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Greensong was partly helping the herbs growing at such a rapid pace. Greensong's ability to promote the growth of the plants around it made Mike very happy about the future of his other-world Cannabis Industry. It might not be something he needed anymore, but Mike had spent the better part of his experiences in both worlds trying to perfect his knowledge and execution of growing Cannabis.

Mike's body had recovered, The only use Cannabis held for him was its Alchemical Value. As an ingredient it would probably be a huge change to the way things worked in the world.

Greensong could literally feel the draining power in the area rushing toward the mother plants.

Mike had been wondered what was making the plants grow so fast. When he finally put two and two together, he realized that Greensong was likely to blame for most of the abnormalities in the plants in the Throne Room.

He wondered if he could put the Alter itself into his storage. Before, he had only felt it was possible now that Greensong was not being suppressed by it. He thought he could free up some space on the cavern floor and that the alter could always be placed somewhere else if it could be moved.

Mike put his hands toward the alter to envelope it with his titan's sense.

The Alter didn't budge.

He tried pushing, It was also in vein.

"I wonder what else I can do down here.." Mike thought about the structural integrity of the underground, and then he thought about how long it had been down below the castle and city.

'They hadn't noticed? It would be unlikely' Mike did some more thinking before he finally decided it was a good idea to keep his prospective on what he was going to be doing in the future.

'I should check the Castle basement for entrances.' Mike instructed Greensong to stay out of the Grow when he wasn't present.

Whenever Greensong went close to a plant, it would grow intensely.

Mike was able to watch one of his seedlings grow to maturity in a matter of minutes while Greensong orbited it briefly. The growth rate didn't seem to advance the plants height, it was more or less arrested immediately when Greensong got close enough. Watching the surrounding plants lean toward Greensong when he would make its orbit was a rather odd occurrence, but Mike had to have a better understanding of what was going on.

Mike hadn't been taking a dab to calm himself, his mind had gotten to the point where he could do the things he needed to regardless of the things that lingered In his memories. With so many more accounts and memories manifested in his mind, the events that plagued Mike before now just seemed like distant fragments of another life.

He had Greensong pull away from his mother plant when the pistils were just right and stored the plant in his ring.

He would just leave it there until he needed fresh material for alchemy. It was time he started to actually practice it rather than just reading and theorizing. His entire being had taken a sharp change. Mike wanted to start taking steps toward a larger goal, with his new power he definitely had the opportunity.

Magicians and Warriors made up a vast portion of the fighting force in the world. Mike wasn't particularly weak now that he had undergone such a dramatic change. He was a little afraid that if he stood up for himself before that he would just be a victim. When he got his Frost Cannon, things changed a bit, and now nothing was the same as it had been.

The Dragoons, The Girls, The Casino and The City would all continue on without him for at least a while.

Mike knew that changes were coming and he was happy to see them. What he really didn't like was walking away and leaving his work for someone else to claim as their own.

Before Mike was ready to leave, he would have to plan for the Girls to take over this City entirely. He was okay with giving it to them, Mike didn't want to watch them get robbed for it either. It would have to be something comprehensive, at least that's what Mike kept saying to himself.


Mike was still in the Throne Room going over what to do when he heard the trap door slamming shut and a few giggles.

Vella had snuck into tunnel to duck the Casino guests and Pilor had followed her. Mike could see them stumbling and laughing. It was fun to watch, like seeing drunken party hoppers.

"Are you two alright?" Mike called out to Vella.

"S-Shh!" Vella nearly tripped, made a cute high pitched squeal and then shushed herself.

"Mike, Why don't you want me..." Vella threw herself onto Mike's shoulders when he got into range.

She was drunk on something. Mike could smell the alcohol, the smell wasn't excessive but she was still pretty drunk.

'Dammit Vella, and here I thought you were coming down here for some play time.' Mike felt a little disappointed, he was looking for a reason to get the girls together again. He wasn't sure he wanted to try out the new recruits, or even attempt to. Mike's harem had grown from 5 to 6.. but when he went through the titan's change the girls had hired a few dozen girls after, not all of them were unmarried or single.

It was widely unclear to him whether it was even appropriate to go looking for his harem now that they had their own lives.

'Is it better if I just wait?' Mike thought a little more but decided against it, he would give it just a little more time before he asked directly what they wanted.

"I do want you, but not when you're drunk." Mike drew a line on his moral boundaries and laid her onto the bed.

Pilor looked around and stared at the Thrones in amazement.

"What is this place? Has it always been down here?"

She had never been down into the tunnel, she didn't even know it existed.

Mike responded but he wasn't sure if she could be trusted.

"This place predates your written history books by thousands of years." He felt it sounded more intense that way. Mike's simple sentence was more than she expected originally and then he kept speaking.

"This is the chamber of the Titans. If you speak of it to anyone, Vella will kill you herself. I'm not a murderer, but there are things in here you shouldn't have seen. I'm explaining now because it is, well.. its nicer than just killing you. Now isn't it?"

"I was a Human but, I was also a Titan." Mike wanted to explain but when he looked at her he immediately stopped.

Her face turned to the side and traced his gaze downward to her body.

"What? Is there something on my face?" Mike asked while trying to play off his staring.

Pilor had stopped talking entirely, knelt down and started to undress a little bit.

