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He remembered when he first came to Sunan City, the most troublesome thing was the bus travel. Qin Chao’s University was in a remote suburb, so every time he went downtown, he would need to squeeze himself into the bus. But because the students were many, everyone grabbed their seat in a frenzied state.

What often happened was, even before the bus stopped, the people have frantically thrown their bags or other belongings through the window to claim their seat.

One one occasion, which Qin Chao can still clearly remember, he and few other people managed to squeeze into the bus first and saw various bags on the empty seat.

When he arrived at the last row, where there was a total of five seats, a girl was sitting there alone.

Qin Chao quickly went over and wanted to sit down. But the girl glared at him and said.

“Sorry, other people have taken these seats first.”

He can only curse in his heart, F*ck it, d*mn it, d*mn, f*ck your uncle, f*ck f*ck.

At the time, Qin Chao wished he could choke that girl to death and whipped her corpse.

Even in downtown, it was still the same. Wherever he went in the downtown area, he has to take the crowded bus. Rows of people line up at the bus station. When the occasional traffic jam occurred, there would be even more people.

When the bus was still far away, the crowd already rushed forward, waiting to scramble into the car.

Perhaps outsiders don’t understand why people need to rush in to fight over the seat.

Because people on the bus were too many, if they don’t rush in first, they simply won’t get in.

That year, Qin Chao also took the crowded bus to go to work, but several times he almost did not make it, the bus was too stuffed like canned food. Sometimes Qin Chao would worry if the door is opened, someone would fall out of the bus.

Therefore, when Li Xue told him they have to take the bus, Qin Chao had wanted to cry but no tears would come out.

However, she was his boss. Thus, Qin Chao put on his black trenchcoat and followed her boss’ *ss.

After putting her cotton coat, Li Xue’s figure was hidden well. Qin Chao wished he could have an X-Ray vision so he could feast his eyes.

Unfortunately, this is life, not a fantasy novel.

Otherwise, Qin Chao must learn the technique of “Amorous Ripple Hand;” Whenever this hand made a contact with a girl, the girl would be overcome with lust and would do whatever that hand want.

At that time, I will hold manager Li’s hand….

Tsk, I am getting more evil. Qin Chao touched his nose, secretly berating himself.

With Li Xue, the two went down through the elevator and walked toward the bus stop.

The bus stop already has a lot of people, everyone anxiously waiting for the bus. In Sunan City, there were several bus routes that were too f*cked up. Each time they needed to wait for almost half an hour for the bus to arrive and every single bus was stuffed to the brim.

Qin Chao asked Li Xue and was told that their bus apparently belonged to one of those bus routes.

But he can’t blame the crowds because everyone has to work or do other things. If one were too slow and failed to get into the car, one would be forced to walk home.

But Li Xue seemed to be accustomed to getting into the bus because as she stood there waiting for the bus, she showed no sign of panic or worry.

“Manager Li, why don’t you just buy a car?” As they waited for the bus, Qin Chao asked, “Since you are a manager, getting a car shouldn’t be too difficult. If you can’t afford imported car, domestic one is also fine.”

“What’s so good about buying a car?” Li Xue said, “Each month we need to spend so much money just to maintain it. Moreover, not only it’s not environmentally friendly, it also sucks when we run into a traffic jam. If it weren’t for the cold weather, I would have ridden an electric bike.”

“Wow, manager Li also has environmental awareness…..” Qin Chao sighed with emotion.

“Not really.” Li Xue lightly said the true reason, “I just don’t have the money.”

“Em….” Qin Chao awkwardly touched his nose, speechless.

“Come on, the bus is here!” While Qin Chao was still embarrassed, the rundown bus came from the distance. This old bus slowly came, huffing and puffing like an old man.

The crowd immediately took off, rushing toward the bus. No one wanted to be pushed out.

However, the people inside the bus were not few either.

Li Xue, the great manager Li, with her high heels, ran fast toward the bus. Qin Chao naturally followed closely behind her.

But because the surrounding people were also like them, trying to run toward the bus, Qin Chao was afraid these people would crush Li Xue. He immediately launched his true qi to form a small qi field around him and Li Xue.

The crowd felt like hitting an invisible wall, making them unable to approach the door position. They cried out in surprised but still tried to make an effort to be ahead of the crowd, trying to compete for the first position.

But Qin Chao did not give them a chance. With his active qi field, no one can approach even half a step.

The bus finally stopped. Li Xue sighed and said to Qin Chao.

“Today is awesome, I actually get to be the first.”

“Yes, manager Li is great, manager Li dominates the Rivers and Lakes.” Qin Chao immediately said.

“Stop kissing *ss.” Li Xue cast him an attractive supercilious look. When the bus door opened, she went in and brush the bus card twice.

