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After talking with his son, Feng Bing Wen couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness mixed in with when he thought of how matured Feng Li Zian's way of thinking was but at the same time, it pained him to see his son be forced to grow up.

Knowing the guilt his son carried, his hands clenched tightly due to the anger he felt until his knuckles turned white and his nails pierce the soft flesh of his palm, drawing blood.

Feng Bing Wen was furious that someone had the gall to actually make a move on his family while both him and his father, Feng Guo Liang where out in the front lines, fighting the war with the army sent by the Cangdi Kingdom.

Sighing, he slowly loosened his grip and didn't even notice the blood that was trickling down his fingers because of his chaotic thoughts and just made his way back to his wife's room.

It was already late and only the guards he posted where near Feng Wan Ting's courtyard patrolling it and guarding her chambers.

Nodding his head to the guards he passed, Feng Bing Wen silently made his way inside Feng Wan Ting's room where he carefully sat down on thd bed, just beside her unconscious form.

Gently stroking her cheek, a bright streak of crimson was left on her pale and colorless cheeks that briefly jolted him from his thoughts.

The garish sight of blood against Feng Wan Ting's snowy white skin made Feng Bing Wen's hand tremble slightly before he snatched it bacl and hastily took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood away.

Due to his high level in cultivation, the moment Feng Bing Wen wiped his hands, not even a trace of his self-inflicted wounds were seen but still the blood on Feng Wan Ting's face remained.

It was like a harsh and brutal reminder of what happened during that fateful night to Feng Bing Wen.

With shaky hands, Feng Bing Wen gently brushed away the stray strands of hair that rested on Feng Wan Ting's face while simultaneously wiping the streak of blood away.

"Wan Ting..." Feng Bing Wen choked out, his body shaking with slight tremors as he bowed his head and grasped his wife's hand in both of his.

Shadows hid Feng Bing Wen's face but the crystalline tears glistened in the faint moonlight as they fell from his eyes.

"I don't know what to do..."

"I'm so sorry..."

His muffled sobbing could faintly be heard by the guards outside and even they felt their eyes sting and their hearts feel heavy when they think about what their master is going through.

The pain of seeing someone you care about look so close to death and lifeless can make any person break down and the guards knew how painful that is.

Even they had experienced the grief of losing family, friends and especially their comrade-in-arms but what they themselves hated was the feeling of that gnawing fear of losing someone and that strong feeling of being absolutely helpless and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

They knew and understood what's happening and the current situation that the Feng Family were facing.

For the Feng Family to experience and suffer such a calamity, there is only one person that would be capable of causing it without leaving any evidence that could potentially be traced back to him.

Feng Bing Wen knew this.

The guards and soldiers under the Feng Family knew this.

Heck, even the servants knew this.

There was only one person in the Chidi Kingdom that has enough power and influence to orchestrate this.

The Emperor.

The irony wasn't lost on the people within the Feng Family's circle.

They knew that this was to be expected since the Feng Family grew in power and influence too much and to fast.

It was not like they could help it but Feng Bing Wen's military achievements on top of his father, Feng Guo Liang's meritous and courageous acts in the battlefield before gave the Feng Family a well-loved reputation to the public while also giving rise to their influence in court in times of peace.

This was a matter that the emperor could simply not tolerate!

Meanwhile, in the far away territories of the Chidi Kingdom a huge encampment of soldiers and various personnels was set up just a where war was in full swing as the distant roar of a fierce battle could be heard, an old, yet distinguished and well-built man with greying hair and clad in an armor streaked with blood, stood within the largest tent that numerous soldiers enter and exit, making it obvious that this was the very tent that the army leader is currently in.

Amidst the tense rush of activities, one particular person stood out, looking exhausted and wearing a travel-worn cloak made his way across the military camp while a couple of soldiers recognized him and immediately got out of his way.

Soon, the man could be seen entering the large tent before the soldiers inside came out until only the newcomer and the army leader was left inside alone.
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