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Ancient God and Alchemist 2 The Twins

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The woman who picked up the two children and made them her adopted son was named Huo Fu. The concubine to the King of the Xun Province, Xun Ru. She named the red-eyed twin Huo Changfeng and the blue-eyed twin Huo Yun.

The twins went everywhere together, but the problem was they were tested to have no Dantain so they were called trash. But even after that Huo Changfeng had an immense body strength that few could match and Huo Yun had the intelligence to be an advisor to the king. The king saw this and decided to keep these two for the next king to use. The other princes and princesses saw this as Huo Changfeng and Huo Yun was expendable and treated them like trash. Every day one of the 8 princes and 7 princesses would come and beat up one of them. But every time Huo Changfeng used his body to protect Huo Yun while Huo Yun tells Huo Changfeng through soul communication. Since the two were the same person they didn't need to even use Spiritual Communication to speak but could use Soul Intent. Both their eyes were filled with the same rage at the neglect everyone in the castle showed them. Due to the memories from an Ancient God and a peak cultivator of the Dao of Pills they also had their own arrogance, but they couldn't show it.

Everyone in the castle thought that the twins were useless and expandable but little did they know that Huo Changfeng and Huo Yun were not only the same person but they had memories two top beings in the universe. The memories of Tuo Sen and Daoist Pill.

He acted timidly was that they didn't want to expose himself, with his immense knowledge and current weak bodies both Huo Changfeng and Huo Yun used their first 15 years to build a perfect foundation to reach the top.

Huo Yun has the 218 Holy Points and the Heaven Defying Spirit Vien with the memories of Daoist Pill. Huo Changfeng has the Ancient God of the Origins royal bloodline with ability to cultivate the 6 Heaven's Stars the Tou(head) Star, Xiongbú(chest) star, Bi(arm) star, Shou(hands) star, Tui(leg) star, and Jiao(feet) star and has the memories of Tuo Sen. Inside their soul space, the Huo Yun has the Daoist Pill's Purity Spirit Flame and Divine Flame Cauldron while Huo Changfeng with has Tuo Sen's Ancestral Origin Sword.

Most of the time in the castle Huo Changfeng is on the ground cultivating his Heaven's stars and Origin Energy. He reached the Xiongbù star meaning he is on par with an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator. Only 1 person in the Xun Province can threaten him.

There are 3 ancient god clans the Ancient Gods of Life, Ancient Gods of Death, and Ancient God of the Origin. The Ancient God of the Origin was the original god clan who control the creation and destruction of the universe while the other two clans control the life and death of the organisms in the universe. Origin Energy was the energy these beings control with their 6 Heaven's Stars and this energy most prominently comes from planets and stars, since Huo Changfeng is too weak to go near stars right now he disappeared into the ground to start cultivating the Origin Energy of the planet, his Tou and Xiongbù Star rotated rapidly when he started cultivating the Origin Refining Star Technique from Tuo Sen's memory.

During these 15 years, Huo Yun hasn't cultivated because he wanted to make his foundation perfect, meaning his 218 Holy Points and Heaven Defying Spirit Viens, before starting to cultivate with Daoist Pills Cultivation Technique. The different cultivation levels are:

[First step]

1 (Qi Condensation)

2 (Foundation Establishment)

3 (Core Formation)

4 (Nascent Soul)

5 (Soul Formation)

6 (Soul Transformation)

7 (Ascendant)

[Second Step]

1 (Nirvana Scryer)

2 (Nirvana Cleanser)

3 (Nirvana Shatterer)

[Transitional Level]

4 Heaven's Blight

[Third Step]

1 (Nirvana Void)

2 (Spirit Void)

3 (Arcane Void)

4 (Void Tribulant)

5 (Golden Exalt)

6 (Empyrean Exalt)

7. (Ascendant Empyrean)

8 (Grand Empyrean)

[Transitional Level]

9 (Half Heaven Trampling)

[Fourth Step]

1 (Heaven Trampling)

Huo Yun used the Purity Spirit Flames and Divine Flame Cauldron and made the Divine Purity Foundation Pills. These pills do not require any materials but are made by using the purest Qi being compacted for a whole 48 hour straight without any impurities or else the whole process fails. Due to the Divine Cauldron, Purity Spirit Flame, and the purity of his Spiritual Power he had the ability to make it. Its ability to make the foundation of a cultivator is impeccable but the only problem is that the person taking the pill cannot have any cultivation or else they will die.

Before Huo Yun's split into two clones, he couldn't cultivate due to the Ancient God blood conflicting with the 218 Holy Points and Heaven Defying Spirit Viens so he wasn't born with a Dantain. But with the Ancient God portion gone into Huo Changfeng, Huo Yun could now use the Divine Star Devouvering Cultivation Technique and get the Heaven Devouvering Bloodline so he can gain a new Dantain. The cultivation technique allows him to devour bloodlines and take its traits and devour pills without any consequences to his cultivation. Other cultivators couldn't get too much outside help because it would affect the quality of their Qi but the Heaven Devouvering Cultivation Technique made sure that only the highest quality Qi was in the Dantain so no matter how many pills he ate it would stay pure. The most special thing about the cultivation technique is its ability to emulate the 6 Heaven's Stars and allow the cultivator to cultivate like an Ancient God but instead of Origin Energy, it is Divine Qi. After they cultivate every time they merge back together the 6 Heaven's Stars would be twice as powerful.

For the first time in his 15 years of life, Huo Yun sat on the ground and started the cultivation technique, almost immediately he saw Qi orbs floating in the air. The 218 Holy Points and the Spirit Vien made him a heaven-defying genius in cultivation so all he needed was this bloodline to help him grow a Dantain. The bloodline started growing from his body as the

Divine Qi streamed towards Huo Yun's spirit vein and 218 holy points. The Dantain which looked like a small ball started forming next to Huo Yun's heart and a star formed on his forehead as his Tou Star of Divine Qi started forming.

The entire castle felt a surge of Qi starting to leave and fly towards an unknown location, King Ru gathered the royal guard and started looking for what was causing the disturbance and was shocked when they felt it come from the crippled twin rooms.

Back at Huo Yun's room he finished cultivating and his cultivation was at Qi Condensation Stage 9 and his Dantain was fullied formed and a Tou Star of Divine Qi also appeared on his forehead. Huo Yun smiled as he was now formally a cultivator he gained a Bloodline and a Divine Qi Tou Star. Huo Changfeng appeared from the ground after finishing cultivating the Origin Energy and his Xiongbù Star upgraded to middle grade, Huo Yun knew a pill formula that could increase the rate of Origin Power Refining and they were about to leave the room to search for the ingredients when they suddenly heard a creak and the door to their room slammed open.
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