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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 122 Don’t Touch, Just Kiss

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This mighty big pendulum shook for a full five minutes in the air. These five minutes usually feels quite short, but for Liao Shasha and them right now, it felt as long as five years.

Liao Shasha shouted herself hoarse, thinking to herself why it’s not finished yet. Whenever she finished saying that, the pendulum was still rolling in the air. Finally, she simply closed her eyes, clutched the safety bar and hung in there.

Even if it’s long, they eventually survived pass these five minutes. The pendulum slowly restored to calm and sent the people to the ground.

“Sister Lulu….help, help me, my legs are a bit weak.” The safety bar opened, Liao Shasha’s two legs trembled. Thus, she told this situation to Yu Lu.

“M.” Yu Lu, although she was also afraid, it vaguely mixed with a little excitement. Though on the surface, she is a good girl, Qin Chao actually knew that her bones were quite wild.

“Wa!” On the big pendulum, Li Zhe’ang immediately lay on the floor and threw up. This boy probably didn’t eat too well this morning because his vomit was really terrible.

The squad leader Liu Yan, with a pale face, stepped down from the big pendulum, but she still heartlessly smiled.

“Li Zhe’ang, I don’t need to check on others, but you’re the only one who vomited here. Clearly, you’re the timidest one. The biggest courage, uh-huh, is none other than Qin Chao. Qin Chao, you can make your request on Li Zhe’ang.”

“What?” Li Zhe’ang barely stopped his saliva, but upon hearing this, his face went a bit pale, and finally lost all of its colors. He looked up to the nearby Qin Chao and found this guy was looking at him with a wicked smile on his lips.

God, does this guy have any unusual hobbies!

Li Zhe’ang’s mind began to wander. In his mind, it appeared such a scene. He was in a disheveled state and fell to the ground. Qin Chao with a kinky smile, came over and grabbed his thighs and began to tear his clothes off.

Thinking to this, his stomach began to roll again and vomited what was left on his stomach.

“Not right! This is not right!” At this time, a girl suddenly shouted, “The one with the least courage is not Li Zhe’ang, it’s here!”

With that, she pointed her finger at Wu Xin.

The group soon found out that Wu Xin’s eyes were red and there were two lines of tear stain on her face. Her appearance was really pitiful. Looking at this cow girl, Qin Chao couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. She’s really beautiful enough to eat.

“Wow, Wu Xin, you actually scared to tears!” Like discovering a new continent, people pointed to Wu Xin and started a commotion.

“Really, it’s very scary….” Wu Xin, embarrassed, took out a tissue to wipe the tears from her face.

“Concede defeat, pay the bet!” The crowd shouted, “Qin Chao, you should make your request!”

“That’s right, make the request! Make the request!”

The crowd continued to chant as Li Zhe’ang’s face became ugly. He thought, ‘Damn, Wu Xin is obviously this father’s target, why do you all want to give her to that bastard.’

Seeing there were a bit evil in Qin Chao’s eyes, Li Zhe’ang’s anger flared up. He couldn’t wait to take the big pendulum and slammed it to this guy. Unfortunately, he can only think about it, if he angered that guy, the one who will be slammed to death, is likely to be himself.

Wu Xin’s face was red, shyly standing there. She thought, ‘what will Qin Chao request be….If he told me to kiss him, what should I do….my god, it’s too embarrassing….’

Wu Xin’s blush began to turn into steam. She quickly covered her face and secretly looked at Qin Chao through her fingers.

Seeing this cow girl, Qin Chao suddenly said with a little evil.

“Hey, such a rare opportunity. I remember that there is an activity called push oil, hehehe….”

Everyone gawked, and then sweated.

“No, no! This is too much! Too much!” Li Zhe’ang was first to disagree, regardless Qin Chao would get angry, and called out subconsciously. Qin Chao then glared at him, which made this guy immediately shut up.

“I knew it! You this fellow is a pervert!” Liao Shasha began to cast her marvelous kick. This time, she didn’t stamp the ground, but Qin Chao’s calf.

“Qin Chao….” Yu Lu’s eyes also showed a bit of resentment, making Qin Chao can’t help but to sweat a cold sweat.

The other people also began to stir, making this cheeky Qin Chao embarrassed.

“Look at yourself, what are you guys complain about.” Qin Chao touched his nose, smiled, “The other person hasn’t said anything yet.”

When all eyes were gathered on Wu Xin, this girl, somewhat confusedly, asked a great sentence.

“What….is push oil?” (TL: body massage)

Everyone collapsed, thinking that this Wu Xin is too innocent. Liu Yan approached and whispered in her ear.

Like a thermometer that was being plugged into a hot water, Wu Xin’s face burnt from ear to ear. The people around her can even feel the emanating billowing steam from her.

My goodness, her shyness could actually turn her like this.

“Humph, it’s over, look how Wu Xin is going to scold you.” Liao Shasha raised her small head, thinking, ‘Qin Chao, Qin Chao, what are you going to say now.’

Li Zhe’ang chuckled in his mind, ‘After Wu Xin sees the true color of Qin Chao, she will obediently come into my arms.’

