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“Hehe, you guy still want to implicate me on this!” Rosy rolled her eyes, “You just cultivated Diamond Sutra. That and Nine Secret Sutra both have Yang and Hard as their element. Last night when you succeed in cultivating the small achievement in Diamond Sutra, the Yang qi in your body reached its max, if you don’t offset it with Yin qi, you will eventually end up bursting and die.”

“What?” Qin Chao looked in horror. Thinking that his rashly cultivated Diamond Sutra turned out to have a terrible consequence.

“However, your Yang qi was too strong, and very dangerous toward a woman. The Yin and Yang have mutual attraction, so, you last night, toward a woman, was like a powerful intoxicant. No woman can resist your attraction, including me, Rosy.”

“But then, fortunately, I am a devil woman. Regarding irresistible attraction like this, it’s included in my required course. Therefore, I barely managed to escape from here.”

“You knew Yu Lu was about to come, so you just walked away right?” Qin Chao asked, making Rosy immediately became somewhat panic and stuttered.

“What, what nonsense was that? How could I know that Yu Lu, Yu Lu was about to arrived!? I am a devil, not a prophet that can predict the future.”

With that, Rosy’s expression became irritated, and said to Qin Chao, “You guy, later on, don’t just casually cultivate any shady cultivation method that you got your hands on! Humph!”

Her voice fell, the female devil turned into smoke and left again.

Although Rosy’s gone, she left Qin Chao with Yin and Yang theory, making Qin Chao’s guilt toward Su Ji reduced several points. ‘It seems like I can’t just recklessly cultivate this cultivation technique.’ He thought.

‘But, last night, can’t it also be regarded as a blessing in disguise for me?’

In front of Liao family Mansion, Liao Shasha seemed reluctant, standing there with pursed mouth. To Qin Chao, the school uniform that she wore was very familiar, because it is the same as that cow girl Wu Xin’s uniform. It turned out they both went to the same school, Tianhua Aristocratic School.

If this were the usual Qin Chao, he would certainly start to fantasize about how he would be near that great chest cow girl everyday. But this time, he was somewhat awkward. Because this moistened dew beauty, Yu Lu, stood next to them, whispering to Liao Shasha about things like she must pay attention to the school.

“I know, sister Lulu, hearing your words already made my ear grew calluses!” Liao Shasha was impatient. Instead, she saw her sister Yu Lu with interest.

“Sister Lulu, I discovered that today, you are more beautiful than ever! Did you use a new skin care product? Give me your recommendation will you?

“….” Yu Lu’s exposed cheeks went crimson, and was suddenly speecless.

Standing next to them, Qin Chao immediately coughed twice and said.

“Brat, some skin care products are only for adult. To a kid like you, the stimulation is too big.

“Cut!” Liao Shasha expressed her disapproval, “You smelly man, since when did you understand about skin products!”

Liao Shash didn’t understand, but Yu Lu actually knew. Several times she secretly glared at Qin Chao, thinking, ‘How could this man act improperly like this? He actually dares to joke like that in front of big Miss.’

“Qin Chao, don’t be ridiculous.” Yu Lu said, putting the earpiece and intercom in Qin Chao’s hand, “Take this with you and wear it, so that we can contact you. Remember, don’t even take a step away from big miss, and be sure to take a good care of her safety.”

“Everywhere?” Qin Chao’s eyes went wide, “Even if she go to the bathroom? Or, what if I want to go to the bathroom?”

Liao Shasha was indignant, unceasingly punched and kicked Qin Chao. But Qin Chao just stood there, folding his arms, immovable as a mountain. He has cultivated Diamond Sutra, so, his body was as hard as a rock now. After a few punches, Liao Shasha’s hand shook in pain.

“If big miss goes to the bathroom, you must guard at the entrance.” Yu Lu rolled her eyes and said, “If you go to the bathroom, you must always open your radio. If big miss has anything to shout to you, you must, at the earliest possible time, rushed to her.”

“This will not be a problem.” Qin Chao suddenly saw a trace of self-satisfaction in Liao Shasha’s eyes, making him immediately understood this little girl’s mind. He touched his nose and smiled as he said, “But I don’t want to hear some crying wolf story. Otherwise, hehe….”

This smile from Qin Chao inadvertently brought out a murderous aura. Thinking about ways to discipline Liao Shasha, Qin Chao’s whole body immediately went cold. Those ideas also vanished into thin air. ‘Forget it. I can’t use these methods.’ He thought. If she really was in danger, Qin Chao didn’t believe it would trouble him.

Seeing that the little girl seemed to give up her ideas, Qin Chao nodded with satisfaction.

“Enough, if you continue to be long-winded, you’re going to be late.” Yu Lu turned around and, from the side table, picked up a folded black trench coat, then gently shook it for Qin Chao to put on.

“Thanks for your cloth. Outside is quite cold. Wear this so you won’t catch cold.”

“Look at how gentle is my sister Lulu!” Liao Shasha fiercely said to Qin Chao, “I’m telling you, I have no problem when you bully me, but if you bully my sister Lulu, I’ll fight with you!”

Qin Chao was greatly embarrassed, thinking, ‘I already bully your sister Lulu, from the top the bottom!’

Yu Lu was also bashful, standing next to them with red face, without saying any word, and can only stare at Qin Chao.

At this time, Qin Chao’s cellphone rang. When he picked up to take a look, it was his boss and sister-in-law, Su Fei.

