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Texan In Another World 15 RNG: Texan In Another World - V2.2 - A Rock and a Hard Place

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It had been more than a week since Mike and the girls had left Poocha Castle and the Lab. Mike woke up early, the others were still sleeping off last nights acrobatics. Kicking the plug to Hot Tub again, Mike could see the backyard soaked. Turning to the left, he could see the neighbors. It wasn't too much a problem, Mike wasn't afraid of his body. He was the only human in the world, It was a bit lonely if he thought about it that way but Mike didn't care about appearances, He never did.

Mike stared at the yard and wondered what he could, When he finally put his mind to work he pulled out the Mud Crystal and started to channel. After a while the ground began to bubble and shift. Mike could see the yard shaking and the burps of mud bubbles let him know that something was indeed working. About 15 minutes later, Mike was getting tired of not seeing anything more, so he started to pull the power back on the crystal. He didn't want to release more mud.


The Mud bubbles expanded and collapsed before exploding entirely. Mud flew against the house, into the shop and across the street or over the wall.

"Dammit!" Mike put the crystal away and looked at the hole.

The mud explosion had cleared away a large portion of the yard. A pit remained and in the center of it all was a rock, long since buried. Mike walked up to the rock and tried to put it into his storage but he was having some trouble, It was resisting.

Confused, he put his hand on it to feel its surface and brace himself in the mud. His boots were dragging a few extra pounds of slop and the yard was in shambles. Putting his hand on to the rock he could feel a faint trace of energy. Mike poured some energy into the rock to see if it was some magical tool. If it was buried in the center of a yard, it probably had some usefulness.

Mike was growing accustomed to dealing with the inexplicable and strange things that kept rushing into his new found reality. The moment his spiritual senses passed into the rock, mike wanted to withdrawal it.

"No.. No.. No.. No.. No..."

"No Fucking Way!"

Mike scrambled from the pit as fast as he could and rushed inside. The moment his foot his the floorboards of the house a fierce explosion came from the yard. In the center of the yard was a new pit and at the center of it was a girl licking her eyes. Stretching out her arms first, another set of appendages slowly pulled away from her body.

Her tits bounced a bit when she knelt down. With a single push, she flew into the air and threw her hands and feet out. Mike was having a hard time not looking, she was beautiful but like before with the flower, Mike knew that beauty was a dangerous thing in this world. Before he could really get his thoughts in order Mike had already pulled out the homemade Frost Cannon.

"Girls! Wake up! NOW!!" Mike yelled out in a panic.

A Crash hit the backdoor and blew it from its hinges. Mike stood in the stairwell, staring into the crimson eyes of the woman in front of him. Her wings flapped again and cleared the room of dust, debris, and smoke.

"Master." Kneeling down, the Naked winged girl surprised everyone. The Girls had only rushed out of the doorway when they saw the destruction of the house.

Mike was really at a loss, just a second ago he was feeling like he was about to die.

'What is this?' he thought to himself.

"Rise, Tell me your name." Mike wasn't going to be a fool, being this things boss was a lot better than being its play thing.

"I am Vella, The Second.." The winged woman stood up and fluids dripped off every surface on her body.

"Get something for her to wear." Mona sent March to grab some clothes and in a few moment she returned with a robe and something to clean herself up with.

Mike had just about enough of the confusion and forced out the question everyone wanted to know. "What are you and what is it that you want?"

He had more questions but they would have to wait, with his priorities in order Mike's question nearly crushed the Winged woman's spirits.

"It is me, My love. What I want is our second change!" Vella spoke up like it was a certainty.

'Cough Cough Cough' Mike choked up.

"What did you say?" As if he couldn't hear, Mike finally mustered the words out of his dry mouth.

"It was your power that awoke me, and only my beloved could wake me." Vella flipped her hands over and then raised them to take a better look.

"I do not look the same?" Vella grabbed one of the wings on her back and shieked.

She spun in a circle and a long whip like tail followed her movements. When she finally figured out that she couldn't catch them, she noticed the tail and latched on. Trying to take a bite out it, she was surprised to find that it hurt.

"That's your tail." Mike just about fell over laughing at the hysterics happening in front of him.

"You shouldn't eat your own tail.. " Rissa was holding her hands tight and reminisced for a moment before getting her mind back in the situation.

It was apparent that Rissa had once been a tail chaser when she was younger and had some resentment toward her own behaviors. The tip of her tail had gone bald for a while and it really embarrassed her. Chasing it was one thing, but she kept biting and pulling at its hair.

