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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 115 Jump Off

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Since she was still a kid, Liao Shasha has been living under the protection of Liao Dongkai. Let alone talking about boyfriends, even the so-called Japanese Adult Video was never seen by her.

At best, she would browse some web novels, which contain some light erotica, which made her red in the face, but can’t help but continue to read.

In these circumstances, while other kids have experienced puppy love or having boyfriends or girlfriends, Liao Shasha has never even hold hands with other boys.

Moreover, for ordinary boys, Liao Shasha actually don’t have a liking for them.

The kind of arrogant boys like Li Zhe’ang are particularly repugnant to her.

Plus when in school, people often make fun of her small chest. Thus, Liao Shasha developed a psychology of being extremely sick to the boys in the course of contacts with them.

Usually toward the bodyguard at home, she is relatively indifferent.

But in Liao Shasha’s heart, she still dreams about Prince and Princess. In her childhood, her mother often told her stories in her ear about a Prince, who awake the sleeping Princess by kissing, or saving the Princess from the Devil’s hand while riding a white horse and carrying a sword.

The child Liao Shasha would always have such dreams. She dreamed that one day, her Prince on a white horse, marching all the way through the flowers, came to her side and picked her up on that white horse.

Growing up, naturally, these dreams were shattered. After seeing a lot of internet novels, she began to have another fantasy, one day, a fabulous man came to her side and, with his strength, conquer her, and protect her.

‘Could it be, Qin Chao is such a man?’

Liao Shasha, while maintaining such dubious position with Qin Chao, began to flirt with that thought.

At this time, the stairs leading to the platform, suddenly issued some dull thumping sounds, the two people immediately awoke.

“They’ve caught up.”

Qin Chao patted Liao Shasha’s tender buttocks, making her legs clamped by itself.

“Mm….” Liao Shasha tenderly grunted. Not only she clamped her legs on his waist, but both of her hands also tightly hugged Qin Chao’s neck, then she buried her hot face in his chest.

“Bam!” The iron door was kicked open, a bunch of vicious thugs, carrying machetes, rushed up.

“Such a hard to untangle group….” Qin Chao turned his back on them; His trench coat would occasionally flutter. At this time, there was already a reckless thug ran to his body, the mountain knife in his hand was about to ruthlessly struck Qin Chao’s back.

“Clang!” A crisp sound of metal was heard, the thug helplessly watched the mountain knife in his hand; its edge has curled up. But on Qin Chao, only his trench coat which was teared up by the cut; Not a single wound appeared on his body.

“Ai, this is branded trench coat.” Qin Chao was terribly distressed. This is a valuable outfit that was bought by Su Fei that day. With his own salary, he is not willing to buy such luxuries. If it was him, he would go to a general discount store, and look for two hundred or three hundred yuan trench coat there; the price is cheap, and the choices are many.

Thinking to this, his anger erupted toward that thug, and he reflexively threw a leg, kicking that villain in the chest.

“Bam!” The villain felt that his chest was slammed hard by an iron sledgehammer, spat a mouthful of blood, flew upside down like a shell and knocked back the several thugs behind him.

“Let’s go.” Qin Chao brought Liao Shasha, who was hanging like a bear on him, as he positioned himself, ready to jump up. Ten meters opposite of them, there’s a tall building. That’s where Qin Chao’s goal was.

“That kid wants to run!” These nasty thugs were anxious, this time, they carried out such large forces to catch Liao Shasha. If their target escapes, with Liao Dongkai’s influences, there will be a crazy counter attack from Liao Dongkai.

“Let me handle this!” A villain had taken that made in Hualong pistol and came to the rooftop and then aimed it at Qin Chao, who was rushing to the edge of the building.

When he raised his gun, in the eyes of this villain, suddenly emerged the scene where his companion was killed. The three bullets all hit the eyebrow. Will he also have such a fate?

Just when he thought about this, it seemed too late already. While leaping through the air, Qin Chao’s body suddenly flipped, head down, feet up, a 360-degree jump, making him jump higher and higher.

Meanwhile, toward that villain with the gun, he aimed the type 54 black star pistol that was held by his hand.


At that moment, the villain read the ridicule from Qin Chao’s mouth.

Having confidence of his marksmanship, this time, Qin Chao only fired a shot. The golden bullet crossed the more than ten-meter distance in a flash and burst into the villain’s eyebrow.

In a blink of an eye, that villain directly lies flat on the ground. The made in Hualong pistol fell to the side and rotated on the floor a few times. All the villains fled to escape this pistol as if it was a lonely death star, whoever touch it will die.

At least, people without a gun can maintain their lives, whoever takes the gun will quickly die.

Taking advantage of this effort, Qin Chao has crossed the more than ten-meter distance and lightly fell on the rooftop of another building.

These thugs were dumbfounded, they couldn’t believe someone could jump such a distance.

Qin Chao stood on the edge of the building, smiling and waving to the villains opposite of him.

