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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 14 I Want To Eat Pickled Cabbage With White Meat

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“My girlfriend?” Fang Hua laughed, “hahaha, damn funny, my girlfriends are many, how can I remember which is which?”

“Fang Hua, when you chased me, didn’t you said you will love me for a lifetime, didn’t you said you wanted to bring me to meet your parents, didn’t you said you want to marry me…” This woman is quite beautiful, when she moves forward to look at the situation better, she saw that that Fang Hua is sitting with another woman. At this time, her face went pale, even with her makeup, her inner confusion can clearly be seen.

“Marry you?” Fang Hua’s face suddenly become very strange, he disdainfully looks at the woman, who by now already had teary eyes, and yells, “Yu Qian, you peasant girl, going out with you was my mistake. When I play with a woman I always said that, how could you blame me for it! You look in the mirror, look at your background, how could it match with my Fang family background? F*ck, go clean up the toilet for me, looking at you make me feel dirty.

This Yu Qian, was precisely Liu Chuan’s former girlfriend, hearing this abuse, her eyes suddenly become red, and she burst into tears.

She suddenly went a little crazy, pick up the handle of her LV bag, and start trying to hit Fang Hua in the face.

“Beast, you’re a beast!” Yu Qian hit him while crying and cursing him at the same time.

“Stinking b*tch, already give you face!” Fang Hua’s head was hit; suddenly he become furious, he snatched the LV bag that was given by him previously and kick her with his foot so that she fall flat on the sofa.

“D*mn, you ungrateful b*tch, where do you think your beautiful dress coming from, who’s the one giving you stuff that make you become like a princess!” Fang Hua while holding his head, pointing to Yu Qian, who is lying on the sofa, he said to the man wearing a suit that comes in a moment ago, “find some of the brothers, tell them to play with her a few rounds!”

Yu Qian hearing this, cannot even utter a single word, she just watched in horror how Fang Hua shows his true evil face.

This is the man who, gently holding her hand yesterday, buying her everything she wants. This is the man who, make love to her yesterday several times, slept together with her…

Nobody here dares to reject Fang Hua’s order. Soon, many hoodlums come in following that man in a suit; they seem to be drunk. Watching Yu Qian, who was still lying on the sofa, they suddenly chuckled.

This time, Yu Qian suddenly thinking to escape, but it was too late, the brothers already surrounding her.

Soon, they started to rip off Yu Qian’s clothes, and then they begin to throw themselves onto her hot body.

“Aa….” Yu Qian piercing wail was heard, she curse at Fang Hua, who currently are laughing at the side, “Fang Hua, you beast, you’ll not die well….even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off!”

“Hahaha…” Fang Hua laugh while he ripped the clothes of the woman that has been with him previously, spanked her ass, then make her service him.

At the same time, he arrogantly said, “I don’t believe in any ghosts, even if they exist, I’ll just spend money to make it disappeared! D*mn, you guys, f*ck her already, f*ck her hard, hard!”


“Ah!” Qin Chao, who was sleeping oh his bed, suddenly woke up. He has read the memory of that devil sect elder, and he also knew about the matter of cultivation.

This matter is like this; there was once an old devil named Luo De, he was an awesome sect elder of the Demon sect. His power was really strong, an awesome flying immortal. But his body was then destroyed by the combination of the eight big sects that besiege him, his soul was then sealed by them.

Many years later, because of an accident (vase accident), Qin Chao’s body became possessed by Luo De’s soul, almost losing his mind, later on, to become like a zombie.

Luckily, that day he was saved by Su Ji’s prayer beads, with its power, forcibly destroyed this one thousand years old devil god’s soul.

This can only happen because, at that time when Luo De’s soul possessed Qin Chao, his soul was just coming out from his captivity, thus was still very weak, if his soul was to be nurtured undisturbed, in the future it can bring out the power of a devil god. Unfortunately for Luo De, because of an unforeseen accident, his soul was eradicated by a small Buddhist prayer bead.

Therefore, his powerful divine yang essence was left inside Qin Chao’s body. However, this power is too big; it cannot be absorbed by Qin Chao immediately. But along with his increasing capability, this power that was left behind by Luo De, eventually, will be absorbed completely, thus allowing him to reach the pinnacle of the Devil path.

