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My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 107 Meet With Cow Girl Again

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“Hey, quickly take a look here, isn’t that Liao Shasha!?”

“Heaven, my eyes didn’t deceive me right!? The skipping-classes’ King has finally attended a class!”

“She’s probably bored at home and came here looking for fun and entertainment.”

The daughter of Liao Dongkai, in Dongchuan City, no matter where, is incredibly sensational. In particular, that white BMW M5 stopped directly in front of the school gate. Moreover, the other side was always accompanied by the black trench-coat-wearer, attention-stealing bodyguard.

Although this is an elite school, only this baby daughter of Liao Dongkai, who can freely come accompanied by bodyguards.

“Leading the bodyguard to school, what’s so good about that!” Some students secretly whispered, “Was it not just because of family money? Really pretentious.”

Those baseless rumors of the surrounding student finally entered Liao Shasha’s ears. This somewhat pale-faced little girl immediately got angry, clutching her small fist, her whole body continued to tremble.

Qin Chao shook his head, if he were the previous Qin Chao, he also would think that Liao Shasha was just being pretentious. But after having saved Su Fei and Su Ji so many times, he knew the sorrow of Liao Shasha being born in such a family.

If she was born in an ordinary family, she might grow up cheerful and very happy.

Having thought of this, Qin Chao stretched out a hand and gently placed it on Liao Shasha’s slightly trembled shoulder.

“Don’t listen to them, they don’t know you. Shasha, you’re actually quite good.” Qin Chao only said such simple words of encouragement, but Liao Shasha stared at him in surprised, as if this was the first time she met with him.

“I actually hear you speak something logical for once!”

“Mm, Shasha, you’re actually pretty good.” Qin Chao’s mouth twitched, and continued to calmly say, “Except for the wayward, barbaric, and the chest and buttocks that are pretty small, the rest are fairly good.”

“Qin Chao!” Liao Shasha roared, “Is this lady still has human appearance!?”

“Yes, the most important thing is, you don’t have the human appearance!”

“Qin Chao! I’m going to fight you!”

Thus, in this Tianhua elite school, occurred a strange scene. Liao Shasha, holding her book bag, hit on the waist of her bodyguard; Her small fists continued to punch.

But in the end, Liao Shasha’s small fists were red and sore from those blows..

“You guy, are you made from iron?” Liao Shasha really didn’t know how to deal with Qin Chao. Although he’s her bodyguard, he’s not just some ordinary bodyguard. Liao Shasha always felt that this guy was probably sent by the devil from Hell, specifically to torture her.

Liao Shasha’s face was flushed with anger. She was looking around in all directions, to see if she can find anyone who can kill this fellow Qin Chao to end her problem once and for all.

Unfortunately, in this playground, there’s not even a single fallen leaf, making Liao Shasha can only fantasize to shot this arrogant guy in the chest to death.

“Shasha? You actually come to school?”

At this time, a crisp female voice suddenly sounded. Wu Xin, carrying her bag, wearing Tianhua uniform, stood animatedly beside the two people. She looked at Liao Shasha with an inconceivable look.

Qin Chao was surprised to found out that these two girls are classmates. But when he looked at both of them, although both are students of Tianhua, one of them has the chest that can be landed by an aircraft, the other one has mammoth mountain range. Such a disparity. Could it be Wu Xin grew up drinking X milk powder?

Liao Shasha rolled her eyes, pinched her waist, and somewhat discontentedly said, “If I Liao Shasha want to come, I will come, if I want to leave, I will leave.”

“Yes, yes, of course!” Wu Xin didn’t angry. She tossed her ponytail and nodded as she said, “But you shouldn’t bring a bodyguard here. It will bring bad influence.”

“Do you think I want to bring him here!?” Liao Shasha was furious as if she couldn’t contain her anger anymore. She pointed to Qin Chao, and angrily said, “This guy makes me sick. If you want, I’ll give you this bodyguard!”

“I also want this big breasted girl here.” Qin Chao helplessly shrugged, “but you have to ask for Director Liao’s permission first.”

At this time, Wu Xin saw the nearby bodyguard’s look and noticed that the Qin Chao that she met with yesterday has appeared in her life once again. She thought, ‘Is this fate?’

“This lady’s chest, is it really small?” Liao Shasha was enraged, feeling all her future anger have been shifted upfront here.

“You? Do you even have breast?” There was a faint smile on Qin Chao’s expression, showing his joking intention.

“You’re the one who don’t have chest!” Liao Shasha’s anger made her a bit muddled and shouted words without selecting it first.

“Correct, I have no chest, the same as you!” Qin Chao nodded his head and said with satisfaction.

“You….you….I’ll fight with you….”

“Come on. Human should experience wrestling several times!”

The two people noisily quarreled, while Wu Xin gladly watched from the side. Her plump chest was quivering back and forth, looking straight at Qin Chao.

‘His grandma, she worthily to be called a “cow,” this is the real chest! Even Su Ji can’t compare with her.’ Qin Chao thought.

“Wu Xin, you two actually know each other?” Qin Chao put the little girl to the side, letting her feet constantly kicking his legs, while he casually talked to Wu Xin as if nothing happened.

“M, we are both third-year student class one.”

“Third year?” Qin Chao was somewhat unable to believe, “This little girl, how could she be a third-year student!? I thought that she’s just a first year student.”

