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Mike was enjoying his rest when he felt something tickling his nose. Instinctively, Mike reached out to swat at it in his sleep and he grabbed onto whatever it was to move it from his face.

When he heard a deep moan and a few gasps, he could feel his bed moving around and people bumping into him.

Opening his eyes to see the five of them equally sharing a portion of his bed, Mike was a little disappointed that he had missed out on all the fun. Then, Mike looked over to the still moaning March.

Mike had March's Tail in his hand and she was bright red and grinding her back against his chest. She had drawn the short straw, to sit next to him rather than sleeping on the bed. But she herself had fallen asleep and her tail drifted into Mike's face while she was resting.

She was not unhappy at the turn of events, all the girls had been looking for a way to get his attention and now he was grabbing. Grabbing her tail.

The looks of jealousy on the faces of the others left Mike bewildered, then he let go of her tail and all of them sighed. Not a single one of them got up from where they were, and each of them crept closer to Mike as he laid in bed motionless.

'why me?' Mike signed inwardly.

He would have gotten up if not for the raging hard-on that would expose itself if he chose to get up. Mike had never woken up with 5 girls in his bed, and all of them were not bad looking. Their complexion and figures had gotten much better after meeting him.

Mike tried to budge, but the grins on the girls faces left him with a teasing sensation. Mike couldn't help but break the tension by talking.

"I'm not gonna lie, its pretty nice having 10 breasts rub against me." Mike couldn't figure out why he had said what he did, but the growing sensation in his pants made him feel a lot better about it.

Noticing the change in Mike's expression, the girls all smiled in relief and started to undress. Mike couldn't understand what had come over them in the first place, but he was really enjoying the scenery.

Rissa was the first to slip under the bedsheets and Mike found her quickly undoing his pants.

He wasn't afraid of what would happen next, he was more unsure as to his stamina levels.

'One girl, Aces. Two Girls, Aces. Three Girls, Traces... Four girls... Five.' Mike's train of thought disappeared with the blood that was suppose to go to his brain being sucked to his midsection.

Mike couldn't help but groan himself, It had been over two months for him. There was no way his date would be waiting for him still after even a few weeks of lost contact, Mike's guilt was non-existent.

Jodi got up and locked the door, she wasn't letting Mike get away before she was done with him.

One by one, their lips met his. Their gentle caresses and writhing grinds showed that they were all eager to be taken down. Mike was sprawled out on the bed, a tail in each hand.

When Mona mounted him for the first time, he could notice the difference immediately between humans and Poocha. the feeling of her tail as it swept across his balls made it hard for him to resist the climax.

Mike held his spirits and turned her around against the bed.

The girls laughed and licked at his chest while he thrust Mona face first into the bed frame. When he could feel a sudden pressure coming from inside of her, he pulled away and grabbed onto Jodi.

Jodi had been watching as Mike pushed Mona against the bed frame while licking her lips. She was ready to taste the same feeling. Mike picked her up and put her legs around his waist to sit on the side of the bed.

When the others saw what he had done, they were all jumping with excitement. Mona was still pulsing and playing with herself.

March wasn't going to play last, she took Mike's hand into her vagina and humped at his arm while nibbling on his neck.

Cara and Rissa were watching playfully as they kissed each other in front of Mike to tease him further.

Rissa and Cara both nodded and came up behind Mike. He might be taking their sister secretary in front of them, but they didn't have to wait in line.

Watching him thrust into Jodi was really turning them on, Jodi was cumming again and again. Mike looked like he could explode at any moment. Cara and Rissa had been with men in the past, But none of them seemed to have an appetite beyond the simple. Mike however, had surprised them all with his stamina, including himself.

When Cara and Rissa saw an opening, the pulled Mike away and into their mouths. When Cara and Rissa were trading turns cranking his shaft, Mike had an epiphany. He had to try to remember, but he wasn't going to lose his focus on the moment.

Picking Rissa up and tossing her to the bed, he planted her face in Mona's Vagina and spread her legs. Rissa was not unhappy at all. She could still taste his cock in her mouth and soon, she could feel the heat radiating from Mona.

Rissa was pounded again and again. Mike held her hips to keep her for bouncing too much as she sent her tongue into Mona and shook it gently before curling it in a slurping motion.

Mike's thrusting was starting to slow, he could feel himself losing control and about to burst.

Cara was unwilling to not have a turn at the theatrics. Pulling Mike from Rissa's hip and jumping onto mike with her legs wrapped around him, she caught him off balance and soon found herself pinned against a wall. Mike kissed her on the lips, sending his cock further into her as he pushed her up the wall.

The other girls weren't upset in the slightest, It was Cara that was one of the first to mention a scheme to get things rolling. What was more surprising was her ability to wait for that long.