But why such powerful prayer bead was used by Su Ji, she looks like just an ordinary person. If she is a cultivator, why she can’t even handle a few hoodlums? Thinking about this make his head hurt. Thus, he simply set this aside, don’t want to think about it now.

Qin Chao also understood about his natural born devil body; this natural born devil body actually means that he is a genius when it comes to learning the Devil path’s cultivation system.

One must know that when it comes to human cultivation, it goes against the heaven’s will; therefore, it is really difficult to do. Also, when a human is practicing cultivation, one must let one’s mind calm down, with single-hearted devotion, trying to push one’s vigour to complete the small and big circulation inside the body.

If one’s mind is not stable, one will not be able to complete one’s vigour circulation, thus unable to practice.

Meanwhile, the one who have natural devil body, when practicing devil path, they have two big advantages. The first one is, they can absorb soul, increasing their qi, they then can use it to make a breakthrough to the next stages of the nine layer of heaven’s realm.

The second big advantages are, the qi in their body can automatically move according to the circulation trajectory, even without having a calm mind; therefore, their qi can continuously complete the circulation. In other words, once someone with natural devil body enter the path of cultivation, their advancement are leaps and bounds.

Other’s need to practice for a year, they only need a month to achieve the same result.

To be honest, Qin Chao still don’t believe all of this. After all, all of this came to him a little too abruptly. But he decides to try it, because even if he don’t want to become a cultivator, he didn’t want his body to change into a green-eyed, scaled skin, monster, thus unable to live a normal life.

Among the cultivator, the quickest way to reach the next stages is by using the external medicine as a supplement. In the cultivation realm, for example, there are three elixirs. Human golden pellet, Earth Spirit pellet, and Heaven immortal pellet. This pellet, even if using just one, can cause a stir in the cultivator’s stage.

But Qin Chao is a little security guard, where could he get such a good thing.

After thinking it over, his mind finally comes up with a crazy idea.

That is to find an opportunity, to absorb someone’s soul!

A person with natural devil body, couldn’t he absorb ghost’s soul to increase his vigour?! As to where to look for a ghost, didn’t Hu Lili said the school is haunted.

When he get night shift, he will look for that ghost. D*mn it, in any case, I’m now a devil chief of a devil path, how can I be afraid of a little hairy ghost!

He then pulls out the book given by Rosy, “Nine secret law”. This wire-bound book looks old, but unexpectedly it still exude a fresh ink smell. Although it’s writing uses an ancient script, but it’s not difficult to read by Qin Chao who was a Chinese literature graduate.

But this book seems to consist of two parts. The first part consists of various devil’s attack method; Qin Chao can not learn this part yet.

The second part teach about the nine methods of practicing cultivation, each method, correspond with nine layers of heaven. Basic Shape, Tempered qi, Divine concentration, Foundation building, Divine ability, Return to the origin, Golden Body, Thunder Catcher, Flying Immortal.

Just like what Rosy talked before, devil path consists of nine stages, devil chief, devil spirit, devil intelligence, devil catcher, devil witch, devil lord, devil king, devil emperor, and devil god. Each stage corresponds to nine-layer of heaven. For instance, he is now a devil chief, his corresponding cultivation method is Basic Shape. For devil spirit stage, the method is Tempered Vigor, devil intelligence – Divine Concentration, and so on until the last stage, devil emperor corresponds with Flying Immortal.

If he successfully builds his base, he will be like that devil Luo De.

But everything is difficult at the beginning.

He began to practice the first method, basic shape, accordingly.

Soon he felt a surge of warm air inside his body; this is probably the legendary “qi” that people always talked about. Sure enough, this stream of warm air begins to move following a strange line inside the body of Qin Chao.

After Qin Chao more or less understand the direction of the practice, he completed the qi circulation once again, after that he started to prepare to sleep, quietly awaiting the arrival of the next day. In any case he has natural devil body, his qi will continue to revolve according to the method that he had just learned, he do not need to consciously move it.

This time, he suddenly heard an excited ‘ah-ah’ sound coming from his next-door neighbor’s room, it floats gently into Qin Chao’s ear.

“Damn, the f*cking is starting again!” Qin Chao quickly jump out of the bed and start to throw pillows on the wall, “you bully me who are still single, tomorrow I’ll buy an inflatable doll that can talk back! Let’s see between the two of us, who will last longer!”

