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Reborn as a GOD 22 Chapter 19: War

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POV: Ysion:

I watched as the members of the Immortal army flew away, moments later Azumah could be seen in the sky, my hand had already regenerated and all wounds closed.

"Found you! hehe~" (Azumah)

"sigh let's take this outside the planet, I don't want the mortals to get caught up in our fight." (Ysion)

"Hmmm, well I don't really mind as this whole Universe will soon be mine after our fight is over," he replied with a smile which made me want to punch his face, but I refrained from doing so.

I shot towards the sky with an incredible speed, moments later the darkness of space could be seen, Azumah soon followed after me, I could see thousands of Gods and Angels surrounding the Planet, The Immortal Army was also present, as soon as they confirmed that both me and Azumah had left the planet they started channeling their mana and willing toward the planets, it didn't take long for a transparent shield to appear surrounding the planet.

"Heeh~ I see, so shall we continue?" (Azumah) I nodded at him and almost immediately he vanished and reappeared behind me, I was already expecting him so I dodged his sword to the right, I shot a beam of raw mana towards his face, but he dodged it before he could move I shot another one and another one, I kept shooting at him, slowly drawing him away from the planet.

"Come on!! this Isn't really that fun! show me something new!" spoke Awumah, he soon dashed forward swinging his blade towards my neck, my sword materialized in my right hand and I used it to block the incoming attack only to get pushed a few miles away he instantly appeared and without giving me any chance started his series of attacks.

"COME ON!! NOT AGAIN STOOP JUST DEFENDING DAMN IT!!" He said before swinging another powerful slash from above my head, I once again stopped it but got pushed back, he then started gathering mana in both his hands.


A powerful clap resounded through the Universe and with it came darkness, as soon as he clapped darkness surrounded me I couldn't see anything anymore, the sun was no more the planet the stars, I reached my hand in front of but couldn't see it either, It reminded me of the darkness when I died in my first life.

Calm down, Calm down, this must one of his spells, think, think...wait that could work ok let's try it.

I tried feeling the mana surrounding me, it was still there good then it's gotta work.

One of the things I understood in my time as God was how the spells and mana worked, for Mortals they could use the surrounding mana and will it to do as they wish, It may sound simple at first but It's very hard, as they need to channel it through their bodies before releasing it once again, and so the hard part is to will mana through your body, for us Gods it's actually the same the only difference is that we can easily will it channel as much as we want without fearing for our bodies, the interesting part is when someone uses mana, it usually stays connected to his or her's body for example if a mage was to cast a fireball there is a connection between him and the mana, and if you can cut that connection the fireball will disappear, and that is what I'm trying to do right now.


We were all watching the fight between Master and Azumah, I could see that Master was trying to lead Azumah away from the planet, but I was still very uneasy, I wanted to be next to him and fight with him, I knew that I wasn't the only one who felt that way, I looked behind me and could see thousands of Gods and Angels with uneasy expressions, everyone was concerned for master's health.

The fight kept going until suddenly Master was pushed back and Azumah started gathering mana toward both his hands, the uneasy feeling in my heart kept growing.


A powerful clap was heard by everyone when suddenly Master disappeared leaving behind Azumah...

"F-father..." said Xulene while tears started falling from her eyes

"My Lord, No No NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!" Kyzdall shouted before bursting In an unimaginable speed toward Azumah.

"HE WILL PAY!! I DON'T CARE IF I DIE TODAY BUT HE IS GOING DOWN WITH ME!!!" Urnera soon followed after Kyzdall, the Main-Gods all followed Xulene still crying but her eyes burning with hate, I couldn't understand at the moment the sight of masters still in my eyes before disappearing, and I couldn't do anything about it, I could feel my eyes moistening before tears started flowing from my eyes.

I felt hate and anger I never felt before toward the monster who took away everything from me, I turned towards the Thousands of Gods and Angels and shouted.


"WAAAAAH" (Everyone)

I charged forward following me was the Gods and Angels, the Immortal Army was also attacking.

Kyzdall was already engaging the enemy and attacking him with his great sword, Urnera, Vuris, Fydur, and Xulene were supporting him launching all sorts of powerful elemental spells, Kieyr was also trying to attack Azumah from behind with his giant axe, Zodohr and Zuhnir were constantly moving around him while shooting light and drakeness magic, but he was easily defending all their attacks, Sthognul also arrived and tried attacking with his sword but to no avail, soon cuts started appearing on Kyzdall and Kieyr, I started supporting them by healing them and helping them channel even more mana, the other Gods and Angels also joined, some were attacking others supporting, but something was wrong...He...he was smiling....even with everyone attacking him at the same time he was still smiling like a mad man.

He then pushed Kyzdall with a powerful swing of his sword and was about to cut his head when Sthognul and Kieyr intervened but he missed the swing but still was able to cut Kyzdalls's left arm before turning towards them, he swung his hand down and a surge of mana rushed from it attacking the duo, they couldn't defend completely and were sent flying, I rushed towards them and started healing their wounds, Kyzdall was already up, his missing hand was slowly regenerating, a lot of Minor Gods were surrounding Azumah, attacking him from all sides but he easily defended against them.

I could see that we were going to lose we already lost a few hundreds of Gods and Angels to him two of the Main Gods were badly injured, Urnera couldn't take it anymore and flew towards him followed by Xulene.

"NO!!" I shouted trying to get them to back away, we can't win against him in a frontal assault but both Urnera and Xulene were Already there, he suddenly disappeared when they were about to reach him only to reappear behind them they turned around, I was already flying as fast as I can towards them, I only managed to barely push Xulene away when I felt a cold sensation in my chest I looked down to see his blade in my heart, Xulene looked at me with wind open eyes, she was clearly trying to say something but the words didn't come out I looked toward Urnera to see that she barely managed to avoid his second blade with a deep cut to her stomach but nothing too serious, I looked back at Xulene.

"W-why? WHY? WHY? WHY SAVE ME?!"(Xulene)

"Heh, I don't know but I guess I will be going first" I replied with a faint smile


I smiled at her once more and slowly felt my conscious fading away, my vision started to darken and the sound of battle felt so distant, a blinding light soon appeared but my I couldn't leave my eyes open anymore and I soon felt my conscious drifting away.

"I'm sorry, Master".
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