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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 140 To The Underworld

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“I think, with his help, Liao Shasha’s problem will not be a problem anymore.” Qin Chao seemed to be fully confident about that person, making Yu Lu a bit relieved.

“Who exactly is that person?” Yu Lu couldn’t suppress her curiosity; listened to Qin Chao’s tone, this man seemed to be very powerful.

“You’ll know soon.” Qin Chao smiled mysteriously.

“He is also in Dongchuan City?” Yu Lu thought that she’d never heard this powerful Mr. Geomancer in Dongchuan City.

“No, he lives in a very distant place.” Qin Chao continued to play riddles, “But he’s everywhere.”

“That fellow seems terrifying….” Yu Lu couldn’t help but shiver, holding Qin Chao’s arm, and asked, “You’re not kidding me right.”

“Why would I want to kid you.” Qin Chao couldn’t resist pinching her cute nose twice, “At this time, where would I have the thought to kid you.”

“Humph, you may still have the mood to play dirty tricks!” Yu Lu pondered and couldn’t help but viciously stare at Qin Chao.

Qin Chao smiled awkwardly, touching his nose.

“Okay, okay, let’s get started. If we continue to drag, I’m afraid it would be a bit disadvantageous to little Shasha.” With that, Qin Chao let go of Yu Lu, stepped back two steps, creating some distance with her.

Then, from his ring, he pulled out a white human skeleton skull.

“Ah!” To see Qin Chao took out a head without the meat, Yu Lu, after all, is a girl, couldn’t help but loudly shout, and almost ran out of this house in fear.

“What, what is that!” Yu Lu spoke with a crying tone, turned her head without looking at Qin Chao and cried “hu hu.”

“Look at you, there’s nothing to be afraid of….” Qin Chao saw Yu Lu like this, couldn’t help but want to tease her, “You see, this thing is quite cute.”

With that, while Yu Lu turned her head to look, he stretched out his tongue and acted like he was going to lick the top of that skull.

“Aaa!” Yu Lu’s tears streamed down again, squatted on the ground, held the nearby sofa, and whined, “Hu hu hu, Qin Chao, you pervert….hu hu hu, how can you lick that thing….later on, I forbid you to kiss me….”

“Oh, what are you afraid of, let’s lick this together, taste good you know.” Actually, Qin Chao never licked the skull, he just wanted to scare Yu Lu. To see Yu Lu’s afraid look, he became eviler, couldn’t help but moved, and held that skull toward Yu Lu’s chest.

“Aaa, Qin Chao, I want to fight you!” Yu Lu cried out, fists constantly hammered Qin Chao’s waist.

“What’s so terrible about this, see this beautiful little head? This lines, this bones, hehe….out of this world….”

Qin Chao held that skull, moved closer, smiling mischievously.

“I don’t want to see it!” Yu Lu was mad with fear, suddenly turned around and slapped that skull head away.

“Pop!” That head can be considered solid, though fell to the ground, unexpectedly not broken. Instead, it rolled several times and finally stopped when it hit the table corner. Qin Chao quickly shook his head.

“Sin, sin….” Qin Chao quickly did obeisance toward that skull and then glance at Yu Lu with some resentment, “This is somebody else’s head, how could you throw it to the floor.”

“Huhuhu, these words are terrible….Qin Chao, you’re disgusting!”

Tears stained Yu Lu’s pretty face, which completely opposite the capable woman’s face she showed to Zhong Liangguo just a moment ago, “Me, me and you, we fight.”

“Okay, okay, this is just a skull head.” Qin Chao held out his hand, that drop-on-the-floor skull immediately flew and fell into his hand, “Since you’re so annoying, I’ll crush you and turn you into a soup to drink.”

“Qin Chao!” Yu Lu was truly furious. She finally understood why Liao Shasha wanted to vomit blood in anger because of Qin Chao; this Qin Chao was too annoying, annoying to death!

“I have to say….don’t make fun of my head would you….” At this time, a male voice filled with resentment floated into Qin Chao’s ears.

This fellow turned and saw a gloomy face of Li the ghost messenger, who stood at the entrance of the living room, piteously looking at the skull head in Qin Chao’s hand.

This skull head is Li’s, which he deliberately left in Qin Chao’s hand, so that when in times of need, Qin Chao can link to him through this.

But Li really didn’t expect Qin Chao would actually use his skeleton to molest a young woman. This was really ‘the uncle can endure, the aunt cannot endure!’

“Hehe, it’s just a joke, do not mind, do not mind.” Qin Chao sheepishly touched his nose, and then put the skull head back inside his spatial ring.

“Now I can take it back, right….” Li right now began to regret giving his bone to this guy; in the end, the guy is a devil path cultivator, acting without any shame….Next time, perhaps the guy would really crush his skull, turning it into a soup to drink.

“How can this be, things that already given, can’t be taken back!” Qin Chao quickly shook his head, turned down Li’s request.

“Qin Chao….you, who are you talking to….” Yu Lu looked at the entrance of the living room and found that, in addition to the painted-black door, there was no one else.