Who knew, Wu Xin shyly tweaked her body twice, and actually said such a sentence.

“When I push….you can not peep….”


“Wu Xin! You actually, you actually!”

“Oh my God! Damn it, why I’m not the winner!”

While everyone was howling like wolves, Wu Xin covered her face, and shyly said, “I….concede defeat….”

Qin Chao was also silly, this Wu Xin seemed like a strong woman when he first met her. But other times, she was pure and lovely. Such a wicked thing like pushing oil, she actually agreed. Heaven, is she not afraid his lust burst out and then eat her on the spot!

“Qin Chao, I’ll fight you!” Liao Shasha’s grief and indignation are inexplicable, and she rammed her head directly on Qin Chao’s waist.

Yu Lu also bitterly looked at Qin Chao; a look that can absolutely kill people.

Qin Chao felt guilty, coughed twice, rolled his eyes, and suddenly suggested.

“Ahem, I was just kidding. Everyone, don’t mind that.”

“Cut!” People showed their middle finger to him. Wu Xin was also relieved, but her looks seemed to be mixed with a little bit of disappointment.

“How about this, Wu Xin, let’s give you a problem.” Qin Chao said with a crooked smile, “Look at this amusement park, it is full of boys. I want you to pick one of them and ask them what your bra cup is!”

Everyone went into an uproar and then started to laugh. Wu Xin was ashamed and went to hide behind Liu Yan.

“Qin Chao, is there not a single decent thing in your head!” Liao Shasha put out a hand to pinch Qin Chao’s flesh, only to discover she can’t even twist her hand to pinch, making her clenched her jaws in anger.

“This is not good, absolutely not!” Yu Lu also spoke, “A shy and especially innocent girl like Wu Xin can’t be asked to do such thing. I call the shot; this idea is overruled!”

All the girls agreed accordingly while Qin Chao can only shrug, “Very well, I’ll change it. How about you let me touch your chest twice?”

These words got out, a black handbag immediately slammed the back of Qin Chao’s head. Yu Lu was furious.

“Qin Chao, if you say such nasty things again, I’ll kill you!”

The boys began to fantasize, staring at Wu Xin’s chest and started to drool. This was a good idea, especially if they were the one who touch them.

Wu Xin buried her head on Liu Yan’s back. This super shy girl actually has a strange thought. If he wants to touch….just touch it….

“Come on!” Qin Chao argued in desperation, “Touching will not get her pregnant!”

“You still want to argue!” Yu Lu and Liao Shasha roared.

“Fine, fine, so many of the suggestions were overruled by you guys.” Qin Chao touched his nose, and said, “Then I want the implementation of the original recommendation, I want a kiss from Wu Xin.”

“You pervert!” Liao Shasha was furious, ”Don’t you have something innocent in your mind?”

“Sorry, but this older brother is nasty.” Qin Chao shrugged and chuckled.

“Kiss it is then.” The class leader said, “It’s just a kiss, it’s not too much. Wu Xin, don’t hide your head like an ostrich, what do you think?”

“A kiss then….” Wu Xin looked up, blushed; her shyness is very attractive. The air in autumn is dry, so, this girl has put on a touch of lip gloss on her lips, and it actually looked beautiful.

Watching her came over, Qin Chao smiled twice. Being kissed by her, how could it be compared with touching her bosom.

Although reluctant, a bet is a bet, and Liao Shasha can’t continue to pester. The little girl crossed her arms, standing coldly to the side.

Yu Lu also shook her head, ‘children these days…’ she thought.

In the sight of all, Wu Xin finally walked to the front of Qin Chao. She breathed twice and held the shoulders of Qin Chao. This girl is about 1.7 meters tall, can’t be called short. Wearing adorable platform shoes, she was almost parallel with Qin Chao.

Qin Chao leaned, prepared to wait for the kiss from this cow girl. Everyone held their breath. Their eyes were glued on Wu Xin’s mouth, waiting for that kiss.

The next scene let everyone shocked. Qin Chao was stunned, his eyes opened wide.

A sweet, soft, and numb feelings came to his lips. He saw Wu Xin gently kissed his lips, the soft lips of the two of them were stuck together.

While Qin Chao was in a daze, Wu Xin blushed, but also secretly stretched out her small tongue, trying to go pass Qin Chao’s teeth. After trying twice, she discovered that Qin Chao’s mouth was a bit stiff, so, she shrunk back, somewhat disappointed.

But since the tongue has arrived on his lips, how could Qin Chao let her off. He immediately opened his teeth allowing Wu Xin’s small tongue to enter and held it inside.

Wu Xin felt like she was struck by lightning, explode, all the pores on her body were simultaneously opened, letting the steam out with a whistling sound. At the same time, she somewhat lost all her strength.

She quickly shoved Qin Chao away and said while gasping for breath.

“So, sorry, I don’t know how to French kiss.”

All the people were silly. They all believed that Wu Xin would kiss Qin Chao on the cheek, just a peck, and that’s all. Who would have thought that this girl actually kissed him on the lips….perhaps, this was her first kiss. Moreover, it was also a French kiss!

Such a nerve, such a nerve!
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