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The Incubus System 10 Chapter 10. Stink Stench

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The Incubus System chapter 10. Stink Stench

I sat in the fast train to Nighthallow City. My heart is still beating fast. Feelings of guilt enveloped me after what I did to Emma.

'Dammit! What I've done? How could I did that shameful thing to her? Am I that low?'

But I can't denied, although there is a feeling of guilt in me, I can't help myself to feel happy about what happened. After all, this was the first time I could talk to Emma and look at her that close.

My train stopped and the announcement was heard.

* Ding Dong *

"Attention please, we have arrived at Nighthallow City."

I got out of the train and walked out of the station. I remembered there was a cellphone store nearby.

After today's incident, I decided to immediately buy a new cellphone and register a virtual account since I don't know when this system will ask me to do other perverted things. Rather than doing other embarrassing quest like before, I'd better take the punishment and sell myself at Ledred.



[Name: Damian Lucio] [Age: 18]

[Level 3] [Exp: 13.56%]

[Race: Demon-Incubus] [Title: Breast Squeezer] [HP: 210/220] [DP: 46/110]

[STR: 21] [VIT: 22]

[AGI: 27] [LUK: 16]

[INT: 21] [WIS: 11]

[Partners - 1]

[Camila Creststream - Human (35)]

[Unused stat - 10]

I looked to my status as I sighed.

'46 DP left. That means I only have less than 20 hours.' I still haven't used my status or skills points. I decided to try my skills tomorrow before distribute them.

Realizing some people turned to me as I passed them, I sped up my steps. Damian's handsome face sometimes made me nervous, I've never been the center of attention before, but after I turned into Damian everyone's attention was focused on me.

"Welcome to our store. How can I help you?" said the shopkeeper as I stepped into the store.

"I want to buy a cellphone, do you have any recommendations?"

The shopkeeper approached a cellphone that looked expensive on the display table and I followed him.

"This is our newest product-"

After I saw the price label on the display, I interrupted him before he explained it further.

"I just need a simple one. I only use it for messenger and payment applications."

"Oh, okay. I'll bring you the list," Then he left.

I waited while looking at display items near me, a minute later my attention was diverted as a female lamia and a man walked past the store. 'Ms Mia?'

They held hands tightly and she looked so happy, but I caught the sour expression from the man who was walking next to her. I looked at them as they disappeared from my sight.

'Is that man her boyfriend?'

The shopkeeper's voice dispersed my attention. "This is the list, sir," he said while giving me the list.

"Thank you," I said, taking it from his hand.


An hour passed, I had completed my payment and now I sat at the sales table while waiting for them to register my new phone number and virtual account.

"Please check again before you leave," the shopkeeper said as he handed me my new cellphone.

I took it and swiped the screen several times to check the applications for a moment. Then, I put my new cellphone and the box in my bag.

"Thank you," I said as I stood up and walked away.

But before I opened the door, Ms Mia passed the store in a hurry and I could see tears in her face.

'Did she just had a fight with her boyfriend?'

I stepped out and after her. Even though I can't do anything about her problem, at least I can accompany her home. After all, her house is next to mine.

My feet continued to move as I swept my gaze around me. I lost her since it's too crowded here.

'Where is she going?'

Suddenly I could faintly smell the stink stench, an announcement with a red box appeared in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Another Demon detected!]

As soon as I read it, I remembered yesterday's incident when I was eaten alive by that group of rat demons. 'Are they still after me?' I thought while paying attention to my surroundings, trying to find that demon.

But I did not find it, instead found Ms Mia enter a hotel with another man.

[A demon has been found.]

The neatly suited man beside her held her hand tightly.

'Don't tell me that guy is the demon. '

My eyes looked at him suspiciously while my feet walked towards them. As I approached, the stink stench was getting clearer.

I entered the hotel and sat on the sofa in the waiting room, pretending to wait for someone as my eyes watched them who were still standing in front of the check-in desk. The man hugged Ms Mia's waist intimately while she was just silent with blank eyes. I could guess she was under that man's manipulation skill.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Rat Demon]

[Level 5]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 156/156]

[DP: 7/49]

'It's one of them...'

There was a fear that struck my heart, moreover, I could still remember yesterday's incident clearly but I had no choice but to fight them. Otherwise, Ms Mia will have the same fate as me.

Soon they walked into the elevator. I clenched my fist trying to shake off my fear as I stood up and approached the check-in desk.

I flashed a seductive smile to the receptionist. "Miss, can you tell me their room number?"

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