"Huh? My tail?" Lost, Vella stopped and squeezed it gently. A moan came over her and she shoved it into her mouth.

"Girls. Lets get her something to eat, maybe that will be better. Cara cooked a bunch of meat last night so we should have plenty leftover." It was Mona's turn to wear the spacial ring, flipping her hand out a 'still hot' piece of roasted meat was brought in front of Vella's nose.

Vella was enamored by the smells that drifted into her nostrils and lunged at the meat. Dropping her tail by instinct and biting into the meat instead, she had a much better look on her face.

"BWHAT ICH THISSh" With a mouth full of meat, Vella could only speak in between gaps of her chewing sessions.

"Meat. Tastes better than your tail huh." March started to wipe the the sludge from Vella's body.

"It tastes better, sure.. but it doesn't feel as good." Vella left some strange thoughts in the minds of others, the way she was sucking in her tail left everyone a bit at a loss and in an awkward moment.

Mike cut the tension by grabbing the water crystal and walking outside to refill the tub. The yard was ruined, he'd have to start again later on. But right now he had something else that needed to be done.

"Come on over here." Mike channeled the Water Crystal and filled the tub until the leftover water from last time had rinsed out, flooding the backyard again before he plugged the side. In a moment he had already gotten the water temperature back up to a cozy 102.

"Get in, you're filthy. We have a lot of clean up to do afterward, so lets get you cleaned up already."

"Girls, don't bother changing into something nice afterward. I'm going to need your help cleaning up this mud." Mike knew it wasn't all his fault, so he didn't feel bad in enlisting their help to clean up the sludge.

Vella looked at the steaming bathtub of hot water. She really wanted to get in. When she got in however, she noticed that it was very cold. Shivering, she cried out. "Its sooooooooo cold."

Her teeth were chattering. Mike couldn't make heads or tails of it, so he rose the temperature until she said it was nice. The water was almost at a boil.

"Do you really need the water to be this hot?" Mike was not going to be able to help her in the bath, and neither would the girls. It was scalding to the touch.

She looked at mike and replied rather coquettishly. "You should come in lover, the water is just right."

Mike was feeling like this was a nightmarish dream.

Speaking softly to himself, Mike is soon aroused "A beautiful woman in a steamy bubbly hot tub.. calm down Mike, she looks like a demon and the water is boiling"

Mike really tried to calm himself but soon he found his foot trying to enter the bubbling cauldron like tub. Mike went through hell before with some of the choices he had made in the past, but a charm spell or pheromone compulsion; whatever the case was, it had taken hold of him. The irresistible pull and urge to fall into the arms of the woman had mike under its influence.

Stripping his clothes, the girls all did the same. There was no way that Mike would do this without them. However, When mikes toes hit the water.. he pulled back and his hard on had disappeared.

"Fuck that." Tossing a rag to her and putting his clothes back on, Mike stopped the girls.

After getting his legs back into his pants, mike walked over to the side of the boiling tub. "We can wash you from out here, but if we go in there we'll be hurt in no time."

Vella was about to blow a blood vessel, she was sure that her charms would affect anyone and anything. In her previous incarnations she had been the plague of men, carnal indulgences were a past time that she never missed out on. Yet, now. Here in this moment, she had been rejected and even managed to derail her own attempts at pleasure.

'!TCH' Clicking her tongue Vella acted like a Diva and tried to re-charm the group but Mike was the alpha. The girls did what they could to help remove the sludge from Vella's wings and tail. When they touched it another moan came out from Vella's mouth her tail became rigid.

Mike could sort of sense that Vella was getting aroused by people touching her tail and he went up to take a better look. Tracing it from tip to anus, he watched Vella's back arch and knew it was indeed the case.

"Vella, tell me about my past life.. the one you say you know me from." Mike was curious, it couldn't hurt to ask. or so he thought.

Vella turned and placed her breasts on top of the railing, spreading her wings and sprawling out in the tub. "Well, after we collapsed the world in on itself and came to this new one we were attacked for our power."

Vella licked her lips and stared at Mike's crotch with intent. "We raised a clan.. you were taller last time. The clan was wiped out, we lost a major battle against .."

Vella grabbed her head.

"Larro, that bastard. He stabbed me in the back." Reaching to a non-existent wound on her back, Vella winced as she remembered.

"Who was Larro" Mike felt like he'd have to ask if he wanted an answer, In a way he was right. It was obvious that Vella didn't want to think about it and that she had some resentment when she did.

"Larro. That sack of bones is probably long dead. He was your right hand man." Vella was not letting up on her narrative that Mike was somehow a part of hers.

