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Living Within a World of His Own Creation 4 The Dwarven Blacksmiths Come to Town

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News of Durge's discovery of the fresh deposit spread rapidly through Arves, which then made its way through many towns which finally led to the underground Dwarven Capital, Mendroes. This sparked the interest of a league of Dwarven smiths, who were itching to build their Legacy items. These were Dwarves who were quickly approaching their final days, and wanted something that proved that they had lived, an item that could endure millennia after they were gone. They were willing to even sell their entire fortunes just to get that chance. This was all according to Allisia's plan, which was to have a workforce of master smiths pumping out high quality weapons and equipment to the Elven soldiers.

Lugh slept for five days, just barely managing to survive with infusions of Aura from his father to replace the energy he required. When he finally woke he was met with a giant hug from his mother.

(Lugh POV)

Ugh, How long was I asleep?

<Five days>

Well at least I'm almost ready for solid food, did anything important happen?

<A large deposit of mithril and adamantite was found where your spell landed>

That's a pretty significant discovery, how did a mid scale spell like Lightning Strike unearth such a thing?

<The strength of that spell was 1000x more powerful than normal causing a massive explosion and destroying much of the surroundings>

Oh, well maybe I should put a halt to that kind of testing for now, small scale it is then. I can't even start again anyways, with how weakened I am. Seems like Father has been infusing Aura into me to try and help with my recovery. Good thing I learned a trick to restore Mana in a short time. Just use a bit of Aura and force some of the airborne Mana into my body. It's always a refreshing feeling, the surging of Mana into my emptied stores.

Ah, that pounding migraine is fading, and I can move my body a bit better. Well, I guess I'm going to be held by Mother like this for awhile. Wait, she's putting me back? Maybe there's some kind of emergency? Father is following close behind, there really is some kind of urgent matter. I'll use Aura Sight to spy a little and get some information. I can see, are those Dwarves? And there are quite a few of them. Oh, they're here for the ore, I can see why, their Auras are quite thin, they want to make Legacy Equipment. It's sad to see such proud craftsmen slowly fade from their original states. Well, I think I can see where this is going, Mother want to use their skills to make weapons and equipment in exchange for the use of the deposit. If I were an adolescent I would be able to make that kind of gear without issue, though I think that would hurt the Dwarves' pride. From what I can tell, almost no High Elf here is worthy enough to use equipment hand-made by a Dwarf Smith, especially ones who have been forging for centuries.

Well, if my family wants to put masterpieces in the hands of the unworthy, that's on them, not me. I can't be mad with them, it's not their fault that nobody properly taught any of the soldiers any skills. High Elves are widely known as the pinnacle of the Mage Races, so why would any of them know how to properly swing a sword.

(Throne Room POV)

"I've already spoken my terms, what conditions would you like to put forth?"

"I think I speak for all the Dwarves when I say we would like to examine a piece of ore from this new mine before we make any negotiations." A hoarse voice croaks from the lead Dwarf.

"That can easily be arranged. Allaster go and procure one of the samples we mined for this occasion." Allisia motions to a nearby servant

"Yes, Your Majesty" A butler quickly moves down the hall, coming back with a small cart of raw ore. He dumps the content in front of the group of Dwarves, awaiting their inspection.

The lead Dwarf slowly stands up and moves towards the pile, searching around for the highest quality piece he can find. Finally he grabs a hefty chunk and sniffs, waving his hands in front of his nose to better catch the scents. He stops smelling and starts examining with his eyes, taking out a jeweler's eyepiece for a closer inspection. His eyes grow wide, shocked at this hunk of ore.

"This is a piece of Special-Grade Adamantite, which could easily sell for a million gold coins, and considering its size, could be used for an entire suit of armor." He says, stricken.

"What's your name, Good Dwarf?"

"My name is Gildor, Your Majesty, and I'm the Head of the Dwarves here."

"So, your conditions?"

"Madam, if I may be so bold, we are reaching the end, all we can ask is that you give us proper recompense for our work."

"Don't worry, I'll see to it you get plenty of ore for your hard work and should any of you pass here, I shall personally pay whatever fees you might have, travel and funerary. You shall also be given proper quarters in the palace."

"Thank You, Your Majesty"

(End POV)

It looks like they're finishing up negotiations, and surprisingly, I can see the raw ore, which shouldn't be possible with Aura Sight since it can only perceive the Aura of a living thing. Maybe my Aura-enhanced Lightning deposited some Aura into the ore, changing it in some way. This is great news, that means I can forcefully upgrade the metals of this world. I don't think I can control what aspects I augment, but it's still good nevertheless.

I think that since it was Lightning, it probably increased either the conductivity of the metal or its resistance to electricity. That's my hypothesis anyway, I could be way off base. Again with these future experiments, it's kind of disheartening when I think about how long it will take before I can pick up a hammer again. Oh, they're coming back, I wonder what terms were laid out.

"Durge, Do you think I'm doing the right thing?"

"What do you mean?"

"While we could always use better equipment, asking these old Dwarves to supply an army? I don't think any amount of weapons could earn us back those ancient ruins. The sheer number of Val'tiir Giants is a problem even for you."

"Are you calling me weak, my little Bell-flower? Though I swore to not interfere with the Mundane, I could easily break my word, if it were for you."

"You know that the Alliance would hunt you down if you did that. I can't lose you, I couldn't bear to see you or our son killed for such a small matter."

"I'm already on thin ice for taking you as my wife, so what if I kill a few thousand aggressive Giants."

"Enough, I told you that we'll take care of it, just promise me if something happe-"

"It won't, and if something were to happen, even the Gods would not be able to stop me from taking revenge!"

"I love you too" They kissed, she must be reassuring him.

Well, things just got heavy, I suppose I should do something. Maybe if I act all cute it will get their minds off these matters. These are a lot of oppressive feelings to put out around an infant, especially one who knows exactly what is going on. Well, now I'm depressed, *Sigh* guess I'll just go to sleep, hopefully things will be more cheerful when I wake up.

(Let's hear from the Dwarves shall we?)

"Gildor, was it really alright to agree? What if she doesn't keep her word?"

"Listen lads, I understand your skepticism, but I know a good person when I see them. Though she's not telling the entire story, what she has told us is the truth. Besides, even if I were still in my prime, I'd take this deal. Know why?"

"No, We don't, what do you mean?"

"That ore is special, nothing like it anywhere else, it's not normal, the smell is different, more...potent. Plus, it has got some foreign power in it, like some new magic. There's someone real extraordinary in this place."

"You mean this ore is absolutely unique? As in perfect for making Legacies unique?"

"That's right, our Legacies couldn't be made with anything else. It's a perfect deal, we make some weapons and armor for the Elves, and make ourselves known to the entirety of Ulder as Grand Smiths." Gildor smirks, proud of his decision.

"OH!" The group cheers in unison.
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