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Danny didn't understand.

"Well, what?" He asked, defensively. "She's the one who fell over."

Robin sighed, disapointedly. Not everyone could be like her older brother, after all.

"You don't know what you should be doing?" She prompted again.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" Danny replied. "Why should I do anything?"

Robin looked at him. "Must you do something wrong, in order to do something right?" She asked as she dried the girl's tears with her handkerchief. "Regardless of whether it was her fault, or yours, what do you think you should be doing for your younger sister? Can you really just stand by as she is troubled? Are you really her older brother?"

Robin's last question was accompanied by her frown. But, soon enough, she smiled slyly.

"Think about it. Depending on your answer, I may or may not decide to take her away to have as my own younger sister, instead. Come and speak with me, if you wish to give your answer."

"Wha-" Danny wanted to ask Robin what she meant, when Robin promptly ignored him, and turned towards the little girl.

"Little sister, what is your name?" She asked with a gentle smile.

"H-Helen." The girl replied.

"Well, little sister Helen, crying is such a tiring business, right? Why don't we leave your foolish brother behind and go get something sweet to drink?" Helen nodded, and smiled. Robin had guessed right that she had a sweet tooth.

Then Robin turned to the ladies, whose faces had turned red as they imagined themselves being in Helen's place.

"I'm sorry, ladies. But I must accompany my new little sister for tonight. I beg your pardon."

"No, no, that's fine. We are content just watching." Replied one lady, whose nose threatened to bleed. The other ladies nodded their heads as they settled down to watch the adorable display that was taking place between Robin and the young girl.

Danny stood there shocked, as Robin led the young girl away towards the sweets table. His little sister could be taken away? He didn't notice Robin glancing at his parents, Judge Grant and Lady Mena, and winking at them with a hushing motion. While they were concerned at the beginning, they realized what the Hero was trying to do, and nodded, agreeing to play along.

The surrounding noblemen also figured out what Robin was up to. She was trying to teach the young lad a lesson on cherishing family. They gathered around to watch the show.

Danny went back to his parents and asked. "Mother? Father? Can a younger sister be stolen away?"

"Stolen? Why do you ask?" Danny's mother questioned, in surprise.

"Because someone said that they were stealing Helen away to be their own little sister instead of mine!" Danny blurted out. "They can't do that, can they!?"

"Hmm. Well, it's uncommon, but you can't say there isn't a precedent for it. If a noble of higher rank should agree to adopt a noble of lower rank to become their relative, first there needs to be a good reason." Danny's father explained.

"A...good reason?" Danny's voice faltered.

"Yes. For instance, if the lower rank did something of vital importance to the higher rank, or if the lower rank experienced neglect from her family members." Danny's father explained. "Of course, that would never happen with our own family. After all, we have you, her older brother, to help us to look after her when we're busy, right?"

"R-right." Danny's head drooped, as he began to feel guilty, also aware of the many eyes that were on them right then.

"So? Who was it who wanted to take away our daughter to become their little sister?" Danny's mother asked.

"T-the Hero."

The two parents looked at each other, then nodded.

"The Hero!? The honest-to-goodness, evil-slaying, pastry-cooking, sword-wielding Hero?" Father exclaimed, looking excited.

"Oh my! If it's the Hero, then my little darling will surely be in good hands." Danny's mother nodded. "Just imagine, if we wanted to get her back, we'd have to fight the Hero over it! I can't imagine your father winning over the Hero's superior sword skills. It looks like Helen is going to become Hero Robin's little sister, after all..."

Danny's eyes were filling with tears. "W-what am I gonna do, mother?" He asked.

Danny's mother looked at him. "What do you mean, what are you going to do?"

"I don't want my little sister to become someone else's!" Danny exclaimed, red-faced. "Not even if it's the Hero!"

"Hmm..." Danny's father put on a pondering face.

"What is it, dear?" Danny's mother asked.

"There was one case, I recall, where the noble of higher rank was not able to adopt the one of lesser rank..." Danny's father said.

"Really!? What happened?" Danny saw a spark of hope in his father's words. "Why not?"

"Well, when the family of the one who would be adopted realized that they might lose her, they regretted what they had done, and apologized to her, promising to never again treat her badly. The young lady decided to forgive them. After all, she still dearly loved her family, despite the grief they had caused her. It was only because she had had no other choice that she had almost agreed to become the greater noble's younger sister."

"Then, all that I need to do is apologize?" Danny asked.

"Not so fast. Even after she decided to reject the great noble's offer, he retreated. But, he left a promise that, if ever the family were to mistreat the young lady again, he would be back again to take her away. In other words, they had to treat the young lady nicely forever after that, or else she might decide to leave." Danny's father interrrupted.

Danny's face fell a bit. He wasn't sure if he would be able to treat his sister nicely forever. ...But...but..he couldn't just stand there and let his sister get taken away! He marched over to where Robin had taken little Helen.

They had moved from the refreshments table to a seated area for tired dancers. Helen was beaming as brilliant as a princess, while Robin had her seated on the most comfortable chair piled with pillows and told her funny stories to make her laugh. Danny felt odd, seeing his sister so happy like that. Had he ever done anything to make her smile? It seemed like he had only done such things back when she was just a little baby.

He felt ashamed. he regretted not caring for her. Instead of pushing her away, he should have hugged her, to make sure that she didn't fall and get hurt. Hero Robin was right. But, Danny wasn't going to let him steal his sister away just because of that.

Helen grew quiet when she saw Danny nearby. She looked at him, wondering what he was going to do. Danny's face grew red.

"Why are you so quiet now?" Robin asked. Then she turned her head to see Danny standing there.

"Oh. It's you again." She sniffed disdainfully. "Well, kid? Do you know what you did wrong? You only have one chance to answer, or else I will be getting an adorable new sister."

Danny stood there for a moment, everyone's eyes were on him. He ducked his head.

"I-I was wrong. As the older brother, I'm supposed to protect and take good care of my sister. I'm supposed to make sure that she is happy, and keep her safe from harm. But, not only did I neglect to do that, I even refused to comfort her when she was hurt."

Danny looked up at Helen, as tears began to fall. "I-I have failed as an older brother. A-and I am really sorry!" He blustered out. "C-can you ever forgive me, little sister?"

Helen's eyes were wide in surprise. She had never seen her older brother like this before. Robin was silent for a moment as she stared long and hard at Danny. Then she turned to Helen. "Well? What do you think? Is his answer good enough?"

Helen was silent for a long moment. But, then she got up out of the soft pillows and stood up from her chair. She walked over to Danny, and took out her handkerchief.

"Don't cry, Danny. I forgive you!" She said. Then she walked over to Robin and curtseyed to the best of her abilities.

"Thank you very much, Hero Robin. But, I think my older brother, Danny, needs me more than you do." Robin smiled and patted the top of Helen's head.

"A pity. I've never had a little sister before." Then Robin stood up and gave Helen a bow.

"Thank you, my little lady, for being my little sister for this evening."

Helen smiled with a blush, and ran back to her older brother Danny.

Robin looked at Danny, with a frown. "Young man, you better take good care of your sister. If you don't then I'll never forgive you!"

Danny was surprised, but he nodded his head solemnly. "I definitely will, Hero Robin!" He said, finally breaking out into a wonderful smile.

Robin nodded. "It's a promise, then."

At this, the entire room burst out in applause as the red-faced siblings ran off through the crowds back to their parents.
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