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Once Human, Now a Parasite 448 Chapter 398 : SS-ranked

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At dawn, the three met in front of the inn, ready to start investigating. Since they only had one clue, they decided to go to the Mission Board, which is where the Adventurers take missions. 

First, though, they have to go to the Guild to check their rank. Only high-ranked adventurers can take difficult missions, nevertheless, none of them was worried that they get a low-rank, after all, their stats were outrageous.

"Aghhh I'm really not used to this peaceful place."

The Joker whined as he walked and stretched his numb limbs. He was used to constant battles and he rarely slept in a calm and non-threatening place. The lunatic glanced at the youth clad in armor and asked

"Is that armor your lover or what? I've never seen you without it."

All he got in response was a cold snort from Leiu, who didn't bother explaining himself. Arthur was also a bit curious about that too as the pale-faced youth always wears that armor, whether he's eating or reading. The only thing that's missing is the helmet, which was stored in another place ever since they entered this town.

"Hey did you hear about the new adventurers?"

"Yes, I heard there are three SS-ranked adventurers that appeared here yesterday."

People were whispering to each other about the arrival of three powerful adventurers. 

"I thought that Bela denied those claims."

"Pfft she's just jealous because she's just S-ranked."

The Joker listened to them while gloating over the fact that he became SS-ranked. It's a fresh experience for an eccentric person like him.

"I guess our ranks have been decided."

Unimpressed, Arthur nodded his head and said

"It appears so."

The lady from yesterday slightly bowed her head seeing the three enter the building. As instructed, she was about to go and call over the Guild Master but the three vanished right after taking the special SS-ranked badges.

The Mission Board was just outside the Guild, so, after receiving those useless badges, the three went to check the board, searching for any mission that mentions a church.

There was only one S-ranked mission, few were A-ranked, and the rest were shabby and a waste of time for the trio. Fortunately, not many adventurers were standing in front of the Mission Board so they didn't have to wait in line or anything like that.

However, as Claud always said, bad fortune always follows Arthur. Coupled with the not-so-great luck of the other two, it's to be expected that trouble would come knocking on their door sooner than later.

Contrary to Leiu and Arthur, who wanted to avoid problems and get on with this matter quickly, the Joker was quite a playful fellow who always welcomed challenges.

"Hey, are you the three newcomers?"

A sexy-looking woman with long red hair and a fiery gaze walked up to them. She wore a long dark red robe and wore four shiny rings and a big pendant that emanated a bit of Mana.

Arthur and the youth chose to back away and ignore her but the Joker reacted differently, he looked at the incoming woman and grinned.

"Wassup beauty."

As she saw this tall and strangely-clothed man talk informally like that, she frowned and stopped in her tracks.

"I asked you a question."

Some low-ranked adventurers recognized the woman and started whispering to each other, trying to guess what's going to happen.

"She's Bela, the S-ranked solo mage."

"I heard she's got a bad attitude."

Arthur listened to them and exchanged glances with Leiu, who rolled his eyes and muttered

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"Not as much as I do."-Arthur

Shamelessly, the Joker examined the woman from head to toe before excitedly whistling and saying

"Ya got some hot body, ma'am."

The woman's lips slightly shook, she glared at him and spoke with a shaky voice


Confused, the Trickster around then behind her before replying:

"I see no other ma'am. Oh! Perhaps you don't like to be called that? Aigooo"

He slapped comically slapped himself while correcting his previous words

"My bad my bad, little girl."

The woman was practically fuming now, she barely held herself back. While pointing at the three, she asked again

"I asked you if you're the newcomers."

The Joker stretched his hand and put down her raised index while saying

"Little girl, don't you know that it's disrespectful to point at others. Ah! I'm too old to teach manners to kids. I heard there's a nursery close by."

After looking at her up and down a second time, he added:

"Little girl, this old man is bored and has been itching for a fight. What say you? Wanna go at it?"

The woman angrily stomped the grand and left after saying a few last words

"The arena, thirty minutes."

In response, the Joker only laughed and waved his hand as a goodbye. His brazen behavior attracted the attention of many adventurers, who thought that he brought doom upon himself. Some of the more knowledgeable ones were able to guess his identity so they became eager to witness this fight.

A battle between an SS-ranked adventure and an S-ranked mage is not common, moreover, The Joker's fighting style is still unknown to everyone.

Even Arthur wanted to see that man's fighting style. He already fought him but he was consumed by rage and the fight didn't last for a long time. He just knows that he relies on his cards and has an incredibly Physique, the toughest, in fact.

"Are you sure you want to expose yourself?"

After they separated themselves from the crowd, Arthur asked the grinning Joker. In response, the man shrugged and gave an honest answer

"We're going to stay here for a short time so why not enjoy ourselves? What's better than fighting a powerful person?"

Thirty minutes later, the usually half-empty arena was full of people, both adventurers, and normal citizens. Arthur and Leiu seated themselves at the very front so get a better view.

The arena wasn't that large but it should be enough for the incoming fight. Both contestants stood thirty meters away from each other. The adventurer, Bela, was still incensed and wanted to beat some sense in this provocative man. 

As for her opponent, he comically bowed to the audience then faced the mage, who started preparing herself. 

two cards appeared on his hand, they shone with an ominous black light and a blinding red radiance before they mysteriously fused together.

'2♥ Heart's Haze! 3♣ Serpent Creed!'

A five of diamond card slightly bigger than a normal card appeared before the Joker.

'♦5 Magician's Hat'

The card transformed into a puff of smoke and was replaced with a strange black hat. The Joker elegantly held the hat and retrieved a weird white cane from god knows where.

The referee, who was watching this magic show, snapped out of his daze and dropped his raised hand, signaling the beginning of the fight. 

Bela, who was ready to bombard the Joker, was shocked to see feel nothing but air in her hand as her big magical staff vanished all of a sudden.

To be more precise, a pigeon came out of the black hat and instantly switched place with the staff in the opponent's hand. 

"Lemme see…"

The Joker examined the staff while ignoring the shocked gaze of both the audience and the mage. He tentatively waved the staff around, causing the ground to shake and several fireballs to materialize around him.

"Ugh it's a waste of time."

He pointed the staff at the speechless Bela, causing the fireballs to fly at her, ready to scorch her. Although she lost her weapon, she was still able to use her spells.

A barrier made of fire was raised from the ground, protecting her from the incoming fireballs, which literally turned into fireworks the moment they hit the barrier.

This further confused the audience, who didn't know what the hell was going on. Even with his previous knowledge and good senses, Arthur was still unable to understand what the Joker did.

He glanced at Leiu only to find the youth totally restless as if he was sitting on sharp spikes. 

"What's wrong?"

What Arthur was unaware of was that Leiu was a battle maniac, more than even the Joker himself. The Nameless Knight was a naturally born fighter, a killing machine, so, when faced with a mysterious yet powerful opponent, of course he'll want to fight him.

However, Arthur was different, he never found joy in fighting. Every time he fought, it's for a reason, and he never considered battling a fun 'hobby'.
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