“Boss Su, why are you calling me so early in the morning? Are you inviting me for a breakfast?”

“If you can get to the airport in ten minutes, I’ll treat you breakfast.” Su Fei’s soft but prickly voice resounded in the cell phone, “I’m calling you to tell you that Director Liao has signed the contract with me. These two months, you must work hard under Director Liao in there, don’t lose the face of Su family.”

Immediately after that, with a snap, the phone has been hung up.

Qin Chao has endless emotion, thinking, ‘In here, I did work Yu Lu hard’….However, those words can only be swallowed back to the stomach. If he said these words, some women would make him die miserably.

Liao Family Mansion underground parking lot was filled with Liao Dongkai’c collection of luxury cars. Various BMW, Lamborghini, Ferarri’s brand were seen by Qin Chao here.

The scale of the rich man’s collection is decidedly different. If Qin Chao wants to have the same hobby, at most, he can just collect some model cars. Other people were luckier, able to collect the real cars.

“Uncle, can you drive or not?” Liao Shasha indignantly carried her own bag, asked. While her heart cursed, ‘Death Qin Chao, smelly Qin Chao, he didn’t even help carry this lady’s bag! Not a real man.’

“Yes, I’ve driven a Mercedes.”

“Em, sister Yu Lu said we must go out in low key. Start that BMW M5. Hurry up. You urged me to go to school, but if this lady is late, you’re dead.”

Qin Chao was helpless, thinking ‘you consider the 2 million BMW M5 low key? Damn, can this father be also considered low key?’

The keys were hung on the door of these vehicles, so it was convenient. Qin Chao opened the lock himself and sat in the driver’s seat.

Ah, the seat, the steering wheel, the GPS were all uncommon. No wonder people want to drive fancy cars. The feeling is the same when one have a beautiful wife.

Not only it can comfort one’s physical and psychological well-being, but one can also hold it with one’s hands.

“Hey, you guy! Don’t you know that you have to open the door for a beauty!” Liao Shasha angrily stomped her feet outside the car.

“Don’t you have a long hand? Open it yourself!” Regardless of the little girl’s protest, Qin Chao hit the ignition and started the car.

“You, you’re not a man!”

This was the first time Liao Shasha received this treatment. She was angered to spit blood. When she went out of the house, the bodyguard always opened the door for her.

“Hurry up, I am a man or not, is not you to decide.” Qin Chao thought, ‘Your sister Lulu has the final say in this matter,’ “Do yourself a favor, you have ample cloth and well fed.”

“Humph!” Liao Shasha was fuming with rage. She opened the door, threw the bag in the car, and indignantly let herself in.

“Sit down, I’m going to drive.” Qin Chao didn’t care the young lady’s temper. He turned on the GPS and located the Tianhua school, then stepped on the gas. This BMW M5 was like a beast, it immediately rushed out of the parking lot.

“Hey, hey, hey! Soft down!” Liao Shasha was scared, clinging to the front seat and cried.

“Soft down?” Qin Chao couldn’t help have some evil thoughts.

“No! Slow down! Slow down! Do you think you’re driving a plane?”

“No kidding!” Qin Chao slowed down his speed and quickly rushed out of the opened House gate, “Aircraft speed is much faster than that!”

“Qin Chao! I fight with you!”

“Come one! At worst, we’re just going to perish together!”

“Huhuhuhu, I was wrong, please slow down. I don’t want to get killed!”

“That’s not good. It’s still not reach 200 mph. This white BMW can still go faster than this!”

“You want to speed up to 200 mph? Forgive me, OK. I was wrong.”

“Then let me hear you call me ‘Qin Chao gege.’”


“OK then! Shenzhou 7* ready, full speed ahead!” (* Chinese rocket program)

“Huhuhuh, you’re a bad guy….”

“I’m a bad guy? Can you see that big curve ahead? Come, let this big brother show you how to drift at full speed!”

“Huhuhu, I was wrong, Qin Chao gege. I already call you Qin Chao gege, ok!”

“Not bad, not bad….However, you should trust my driving skill!”

“Qin Chao, you bastard! You break your promise!”

“I never say to you I’ll slow down if you call me Qin Chao gege, idiot!” Qin Chao laughed, shifting the manual gear to the full, step on the gas, and did a really beautiful drift,

“Qin Chao! You’re a jerk!”

“Hey! There’s an S-curve in the front!”

“Huhuhu, I was wrong, Qin Chao gege, you drive slowly okay?”

“Call me like that again?”

“Qin Chao gege, Qin Chao gege, Qin Chao gege!”

“Ok, looking at your sincere attitude, I listen to you.” The speed of the BMW M5 has finally slowed down, from a ferocious beast to a gentle lamb.

The little girl was in tears. Her small heart has too much shock.

Qin Chao snickered, thinking, ‘Humph, humph, little girl, you want to fight with me? You’re too inexperienced. Hehe, Liao Shasha, oh, Liao Shasha, you fell into my hand, watch how gege teach you to behave!’

If Liao Dongkai knew what Qin Chao was thinking right now, perhaps he would turn his opinion,he wouldn’t want to hire Qin Chao as a bodyguard, he would, instead, want kill him.

“Qin….Qin Chao gege….”

“What’s wrong?” Qin Chao thought, ‘Want to admit defeat aren’t you? Are you afraid now? Now you know how powerful Qin Chao is.’

“You, you let me drive the car okay? I suddenly want to perish together with you.”

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