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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 133 Kitchen Battle

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In the kitchen. Yu Lu, Liao Shasha, and Qin Chao were making soup. Wu Xin was busy cooking. This cow girl’s hands were very deft, the best trait from a girl who frequently went into the kitchen.

Qin Chao watched this young girl cutting the potatoes while her chest merrily jiggled up and down and can’t help but swallowed down a mouthful of saliva. This Wu Xin is truly every man’s dream girl, the so-called get up the hall (go to the hall to clean), get down the bed….ahem, get down the kitchen (go to the kitchen to cook).

“Carrot isn’t delicious, won’t do!” At the side, Liao Shasha was picking her favorite from among the ingredients and threw it in the cooking pot.

“Crab….well, I love to eat crab, will do!” With that, Liao Shasha picked up a live crab wrapped in red rope and threw it into the boiling hot cooking pot. The crab rolled a bit, then gradually stopped struggling. Qin Chao was dumbfounded at this, the young girl’s hands were a bit cruel.

“Tomatoes are nutritious, delicious, a little bit will do.” Liao Shasha said to herself, picked up one unwashed and uncut tomato and threw it into the pot. Qin Chao thought, ‘Oh my God, only dead people would want to eat this.’

“Oh, that’s right, it needs to add some ketchup to it so that this soup can have some sweet taste!” Liao Shasha’s eyes shone, picked up the nearby bottle of ketchup and, without wasting anything, poured all of it into the cooking pot.

A pot of soup immediately turned into red-colored soup.

“This needs two bars of chocolate!” Liao Shasha continued to add the ingredients, “Yes, Ferrero, I like to eat this brand.”

After she had put that, the color of the soup inside the pot was somewhat scary.

“There should be some green vegetables….” Liao Sasha remembered Yu Lu’s soup, which always had green vegetables in it. Therefore, she casually took the nearby cucumber and threw it into the pot.

That cucumber was jacked up by the weird colored boiling soup for a while and finally sank into the pot.

“Potato! Must put some potatoes.” Liao Shasha remembered the delicious mutton potato soup made by Qin Chao. Therefore, she took two unpeeled potatoes and threw it into the pot.

“Oh, it must have some meat for it to be delicious!” Liao Shasha recalled the soup that she ate, nodded her head, grabbed the ingredients that were prepared by the nearby Wu Xin and threw it into the pot.

“Fish, fish is delicious! Em, beef is also good. Oh, must put the mutton too. Sister Lulu’s mutton soup is the most delicious. Ah, chicken soup is also tasty, right, put some chicken in it.”

Then, Liao Shasha opened the freezer’s door, directly pulled out a whole frozen chicken from the inside, and threw it entirely into the pot.

”Gluk gluk….” The churning liquid inside the pot immediately quieted down. Liao Shasha clapped with satisfaction.

“OK, now it’s time to put some spices!” Liao Shasha picked up the nearby spice boxes and, no matter what kind of spices were there, grabbed a handful and threw it into the pot.

“Ah, yes, the salt!” She picked up the nearby salt and poured it all into the pot. Qin Chao blinked his eyes. He saw a white bubble rose inside the pot. He thought, ‘His uncle, this is a soup or chemical experiment?’

“What is this!? Well, no matter, just add a little!” Liao Shasha picked up the nearby white plastic bottle, twisted its lid and was about to add into the soup.

“This is the liquid detergent!” Qin Chao was surprised, reached out his hand, and took over the detergent, “Do you want to make a pot of poison?”

“It turns out to be liquid detergent….that won’t do.” Liao Shasha looked as if she felt sorry for it, shook her lovely pigtail, picked up the round-bottomed scoop, put it into the pot, and stirred it back and forth.

Qin Chao stood to the side with mouth open and forgot his own soup. He felt that Liao Shasha was making a pot of pesticide.

Liao Shasha seemed jubilant. Looking at the bubbling liquid inside the pot, she jumped up and down with excitement.

“Sister Lulu, see this, I can also make soup!”

Liao Shasha showed off her creation at Yu Lu.

“Em, our Shasha is truly skillful.” Yu Lu did not see the manufacturing process of Liao Shasha’s pesticide. When she make soup, she was very serious and won’t split her concentration.

“My soup is almost finished. I will first serve the others!” Liao Shasha shook her double pigtails and clapped her hands excitedly.

“Uncle Fu, come help me!”

“Yes, big Miss!” The Buttler A Fu, like a phantom, immediately walked into the kitchen and stood in front of Liao Shasha.

“Carry this soup and give it to my classmates. I must make them experience my, big miss Liao, cooking!”

“Yes, big miss!” A Fu immediately picked up the pot and walked into the dining room.

Liao Shasha left the kitchen with A Fu in triumphant.

“I think your classmates would meet untimely death in this Liao House….” Watching Liao Shasha went out of the kitchen, Qin Chao could not help but trembled a bit.

“What’s wrong?” Wu Xin asked while cooking. She was busy preparing food and didn’t pay attention to Liao Shasha’s soup.

“My soup is ready.” Yu Lu turned off the stove, wiped her hands and said to Qin Chao and Wu Xin.

“Let me!” Wu Xin’s last dish was also ready, and she immediately went over to help Yu Lu carry the cooking pot, “I’ll bring it to the dining room.”