There wasn't any reason to hold back, especially if she was thinking that hot water was cold. Mike thought about her reaction if he blasted the Ice cannon and froze the pool in place. He didn't want to hurt the woman, but the more she spoke the more he was worried that she would drag him into some mind-game or death trap that might not even be of her design. He had to take charge of her completely, he had to be a 'Dom'.

"I am the master, right. so that means you have to listen. No more killing, no more raising a clan. If you want to leave, that's your choice and I forbid you to involve us if you do. We like being together, and doing what we already do. If you want to be included in what we do, you have to change the way you see things." Mike started to lecture but cut himself off when he saw the colors of Vella's eyes change.

"Which way should I see?" Vella stopped on light blue, the color of Mike's shirt.

"Is this better." she asked and then stuck her tongue out.

"That's it. Keep that attitude, but make sure you don't harm anyone. Its important. Its the rule." Mike was happy to see her being playful and sarcastic. It meant that she wouldn't immediately drive him to lose his hair.

"Why can't I?" As if to question everything he had just said Vella let out another short reply.

"because we want to see other people that 'Don't' want to kill us'. If you attack someone, or cause a problem that hurts someone, others will not make life easy. You said it yourself, someone stabbed you in the back.. don't you feel a lesson in there somewhere?" Mike thought he had a good response but it only made Vella angry.

"Don't take his side!" she smashed her fist against the side of the tub and it came apart.

The rush of boiling water across the yard knocked everyone on their backs and wasn't fun at all. The entire group was now covered in hot mud. The water temperature had dropped a little but, but it was still really hot water. The girls shrieked and scrambled out of the water and Mike was yelling obscenities while jumping out of the mud and back onto the porch.

Vella was still laying naked in the mud, filthier than ever when she started to cry.

"I'm SOOOOORRRRY! I'M SORRY-Y-Y-Y!" As she poke each word she was pulsating and heaving in sorrow, it was heart wrenching and she was balling her eyes out. Mike pulled the water crystal out and lit his fingers into a wave of fire to pass the water through as he sprayed her off on the porch.

The steam had made everyone's hair mat down, but Vella was finally clean. Drying her off, the girls got her into some clothes and cut some holes in the back of a shirt for her wings. The girls already had some pants that would at least fit on her, when she was finally dressed it was hard to say that she didn't at least look the part.

As pleased as mike was to see her with clothes on, he and everyone else were filthy and the yard was in chaos.

"Why don't you all go get acquainted with her while I clean this up." Mike kissed the girls and went outside.

The yard had never seen a worse day in its history, Mike saw a few pieces of the rock laying around and collected them. They had some strange writing on them, If they wanted more information on Vella they would need a clue.

Mike worked hard on clearing the mud off the tub and re-engineering it to flood outside of the city wall. The Mud crystal came in handy when clearing the mud that had splattered everywhere, it gathered the mud nicely as long as he had something to put it into.

Mike picked a few low spots outside on the wall to use the mud as mortar while he stacked rocks. He had considered the sap, but if insects liked it a lot then his wall would fall apart. The wall wasn't very high and mike wanted some privacy. By the end of the day, most of the rocks that were in the yard now lined it and the wall was a few feet higher to block the view of his neighbors and the Bar.

"Okay." Mike let out a long sigh and rinsed himself off before walking inside.

"I'm going to get into the bath, Its back together and its almost dinner time." Mike was hungry, the girls had snacked on food while they were talking to Vella.

Mike felt a little ignored and started to fill the tub, before he could enter the girls had already started wrapping their hands around his waist and the clothes he was wearing were soon torn away. They pushed mike into the water and tumbled in alongside him.

The water was cold and screams of excitement and playfulness soon filled the yard.

"Can we keep her! please!!!!!" One by one the girls plead with Mike to allow Vella to stay with them, Mike was already not going to send her off into the public. He had found her in a rock, buried. That sort of isolation, if she was aware, would drive her insane.

"I don't see a problem with it....." Mike's mind slipped away as the blood flow to his brain was quickly pulled away. The feeling of rubbing came from behind and Vella had come into the tub. mike finished filling it up and turned around. His naked body stoked against hers and she started to shutter gently, using her hands to slip across his chest Vella licked his nipple and brought his body closer to hers.

"I told you, Lover... you're my master." Mike could feel her tail wrapping around his body and they sank into the water and were soon braced against the side of the tub, Mike really wanted to show her that he could be dominant.. but then more hands came from behind, followed by groping. The girls had a plan, and Mike would just have to endure.

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