“Come on, don’t you want to snatch this little girl? Come on, grab her!”

“You asshole….” Liao Shasha heard the expression from Qin Chao, felt like a cheap commodity, her small hand pinched Qin Chao’s waist.

But this man’s skin is thick, and his waist is like a bar of iron, making her unable to pinch, however hard she tried until finally her hand ached because of this effort.

“He’s here, blocks him!” At this time, the people that were waiting downstairs immediately climbed the tall building where Qin Chao stood at. Each and every one of them climbed to the top of the building to block him.

But they only blocked the entrance to the platform and did not dare to come forward to provoke this death star.

“Any further delay, the police will come.” Someone finally said.

“Fuck, we’ll just stake it all!” They aren’t afraid the police will come because their employers have bribed the leader of the police. Even if they get arrested, their crimes, at most, will just be disturbing the peace and will be free after only ten days in detention.

Therefore, they can be so unscrupulous like this, brazenly attack people in the middle of the street in the afternoon.

“Stop struggling!” A somewhat clever villain tried to play psychological trick to Qin Chao, “You have no way to escape. We still have several brothers with guns. When they come, you’re a dead man!”

With that, his expression turned 180 degrees, and said, “But if you’re willing to hand over Liao Shasha, our brothers can leave you a way out of here.”

When he spoke, there were some movements behind these several villains. At this point, through one of the bad guy’s shirt button, Liao Dongkai was looking at the camera, watching this scene.

“Director Liao, it appears that Qin Chao has been backed into a corner.” The sunglasses man in a black suit next to him, respectfully said, “Do you want our people to get involve and save big miss?”

“No need.” Liao Dongkai looked very indifferent, waved his hand, “I want to see, in such a situation, what decision will he make.”

Liao Dongkai was already shocked by Qin Chao many times today. Initially, he just wanted to test how skillful Qin Chao is. Who knew, he suddenly found out many of Qin Chao’s astonishing abilities.

Firearms expert, fighting expert, and even a body which impervious to the sword! How could Su Family train such a terrifying bodyguard? If they only produced one, then it’s fine. But if it’s eight or ten….

It looks like he must pay close attention to this Su Family. Initially, the Su Family was not even entered his eyes, as long as he Liao Dongkai waves his hand, he could destroy them. When this Qin Chao appeared, the Su Family, all of a sudden, became mysterious.

Even he Liao Dongkai doesn’t have such a master while the Su Family actually have one, making Liao Dongkai can’t help but think deep. Thinking of this, his eyes involuntary locked onto the camera above.

“Hehe.” Qin Chao pulled out a cigarette, slowly lit it, and smiled as he said, “This idea is very attractive. Unfortunately, I am now Liao Shasha’s bodyguard; Want me to surrender her? Over my dead body.”

Hearing him saying these, Liao Shasha suddenly turned very excited, tightening her arms around his neck. Liao Shasha knew that, with Qin Chao’s ability, he would not be afraid of her father’s retaliation if he gave her to them. Telling such words indicated that he indeed takes her very seriously.

Actually, this girl thinks too much. The reason why Qin Chao is so dedicated to protecting her was that he wanted to help Su Fei to complete the deal. If he abandons this mission, he will have little value in Su Family. Su Xianqin will then have little reason to tolerate his relationship with Su Ji.

“You’re quite unyielding.” The thug laughed, “But don’t you see? You have nowhere to go! Surrender Liao Shasha, is your only way out.”

“Is it?” Qin Chao smiled twice, smoked, and slowly walked to the edge of the building, all the while still smiling to these villains, “Are you really sure?”

“You? What are you going to do!” That thug, vaguely aware the intention of Qin Chao, suddenly jumped out of his skin.

“Want to catch me? Follow me then!” Qin Chao chuckled, holding Liao Shasha and, with a whistling sound, their bodies suddenly jumped out into the air together.

“Fuck me!” These miscreants were scared shitless, thinking, ‘This man is crazy! He actually wants to commit suicide with his employer?’

Liao Dongkai, seeing this scene through the camera, directly bounced up from his chair, which almost made him got a heart attack, and roared, slapping the table.

“Qin Chao, if you kill my daughter, I fucking kill you and your family!”

Just then, the camera suddenly moved forward, those villains went over the edge, looking down. Liao Dongkai was suddenly shocked, through the camera he saw, Qin Chao with Liao Shasha in his arms, were going madly downward along the side of the multi-storey building.

When he got to the bottom, his knees bent and, after falling from this high rise building, firmly stood up above the ground. The building slightly shivered, the camera also shook. It seemed like the landing of Qin Chao created such a big impact on the ground around him.

When Qin Chao stood from the ground and ran off once again, on the place where he landed just a moment ago, impressively appeared a crater. The area around it was covered with cracks.

“Su Fei, Su Fei….” Liao Dongkai couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “The bodyguard that you gave me, what exactly is he….”
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