“Ah, how could I let the guest do this!” Yu Lu hastily declined, “Just wait until Uncle Fu come and help!”

“It’s okay, I’m used to doing this since I’ve work in a restaurant.” Wu Xin smiled, picked up the pot and walked out of the kitchen.

‘Such a good woman!’ Qin Chao marveled, ‘Whoever managed to marry that girl, would be living in a blissful dream.’

“Look at you, how could you get so sweaty.” Yu Lu pulled out a handkerchief, walked to Qin Chao’s side and very gently wiped the sweat on his head, “Is the kitchen too hot?”

“No, no, must be because I’m too tired after the day’s activities.” Qin Chao touched his nose. He can’t tell Yu Lu that he’s afraid of Liao Shasha’s soup.

“For what you did today, I thank you.” Yu Lu suddenly put her arms around Qin Chao’s waist and gently rested her head on his chest, “If it weren’t for you, those Bell group people would surely capture Shasha. Qin Chao….who are you really….”

“Don’t you know who I am already?” Qin Chao smiled, “You’ve seen me naked haven’t you!”

“Go die!” Yu Lu immediately bashful and put out a hand to pinch Qin Chao’s chest. But she found out that Qin Chao’s chest hard like a block of stone.

After pinching twice and discovered that Qin Chao was unperturbed, Yu Lu finally gave up, leaning against Qin Chao’s chest in silent.

Qin Chao also stopped talking, the two people having a tacit agreement to hug each other, just enjoying the warmth of the moment.

But soon, Qin Chao’s hands became dishonest. Initially placed on Yu Lu’s waist, they soon went down more than ten centimeters, rubbing the soft and rounded spot.

Yu Lu’s face immediately went red, her body weak, and her eyes glazed over.

“Lulu….tonight I want to drink the coffee….” While his hands were being dishonest, Qin Chao pointedly referred to Yu Lu about their first night.

The two people ended up doing that on his first day began when Yu Lu brought Qin Chao a cup of coffee.

“I….I….” Yu Lu looked up and watched Qin Chao. Her eyes showed a trace of desire. It seemed she was also moved.

“How about I eat you here….” Qin Chao suddenly grinned then, like holding a child, lightly put Yu Lu up and put her on the kitchen table.

After she was back home, Yu Lu changed her dress into a long skirt. Therefore, Qin Chao quickly lifted up her skirt, easily removing her line of defense. He was also traveling light and very quickly entered the battlefield.

Yu Lu’s naked buttocks pressed against the surface of the table. She held Qin Chao’s body as she received this man’s impact. Her soul leaped up, but she still maintained a vestige of reason as she didn’t let her voice out lest other people found out about them.

She betrayed Liao Dongkai, having an affair with this wild and passionate man Qin Chao. This made Yu Lu felt guilty but also excited.

She doesn’t love Liao Dongkai, and even somewhat sick of this workaholic businessman.

But she was powerless, the pressure of Liao Dongkai was like a nightmare, making her unable to get rid of him.

Until the emergence of Qin Chao. This God-Devil-like man has deeply conquered her. He possessed the power that can negate the influence of Liao Family’s wealth.

Qin Chao was entirely guided by desire. After entering the path of Devil cultivation, his desire for women was increasingly stronger. Only by following his heart’s desire can he reach the apex of Devil cultivation path.

When the two people’s passion surged up, the Ying Yang Bell suddenly fluttered out of Qin Chao’s body, hovering around the two of them. This Ying Yang Bell seemed especially excited. Qin Chao quickly reached out his hand to grab it in his palm, melting it back inside his body.

‘This old man Luo De actually came out to see a live show! His uncle, shameless geezer! Old lecher!’

“What, what is that thing….” Yu Lu saw the mysterious little black bell and can’t help but ask.

“Don’t mind it….” Qin Chao smiled, “Just a sex toy, nothing more.”

The Ying Yang Bell inside his body vigorously protested. The old man Luo De must be wild with rage. Obviously, it was a high-level artifact but was called ‘just a sex toy’ by Qin Chao.

“Ah!” When the two people climbed the peak, they heard someone screamed at the kitchen door. A plate fell to the ground, broken in place.

The two people quickly turned and saw the stunned Wu Xin stood in the doorway. Her eyes showed some panic, pain, and shame. She saw the two people looked at her, quickly blushed, turned and ran away.

“This was on you!” Yu Lu immediately bashful, pinched Qin Chao on his arm, “I, I have no face to see other people anymore!”

“It’s okay, so what if she saw us!” Qin Chao actually didn’t think much about it. Instead, he stepped up his effort, making Yu Lu back in the mood again, “I don’t believe she would dare to say anything.”

“You, you….you are so bad….” Yu Lu’s heart was in chaos, thinking that she has somewhat recklessly fallen in love with this man.

But she actually knew, crystal clear, that the person inside this man’s heart was not her. Moreover, listening to Liao Dongkai when he mentioned it in passing, this man already has a girlfriend.

This man’s girlfriend is the daughter of the wealthy Su Family, Su Ji.

As for her? She was only a nanny, how could she contend with the other people? It seemed like, in this life, she can only be Qin Chao’s lover.

What do you guys think Wu Xin would do?

Will there be a victim of Liao Shasha’s soup?

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