"Okay, please explain... .." Mike tried to tell her to stop but she didn't seem interested in listening at first.

"Titans" Pilor spoke gently as she started to take his pants from his waist.

Mike was happy that she understood how to arouse him, but how much could she exactly know.

"Ahem..." Mike cleared his throat a bit trying to finish his sentence. She really wanted to know about Titans.

'Okay,' Mike thought.

"Yes, this is the Titan's Throne Room." When the words left Mike's mouth, Pilor's face slammed against the base of his trunk even harder.

Mike lost a lot of his concentration and froze. He was trying to explain something to her, but she was non-responsive. His Charm Ability hadn't been to blame for this one.

"Whoa! Stop." Mike grabbed her face and knelt in front of her.

"What are you doing. Pilor!" Mike slapped her face to get her attention back.

'It didn't work.' Mike looked around and didn't see Greensong.


Mike grabbed her face and kissed her.

It was not something she expected. Her face quickly changed its expression and she could feel the pain on her forehead.

"Get off of me" Pilor pushed at Mike a bit but didn't back out of his arms, Pilor hadn't been held like that by anyone else and Mike had done it a second time now.

"Oh! You're finally out of it huh. I was sure I was going to have to knock you and and put you beside Vella." Mike was pretty amazed that things like this happened.

He got to kiss the snake girl, it was equally fascinating for him to think about how she mated.

He couldn't help it and just asked. "Do your kind fertilize the egg inside, or outside of the body?"

The sides of her face glowed a hint of coloration and she was about to answer. Vella began stirring on the bed and stripping herself of clothing. Mike had been through this himself in the past. He helped her take off what was constrictive and laid her naked under a sheet. It was pretty cute watching her tail tap against her face after Mike remembered where it had been recently.

Mike was turned on, it was hard not to be. Vella was attractive and Pilor was no less attractive than any of the other girls. Mike told her that she could stay in the Throne Room for the night, but she must still never speak of it to anyone.

Pilor still wanted to talk about the Titans but Mike's question about the eggs had left her wanting to try. She laid down beside Vella and ignored her impulses to slap her body against his.

"Please tell me what you know of Titan's. It would be nice to know what knowledge the World has on them" Mike let his blood pressure fall rapidly below his waist and got a clearer mindset.

"Titan's are the peak of all existence. No one challenges them, No one lived to tell that they did either." Pilor had a few more things to say but she turned to Mike and started to remove her clothing again.

"I have a few questions, but your eyes seem to be on my body. Do you want it? If you're a Titan.. you can have it..." Pilor pulled her belt from her waist and tossed it onto Vella.

"I don't know if she'll be waking up." Pilor walked on her knees across the bed to straddle Mike. She could feel the ridges on his member as she strummed across it and into his lap.

"Oh..." Pilor wasn't shy. She grabbed it and couldn't close her hand.

Mike gulped a bit, He was fantasizing about it earlier when she was just beginning to suck on it, but now that it was happening while she was fully awake he felt a little bad for the rest of his harem. Whatever the reason, he still liked the group sex more than he originally thought he would.

Pilor took off the remainder of her clothing piece by piece. Remarkably, most of them landed directly onto her companion. Vella looked like she was out for the count.

Pilor watched as Mike drew closer to her body. He tore the remainder of her undergarments from her body and ran his fingers across her scales.

'..tup,tup,tup.tptptpt' sounding like a zipper, Mike's fingertips soon found the reverse scale on her chest and between her thighs. Her body was shaped a little differently than Mike had imagined, but it looked like sex was possible.

Mike noticed her body arc against his and shake the bed.

It turned him on but he couldn't understand why.

Her body crashed against his a few more times and then she began to vibrate. Then he knew why, It reminded him of Vella's Tail.

Mike took it as a sign and spread her long legs. She could see what he was planning to do, and it didn't seem to alarm her. As Mike entered her, she could feel the rippling of her scales with each thrust.

A violent song of fornication soon filled the tunnel, throne room and echoed repeatedly.

So much so that Vella soon woke up, equally turned on and unable to resist the pull. Vella tossed away the clothes that had been thrown onto her while she was sleeping and came up behind Mike.

Vella wasn't afraid of what might come. She was looking forward to it.

Mike could feel her tail wrapping around his chest, when her breasts came into contact wish his back he thrust even harder into Pilor. Pilor's Tail was not like Vella's, but it had its own rhythm. The Vibrations kept the pair entertained while they swapped positions occasionally.

'I wonder how the others are doing?' Mike's stray thought caught Vella's eyes.

"Get back in the moment." Vella slapped Mike in the face and caught his attention again.

"OH.... we're doing that now huh..." Mike rolled over and pulled himself out of Vella and slapped it against her face a few times before he went back to letting her have his way with him.

"Two can play at this game." Pilor's Tail came crashing out of nowhere and slapped between Vella's legs and Mike's abdomen.

The sensation turned Pilor's thrashing motion into her own private ecstasy, Pilor began to climax and Mike watched as Vella joined her.

The Moans were enough for Greensong to finally come out.

"Well, it seem some things don't change after all" Greensong's voice rang out in the cavern.

The irritation in the voice of Greensong was apparent but Mike didn't quite understand the significance.

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