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Soon, Qin Chao has to abandon his thoughts on Li Qiang. Because Su Xianqin finally returned to Sunan City.

“Not bad.”

In the airport arrival area, Su Ji pulled the black suited Qin Chao and could not help but ask, “Did you pick this yourself? It’s pretty good.”

“Hehe, of course, of course, as long as it can satisfy the father-in-law.” Qin Chao unintentionally cast a sidelong glance at the service desk. Liu Chang and Shangguan Yan have finished their time on the ground and returned to their flight attendants duty, traveling everywhere on the plane.

“Pei, who’s your father-in-law!” Su Ji sweetly held Qin Chao’s arm, “Nonsense.”

“Hey!” Qin Chao pinched the girl’s nose and said, “If not my father-in-law, who am I going to meet! Forget it, I better go back to the University.”

“You dare?” Su Ji put her hands on her waist, staring at Qin Chao, “If you dare to go back, this girl will castrate you.”

Well, Qin Chao admitted that he knew this little violent girl.

“The two of you, stop making noise here.” Su Fei finally could not bear roll her eyes at the two, “The plane has been parked, so father will soon come out. If you let him see you two like this, he would be furious.”

“Oh….” Su Ji pursed her lips and loosened Qin Chao’s arm.

Qin Chao touched his nose, feeling somewhat apprehensive. This old guy Su Xianqin, I wonder how would he treat me?

Soon, the passengers came out one by one. Before long, Su Fei and Su Ji saw a familiar figure, they excitedly waved their hands.

“Dad, here!”

Qin Chao quickly followed the two beauties’ gaze.

Surrounded by four black-clad bodyguards, a middle-aged man with an extraordinary temperament and imposing appearance came out.

Perhaps because of the result of practicing Buddhist cultivation method, that middle-aged man has an auspicious aura surrounding him. However, Qin Chao did not dare to believe all these on-the-surface things, because the old man was simply a black old ghost with a benevolent face, perhaps, if Qin Chao later failed to impress, the old man would simply kill him.

“Hehe, the two girls actually came to pick this old man.” Seeing his baby daughters, Su Xianqin was obviously happy. He came over and touched the two girls one by one on the head.

“Dad, the two of us are grown up, no need to touch our heads!” Su Ji pouted and discontentedly said.

“So what, aren’t the two of you still my baby daughters?” Su Xianqin exposed a gentle face, “I heard from your sister that you are well-behaved recently, not running around. Is it true?”

“Yes, I’ve been good lately!” Su Ji immediately tried to please her father, “I also help sister take care of business!”

“Good, good!” Su Xianqin nodded, “Taking care of large businesses by herself, my eldest daughter must have been tired.”

With that, Su Xianqin looked at Su Fei with concern.

“It’s okay, I am not that tired.” Su Fei indifferently smiled, “However, if brother could help me take care some of them, I’ll be more relaxed.”

With that, she looked at the white-suited young man behind Su Xianqin.

“Sister, long time no see.” A smile floated on the young man’s face. His eyes were like a pool of deep spring, making people unable to grasp what was hidden inside.

“Brother, how are you? Is it fun overseas?” Seeing her brother, Su Ji immediately went over, pulled the man’s arm and asked.

Although the man is practically his brother-in-law, seeing Su Ji pulled another man’s arm, Qin Chao was still somewhat jealous. Especially since this brother-in-law was the prime suspect as the man behind the assassination attempt on the two sisters.

However, seeing him in person, that seemed unlikely. Because the face of Su Xianqin’s eldest son, Su Yao was filled with sisterly love, nothing what a “sister killer” suppose to look like.

“It’s fine, just somewhat can’t bear the climate there.” Su Yao also rubbed his sister’s head and said, “I don’t know how you could live in a foreign country for years.”

“It’s okay because I have many friends!” Su Ji immediately said, “Moreover, there’s also (maternal) aunt who took care of me. Aunt is a very good person, why don’t you like her?”

“Hehe….” Su Yao just smiled and said nothing.

“Su Ji, don’t trouble our big brother, come here.” Su Fei was smart enough to see Su Yao’s mood was not quite right and immediately called Su Ji back.

Although they are brother and sisters, Su Yao was actually Su Xianqin’s son from his first wife. When Su Xianqin wandered abroad, his first wife died. Therefore, Su Xianqin married a second wife, who was the daughter of a wealthy businessman from UK, who then gave birth to Su Fei and Su Ji.

However, seemingly, Su Xianqin’s wives always died young. Soon, his second wife also died. Su Xianqin then no longer put emphasize on feelings and emotion between opposite sex and put all his mind on business.

“Our family haven’t had such a reunion in a long time, how about we go out and eat?” Su Xianqin said to his son and daughters.

“That’s great!” Su Ji was the most excited one; She suddenly pulled Qin Chao’s arm and said, “Qin Chao, come with us.”