She couldn’t help but feel cold, subconsciously leaned against Qin Chao, putting her fragrant body into Qin Chao’s arms, “Do not frighten me, if you do I won’t pay attention to you anymore.”

“Li, is there any way for her to see you, it’s too much inconvenient.” Qin Chao patted Yu Lu on her shoulder, hinting that she should not be afraid.

“There is a way.” Li, all of a sudden, smiled sinisterly, looking so hideous.

“Say it!”

“Grind my bones, soak it in the water, and let her drink….”

“Em….” Qin Chao was speechless, furrowed his brows, “Is this the only way? She’ll kill me for this.”

“Just a joke….” Li quietly walked over to Yu Lu and shook his hand in front of her somewhat dazed eyes.

Qin Chao felt defeated, his joke backfired at him.

At this time, Li suddenly held out both of his hands, each clutching the leave of Chinese parasol tree. The two leaves simultaneously rubbed both of Yu Lu’s eyes. Meanwhile, Li’s mouth read a phrase.

“Open the eyes!” After Li uttered these three words, Yu Lu felt something bright before her. At the same time, in the living room, a man dressed in white robe with gloomy face stood in front of her.

“Ah!” With just a glance to that man, Yu Lu felt a surge of chill coming from her feet. Panicked, she let out a cry and embraced Qin Chao.

“Ghost, a ghost!”

“Sorry….” Qin Chao couldn’t help but shrugged his shoulders at Li, “She’s just a young woman, to see your dead face, she overreacted.”

“….” Li can hardly speak a word, “I’m used to it….also, my face is not like a dead face. Among the ghost messenger, I’m considered a handsome fellow.”

“Hehe, Lulu, did you hear that.” Qin Chao can’t help but tease, “Marrying a ghost messenger is actually not bad, at least it’s civil servants.”

Yu Lu and Li both were speechless, only Qin Chao was happy.

“Let’s get down to business, why did you call me.” With forever cold voice, Li bluntly asked, “I’m very busy, no time to play with you.”

“Do me a favor, look at what has happened to her.” Qin Chao also put away the smile and pointed to the lying on the sofa Liao Shasha, and asked.

Yu Lu also cast a concerned eye, thinking that Qin Chao was simply amazing; he actually called a ghost messenger for help. Could it be he is one of those fabled sorcerers?

“Soul departed.” With just a single glance at Liao Shasha, Li immediately said, “But the yang qi is still there, shouldn’t enter the reincarnation cycle.”

“Is there any way to get her soul back?” Qin Chao asked, “Just now there was an evil spirit possessed her body, then wiped out by me.”

“A bit difficult….” Li said, “Departed soul, will be drawn into the entrance of the ghost realm. If I anticipated correctly, she should be heading to the road of six reincarnations. Even if I found her, she wouldn’t know me, and wouldn’t come back with me.”

“Why?” Qin Chao hastily asked, “You are a ghost messenger, can’t you lead her back?”

“Because after someone dies, there will be karmic creditors posing as her relatives to lure her, to enter the reincarnation or fall into hell. Even if she has no karmic creditors, if she has a good Dharma, a Buddhist escort would pick her up. Even without the Buddhist escort, the gates of reincarnation could resemble a delicious cake, attracting the soul to enter into it. We ghost messenger, are also in charge to arrest if there’s any soul deviate from this path. Therefore, you asking me to lead her back, is very hard, almost impossible.”

“Then….what to do….” Hearing this, Yu Lu couldn’t help but look sad, “How to make Shasha return here?”

“There’s only one way.” Li stretched out a finger, and revealed a shade of smile, “Must have a person who knows and cares about her, to become a departed soul and bring her back from the underworld.”

“That’s good! I’ll go!” At this time, Yu Lu didn’t even have the slightest fear, immediately cried, “Shasha and I have a good relationship, she will listen to me.”

“You want to go?” Li looked at Yu Lu, and then slowly nodded, “Very well, you can come with me, but don’t let the karmic creditors lure and confuse you….”

“Don’t listen to her nonsense, this thing is our, menfolk’s job, how could you let a woman to get involve in this thing.”

Qin Chao took a glance at Yu Lu, put her behind his back, and said to Li, “I’m the one who should go. Don’t forget, I’m a cultivator, even if my soul leaves my body, at the very least I have my Yin soul, which is much stronger than ordinary people’s soul.

“Very well.” Li nodded his head, “The strength of your soul is very formidable, those disturbances along the road, would pose no threat to you.”

“You see!” Qin Chao immediately slapped Yu Lu’s shoulder, “It’s settled, I’ll handle this thing.”

“Qin Chao….” Yu Lu tearfully looked at Qin Chao, arms around his waist. Qin Chao thought this young woman didn’t want him to take the risk, the heart immediately warmth, and also firmly hugged her.

“Rest assured, my darling Lulu, I’ll be fine….”

“No….I wanted to tell you, remember to take pictures using your phone along the way. When you get back I want to see it….I’m curious, what exactly does the underworld look like….”

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