While Qin Chao is still angry, suddenly there’s a knock coming from his door, startling him.

It’s seven o’clock now, already dark outside, who’s knocking on the door.

“Who, it’s the middle of the night! The water and electric bill have been paid!” Qin Chao is still angry, the one who knocks on the door naturally become the target for him to vent his anger.

“Em….” a weak voice coming from outside the door, “Qin Chao gege, it’s me…”

“Ah! Li Na!” Qin Chao scared suddenly jump up, seeing himself only wearing underwear, he quickly pulls out a pair of jeans from his closet and hurriedly put them on.

“Qin Chao gege, are you inside?” this little girl continue to knock on the door, panicking him, he quickly put on a T-shirt.

“I’m here, I’m here, you wait!” Qin Chao is wearing his clothes in panic and quickly run to the door. Sure enough, in the dark hallway outside, stood an enchanting little beauty.

At this time, Li Na is wearing pink loose pajamas, made from 100 % cotton, wrapped around her petite beautiful body. Because the pajamas are too loose, when a small wind blew through the hallway, Qin Chao’s eyes almost fell out.

Although the little girl’s chest is not big, a B size is not small either. That subtle ravine, and a faint fragrant smell, certainly able to penetrate Qin Chao’s fragile psychological barrier.

“Qin Chao gege, let me in, it’s cold” A burst of small breeze just now makes Li Na arm folded, slightly shivering. That woke Qin Chao up. He quickly let her inside and close the door.

“Little girl, why come to me this late at night.” Qin Chao asked.

“My mom was on a business trip, and I have no place to eat, so I have to take refuge with Qin Chao gege.” She curled up on the sofa, like a cute little cat, pathetically said. She curled up in there and didn’t notice that her pink bud can be seen out by Qin Chao.

“Ahem!” Qin Chao suddenly feels his blood flow currently going to his lower body parts.

“Then you wait a bit; I’ll cook for you!”

Then, he rushed into the kitchen, open the dish-washing faucet, and wash his face a couple of times. When he look up and saw himself in the mirror, he immediately shocked. He saw his hair already turned red, his eyes glowing with green light. Although his skin has not changed into scales yet, his hand already become longer and started to resemble a claw.

“Qin Chao gege, what delicious meal are you cooking for me tonight!”

Immediately Qin Chao becomes stunned; unexpectedly this little girl started to bounce while walking into his kitchen.

“A, you can’t come in, can’t come in!” Qin Chao became panic and began to walk back step by step while shaking his hand.

“Hahaha, Qin Chao gege, you’re very funny, I’m not going to molest you.” Li Na laughs her head off, flashing her chests unknowingly.

Qin Chao become surprised, looking back at the mirror, he saw himself already returned to his normal appearance, he breathe a sigh of relief.

He pulls out a chilled pickled cabbage from the fridge, and started to cut it into pieces, said, “you’ll eat white meat with pickled cabbage this time…”

“Great, great…” Li Na laugh, revealing her two cute front teeth, “remember to put plenty of meat!”

“Eating a lot of meat, don’t you afraid to get fat…” Qin Chao spent a lot of money to bought this meat, so he has been reluctant to eat it. But Li Na’s mother was always traveling, so he took pity on her, he then took out the frosted meat and put it in the microwave to thaw it.

“Although it’s only a pickled cabbage with white meat, I think it’s better than most other food!” Li Na looks eagerly at Qin Chao, who are still chopping the cabbage.

“Cut, you talked as if you already tasted many other foods.” Qin Chao scrapped her nose playfully, scoffed.

“Hei hei..” Li Na scrunched up, no longer talk.

“Where’s your gentle mother go on her business trip right now?”

“She goes to Jingyang!” Li Na lying on the kitchen table, smilingly watched Qin Chao’s red face, “mom said her garment business is doing good right now, so she went to Jingyang to buy more goods.”

“Your mother is really restless.” Qin Chao began to cut the meat, his ability to cook comes from his hometown in northeastern area and the necessity to be frugal. He is deliberately staring at the knife, not looking at Li Na’s scenery. At the same time, he secretly muttered, this little girl didn’t know how to avoid arousing other people. Moreover, I’m still young and healthy; it’s really hard to withstand it.
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