Mike came to climax and Cara could feel it rising. pulling herself from his body she got her sisters to come and share in the end. Mike stared at the tongues wrapping themselves around his dick and didn't know where things had taken this road.

He was extremely grateful to whatever butterfly flapped its wings.

Mike lost all reason and nearly lost the ability to stand upright while the five tongues found themselves covered in cum. Watching them clean it up till there was nothing left made him feel even more ecstasy.

"That was incredible." Mike fell backward into the bed and the girls all came up to his body to bask in their triumph.

"Now, now we can relax." Cara saw the still throbbing cock of Mike and put it back inside of her, milking it for everything it had.

About an hour later they left the room and went for something to eat. They found a nice restaurant and ordered the special. It was some fish and vegetables that didn't look too inviting but were suppose to have revitalizing effects. Mike was skeptical, but he was feeling a bit drained.

Electrolytes were not exactly labeled in this world. Mike drank down his tea and then remembered a few things that were going through what little of his mind that was working a bit ago.

"YES!~" Mike shouted.

"Its a bit late for that statement" Mona giggled, setting off a chain reaction with the others.

Mike got up, Kissed each one of them lightly.

"No, I figured it out." Mike started to explain.

"I figured out what to do about my TRUCK!"

"If I cast the Centrifugal force spell on my flywheel, That'll get my truck back on the road." Mike immediately understood the irony in his own statement.

There was no road.


Mike was enamored with the idea that he could get his truck back on the road, and without fuel. But he just had to mention the road.. or lack thereof.

"Why don't you just make the truck fly?" March had a good question.

"Flying Truck? Wouldn't that mean I'd need to have my ability going the entire time its moving?" Mike started to respond to her question, gently.

"I think If its something big it takes more energy, It would be better If i just cast the flying magic on myself and stored the truck in the ring."

"Although, If I drove it on the ground where there's no road.. I'm probably going to break my truck." Mike made even more points clear to himself. Flying truck or Driving truck, its going to get damaged if its used on this world.

"I love this truck though... " Mike really wanted to have something to do besides work all day, and he did want to go home sometime.

Mike dissolved his need for fuel and driving his truck. The only roads around were rocky, at best. Even carts were regularly broken during travel, which is why more of the Poocha Merchants were carrying spacial devices. Not only would it ease the burden of theft, Putting things away also removed the weight involved in transporting. When Mike puts the truck into the ring, It doesn't feel like he carrying the truck.

Mike knew what to do. If he couldn't have the truck to run, he'd have a radio.

"Well, I've been trying to figure out what to do about Gas for a while. The Prince hasn't gotten back to me on the drilling progress, but I'm sure it will come around one day. When there is enough oil, we can produce some petrol if it comes to it." Mike stroked his truck like a lover getting ready to go off to war.

"Ole babe, I'll get you outta this ring and back on the road sometime soon.. okay" closing the tailgate and checking the inside of the cab for anything he could use, Mike found a condom, and a screwdriver.

"At least you know how to get screwed." Mike laughed to himself as he talked dirty to his truck for a bit.

Pulling the door panels off, Mike took out the speakers and a bit of the excess wire. He then went for the radio. It was nothing fancy, 2 speakers and power. Getting it running outside of the Truck would be a problem, however Mike had a solution.

He took the alternator off and left the belt on the truck. The alternator would rotate and keep the radio working, at least until it burned out.


Mike closed the doors and rolled up the windows on the truck before putting it back into the ring for safe keeping.

Standing in front of a workbench, the girls watched Mike play with some colored wires and connect them to the shiny pulley. When Mike cast a centrifugal force spell on the alternator pulley itself, the radio showed a power on light. When he stopped the spell, the radio went completely dead and then he realized he needed the battery. After retrieving it Mike connected the battery in succession and felt satisfied enough for the moment. It wasn't until he put all of the parts into a box that he felt safer about it.

Mike didn't expect to make a big wooden radio. His ingenuity aside, the girls didn't quite understand what he was doing. They had heard the radio come on in the truck, but they didn't make the connection that it could be removed. Connecting his Mp3 player to the tape deck Mike felt like the 1990s had come back for just a moment and turned the music on. It was Tui Dub by Salmonella Dub, a mellow tone that entranced the girls with its melody.

The things mike kept showing them made them feel warm all over. He had blown their minds on occasion, they were satisfied that they had been given a chance to blow his for once.

The girls danced and swayed to the music and when it came to an end they all walked up and kissed Mike on the cheek or face, or lips.

"Um, Thank you." Mike blushed slightly and turned the radio off. He put it away and the group made the trip to the market. After sex and a song, dinner is nice. Mike found a place that had meat on a stick, all the girls were content with a meat choice. The fish earlier wasn't quite enough to fill their appetites.

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