As soon as she said that, the face of the several people immediately changed.

Su Xianqin’s face turned ugly, all of his gentle and kind faded away. He coldly watched this security guard that was hired by his daughter.

And Su Yao just looked surprised for a moment, but soon returned to normal.

As for Su Fei, she became somewhat apprehensive, uneasily looked at her father. Seeing her father’s ashen face, her face immediately went pale.

My God, father does not like Qin Chao? This time, what would happen to the two of them? Father has always been an overbearing person, but Su Ji has a stubborn temper. They wouldn’t end up in a deadlock, would they? If it is, it would be bad for everyone….


Su Ji, who also saw that her father was not quite happy, immediately shouted with a little pleading.

“I have heard your name.” With a touch of arrogance in between his words, Su Xianqin calmly looked at Qin Chao and said, “You have saved my two daughters many times and I am very grateful to you because of that. You should come with us, consider this as my thank you feast.”

“Okay, thank you director Su.” How could Qin Chao refuse? Even if he did not care for Su Xianqin’s face, for Su Ji’s sake, he had to say yes.

After all, he is my future father-in-law. Even if he wants to kill me, I still have to accept this meal invitation.

But I fear this will not end well!

“Good, young men have to be bold.” Su Xianqin referred to Qin Chao, “In that case, let’s go.”

Because her father was present, Su Ji did not dare to hold Qin Chao’s hand much less holding his arm. The girl can only hold his father and look back occasionally, secretly checking out Qin Chao at the back.

The thing that worried Su Ji the most was whether Qin Chao would oppose her father or not.

After all, her father had wanted to kill Qin Chao by sending two bodyguards to take care of him.

If someone wants to kill me, I certainly wouldn’t want to eat with that person. However, unfortunately for Qin Chao, that person will be his future father-in-law.

This is indeed a very tangled thing.

Su Ji has no means to deal with this situation and can only give Qin Chao her look of support and comfort.

Qin Chao gave her back a big smile, reassuring her that it was ok.

The group went out of the airport toward a row of black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles.

Su Xianqin took his two daughters to sit in the front car. Su Yao motioned to Qin Chao with his hand, signaling him to seat together at the rear car.

Since he was invited by other people, he naturally has to follow their arrangement.

Su Yao seemed very courteous toward him, like a well-mannered son of a wealthy family. But Qin Chao feared that this person’s outer appearance was just a fake, his heart hid a venomous snake.

But no matter what, he is just an ordinary human being. I am a devil path’s cultivator, I am not afraid of anything. Qin Chao relaxed his mind and quickly followed Su Yao to seat on the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz.

“Mr. Qin Chao is it?” After entering the car, the driver slowly started the car and followed Su Xianqin’s car at the front.

In the back seat, Su Yao lightly asked Qin Chao with a calm face.

“Yes.” Qin Chao nodded his head, his eyes unabashedly looked at Su Yao’s body, wanting to see if he can uncover any clue about him.

“This time, it must be a trouble to take care of my two sisters.” Su Yao said with a smile, “Especially Su Ji. She must have given you many headaches.”

“Oh, not at all, she is actually quite sensible.”

“Hehe, no need to hide the truth from me. How could I, as her elder brother, not know about Su Ji’s character?” Su Yao’s eyes, which seemed able to see through anything, turned to Qin Chao, “Since she was a child, she’s already so headstrong and willful.”

With that, Su Yao pulled out a cigar and offered it to Qin Chao, “Want to try?”

“No need, I am not used to this.” Qin Chao waved his hand.

“Mind if I smoke?” Su Yao very politely asked.

“By all means.”

Su Yao then came up with a square cigar cutter and cut the cigar with it. Then, he pulled out his lighter and lit it. Then, he put the cigar above the flame and gently rotated it, heating the cigar.

“Actually, a cigar is quite good. I think I enjoy it more than a cigarette.” Su Yao extinguished the lighter, wrapped the cigar with his lips and gently inhaled with his mouth, keeping the smoke in his lung for a time.

Finally, he slowly exhaled, spitting the smoke out. The cigar smoke then enveloped the two people. Qin Chao can clearly smell the aroma of the cigar.

In this smoke, Su Yao seemed lost in thought, mumbling to himself.

“I remember when I was young, our family is very poor. Su Ji wanted a new dress that she can wear to a school event. But at the time, father was just cheated by his business partner, even the house is rented. Finally, relying on picking up cans and exchange them for money, I bought the cloth. Su Fei then made it into a new dress.”

Qin Chao quietly listened to all of these. He did not expect the famous Su Family once had a difficult time.

“You don’t believe what I say and think I’m fooling you, right?” Su Yao spat out a mouthful of smoke and said, “But it’s true. Although Su Ji grew up in hardship, she did not suffer, because we all pamper her. Therefore, I don’t want to give my sister to you, because you’re just a poor smelly brat.”
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