, I smell your perfume."

Qin Chao reached out and struck one of the female ninja's body.

The female Ninja's body was struck into a ball of steam with a 'pa' sound.

Qin Chao was stunned, his waist was already pierced with a sharp blade.

Chiyo's blade seemed to have another name, something called chrysanthemum. Qin Chao could not remember clearly.

"Ninjas don't wear perfume." Chiyo stood behind Qin Chao, holding onto his Tai Dao, with a pleased sneer on his face, "That is only a small trick of mine."

"That's right..." Qin Chao's voice turned a little cold, "It's been a long time since we last met, and you've finally become a little smarter …"

At this time, the proud Chiyo started to tremble in fear.
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