Qin Chao then followed and withdrew his qi field. At this time, the people outside went crazy, they spilled into the bus like a broken dam, pushing and squeezing.

Qin Chao and Li Xue have just got into the bus and were standing near the door. Before they have the time to react, the incoming crowd pushed them back to the back of the car.

The car was saturated, the people pressed against each other. All people were shouting curses but the driver shouted the loudest.

“People at the front, move to the back, now!”

Naturally, the people at the back cursed back.

“F*ck, there’s no place left at the back!”

The bus was crammed to the full. Li Xue and Qin Chao almost stuck into one.

One of Qin Chao’s hands was holding the railing at the top and another hand was in his coat pocket. Li Xue was holding a small bag, both of her hands can’t reach the handrail and can only stare awkwardly at Qin Chao with her big eyes.

The two people were so close, Li Xue’s chest was practically pasted on Qin Chao’s bosom. Their thighs were unable to move even half a step, crossing with each other.

Although Li Xue wore a thick clothing, Qin Chao can still feel this beautiful boss’ creamy thighs.

With face slightly red and visible breath, Li Xue said to Qin Chao.

“Watch out, don’t you dare have any ideas toward me, you’ll die.”

“Ahem, manager Li, that’s not right.” Qin Chao dryly coughed twice, “I am innocent, if you as a boss wants to carry out the “unspoken rules” to an innocent man like me, I will resist.”

Li Xue wanted to vomit blood. This Qin Chao was too shameless!

“Although I am just your assistant, you can only rely on your authority to take my body.” Qin Chao righteously said, “But you can never take away my heart.”

“I want to kill you….” Li Xue gritted her snow-white teeth and rolled her eyes at Qin Chao again and again.

“Hey, this is not the first time I hear such words.” Qin Chao swallowed the second part of the sentence back to his stomach, Everyone who said that went to hell….Em, except for girls.

Just as Qin Chao was uncontrollably enjoying Li Xue’s fragrant aroma, the bus finally moved. Because there were too many people, the bus violently shook for a moment.

The people standing in the bus almost fell, followed soon by a burst of shouting.

Li Xue also almost fell to the floor, but fortunately, Qin Chao immediately reached out and embraced her waist.

“Manager Li, be careful.”

Li Xue’s waist was very soft, absolutely not less than the all the beautiful girls in Qin Chao’s life and only lost a bit against Ai Xiaoxue.

Suddenly being embraced by a man, Li Xue’s face somewhat flushed. Her memory suddenly went back a few years ago where, in a crowded bus, her boyfriend will always kindly put his arm around her waist. Because she can’t hold the handrails, she can only cling to her boyfriend.

At the time, Li Xue thought that having a man that she can rely on was great.

But since her husband died because of illness, she became independent and somewhat indifferent.

Now she thought all men are bad.

Including the man standing in front of her, his hand actually began to slowly slide down!

“Hey….” Li Xue could not help but coldly said, “If you slide your hand downward again, I’ll make you look good.”

“Ahem, manager Li, sorry, my hand is a bit numb.” Without blushing, Qin Chao calmly said, “I was just trying to circulate my blood there, but I don’t know where it went.”

With that, he quietly moved his hand three inches down and rested it right on her curling upward buttocks.

Li Xue’s face flushed a bit. She suddenly lifted her foot and heavily stamped down.

Since you want to be a rogue, I’ll stamp your foot.

“Ah!” At this time, the guy next to her suddenly screamed. With an angry face, he loudly shouted.

“F*ck, who stepped on my foot!”

Li Xue covered her mouth, afraid to speak for half a day.

Qin Chao managed to hold back his smile with great difficulty.

Li Xue gave him a dirty look but did not dare to step on his foot again. There were too many feet around her, she cannot tell which is which. If she stepped on a wrong foot again, it would be awkward.

“You, this nasty guy….” Li Xue gritted her teeth. Looking at Qin Chao’s gloating face, she wanted to take her high heel and slapped his face with it, “You’re still not moving your hand away?”

“Manager Li, as your assistant, this is my sacrifice to protect you!”

Qin Chao suddenly said with a strong sense of righteousness, “In this bus, perhaps there are those perverts who want to take advantage of manager Li. So, I can only use my hand to block the spot that they’re after. Manager Li, don’t thank me, this is what I am supposed to do.”

Li Xue went silly, this Qin Chao was beyond shameless. While taking advantage of her, he can still righteously say he was in the right, as if he’s not a pervert, but a “Lei Feng.”

“Qin Chao, a man cannot be too outrageous!” Manager Li cannot help but say.

“Wrong!” Qin Chao immediately shook his head and spoke a word of truth, “The ancient people have a saying, a tree without the skin (tree bark) will die, but men without the skin (no shame) is invincible!”

“Which ancients said this?”

“I don’t know, just Baidu it.”
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