“Nonsense!” Liao Shasha immediately protested, “I am seventeen years old now, how could I be a first-year student!”

“How could you be a third year student?” Qin Chao righteously said with a stern tone as he gesticulated his hand in front of his chest, “A third-year student would be, at least, this big! Look at you. You look more like a middle schooler, if not, I’d consider you have a stunted development!”

“Qin Chao, you’re here to protect me, or to make me mad to death!” The little girl acted like crazy, she stood on the playground, calling and shouting.

Qin Chao raised his hands to cover his ears and continued to talk to Wu Xin.

“A coincidence, I didn’t think you two are actually classmates.”

“M, indeed it’s a coincidence.” Wu Xin looked at Qin Chao with eyes that were full of curiosity, “But I really didn’t expect that you would be Liao Shasha’s bodyguard.”

“For my livelihood.” Qin Chae seemed especially helpless, “I can only submit under Liao Shasha’s despotic power.”

“Qin Chao! Since when did you submit under my despotic power!” Liao Shasha immediately rushed up, grabbed Qin Chao’s sleeve, and bit his arm.

Qin Chao looked relax. With his outstretched arm, he let Liao Shasha bit his arm whatever way she wanted as if the arm was not his.

“Qin Chao….” Liao Shasha’s teeth ache. With tears streaming down her eyes, she brightly looked at Qin Chao, “Are you sure you’re not the future Terminator that was sent to assassinate me?”

“Terminator is but a machine while this father still has his sexuality.”

“Bah! Rogue!” Liao Shasha spat while Wu Xin’s face went red.

After having a one-night stand last night, Qin Chao’s speech was getting more casual and loose. Without knowing it, he has advanced one step in the path of devil cultivation.

The upright sect is about restraint and content. But the devil path is about indulgence and following one’s desire. If a devil path cultivator restrains his emotion, he will not have any big advancement in his cultivation.

From the day he killed Fang Hua, to last night when he slept with Yu Lu, Qin Chao’s state of mind has been walking step by step following the right path of a devil cultivator.

“That….Shasha, come on, we should attend the class.”

“Attend the class? This is interesting!” Qin Chao actually showed greater interest in this compared to Liao Shasha. Back then when he was in high school, he usually passed the time in the class by secretly reading a novel, without paying attention to his teacher’s words. After becoming a cultivator, his mind has improved a lot. Before, many things he can’t understand, so he simply didn’t listen. But he can understand it now, so perhaps he would be willing to listen.

Seeing the look of excitement and anticipation on Qin Chao’s face, Liao Shasha made a face.

“If you like to read this much, I’ll go home and play my X-Box.”

“Little girl, sitting at home, playing games every day, what’s the use!?” Qin Chao, like a hen grabbing her chick, easily pulled Liao Shasha, despite the latter’s protest, along with Wu Xin toward the classroom.

“Liao Shasha attend the class!”

“Heaven, I am not wrong am I? That’s Liao Shasha!”

Sure enough, just as Liao Shasha thought, as soon as she entered the classroom, surprised sounds were buzzing around the classroom. To save her face, when they enter the school building, Qin Chao put down this little girl, letting her walked by herself beside him.

“See, every time I come, they always act this way.” Knowing that the other student were talking about her, Liao Shasha snappily looked at Qin Chao, as if she wanted to said to him that he forced her to come to school, only to hear these words that she didn’t want to hear.

“It’s okay, Shasha, don’t listen to them.” Contrary to the other students, Wu Xin didn’t feel jealous of Liao Shasha. Instead, she actually thought that Liao Shasha is kind of lonely. She pulled Liao Shasha and sat on their seat.

As for Qin Chao, he didn’t care how the students look at him. He put on his sunglasses, put on a cool look, and stood against the wall facing the front from the back of the class.

When the school bell rang, a female teacher ran in a hurry. She looked up and saw Qin Chao on the back row, and immediately had a scare.

“Sir, I’m sorry, this is a classroom. An unauthorized person, please leave.”

That 20 years old female teacher, with a freckled nose and soft voice, said to Qin Chao.

“Report to teacher!” A seemingly fat class leader girl immediately stood up and said with a somewhat masculine and feminine voice, “He is Liao Shasha’s bodyguard!”

“Liao Shasha?” That female teacher seemed confused, but she suddenly saw the little girl sitting on her seat, and suddenly nodded, “So it is. Well then, let’s start the class.”

After knowing his identity, the teacher didn’t force him to leave anymore, making Qin Chao a bit surprised, thinking, ‘My goodness, looks like Liao Dongkai’s influence has penetrated into this school.’

He didn’t know that Liao Dongkai was one of the shareholders of this Tianhua elite school.

“Napoleon was a brilliant military strategist, he shocked the whole Europe….” The female teacher, according to the teaching material that she had carefully prepared, started to teach the French history lesson.

This female teacher seemed like a fresh graduate. She spoke jerkily about the content of this lesson. Qin Chao, in the back of the classroom, after listening for quite a while, has become drowsy, much less the other student.

“Teacher!” A small hand suddenly held up, breaking the class’ drowsy situation, “I would like to ask, why did Napoleon and his first wife were divorced?”

Qin Chao came back to live and took a look, ‘my goodness, this prickly fellow is actually Liao Shasha!’
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