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The Incubus System 7 Chapter 7. Brother and Sister

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The Incubus System chapter 7. Brother and Sister

Bern stood up, his hands clenched, his face flushed with anger.

"Ethan!" he shouted in anger.

He casts a punch, while I could only stare at him without knowing what to do. I could hit him earlier because he let his guard down since I attacked him suddenly, but if we fight one on one fairly I would lose. He understands how to fight well, whereas me? I only know how to fight from TV or manga and have never learned martial arts.

I gritted my teeth preparing to take his punch.

'I'm dead meat!'

But something strange happened, I could see his movements clearly as if he was moving in slow motion. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I dodged aside at the last moment before his fist landed on my face. He looked surprised, not to think I could avoid his punch. He staggered to the point of falling and turned towards me with an angry face.

While I immediately grasped my situation. 'Looks like because I've turned into a demon, my senses are sharper than a normal human.' I returned my gaze to Bern with a determined look.

' Observation.'

[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Bern Fullhorn]

[Age: 18]

[Level 3 ]

[Race: Human]

[HP: 70/100]

[MP: 23/23]

I noticed his level is higher than mine but, his HP is much smaller. I clenched my hands.

'I can win this.'

He threw his kick at me, as before I could see his movements clearly. I did not dodge but brushed off his kick with my hand. When his feet clashed with my hands, I thought it would feel heavy, but it wasn't that bad. It feels similar to returning a volleyball serve.

After that, I swept my kick on his leg and he fell.

[You have hit a human for 15 HP.]

'Yes! I did it!' I shouted happily internally. When he was Celia's boyfriend, he used to mock my thin body, he even often said I was a weak man.

He got up again and charged on me, trying to crash into me. I turned to avoid him, catching one of his hands and turning it back.

[You have hit a human for 5 HP.]

I tightened my grip. "Argggg !!" he screamed in pain.

[You have hit a human for 8 HP.]

Although his hand was not broken I was sure at least he sprained.

"Go now or I'll call the police!" I snapped.

He gave me a displeased look as he struggled several times trying to get away, but I didn't budge and kept holding his hand without any difficulty. As if I was just holding back a sulking child.

His expression turned shocked when he realized the difference in our strength. I released my grip when I was sure he didn't want to continue our fight. He fixed his clothes while looking at me sharply.

"Tsk! I'll forgive you today!" Then he walked out with shuffling steps.

'What an asshole! I'm the one who clearly forgives you. '

An announcement reappeared before my eyes.


[The enemy has escaped.]

[Congratulations! You have won your first fight!]

[You have gained EXP!]

[You have earned a new title: Newbie Fighter. The first step as a fighter has begun! STR + 1 AGI + 1 WIS + 1.]

'Huh? I also can get EXP from fighting? '

"Brother, what are you doing?" Celia's voice returned my attention to her. She stood looking at me with a confused face mixed with shock. I'm not surprised at her reaction, I'm also surprised by myself.

I approached her "Celia, are you alright?" I asked worriedly.


Celia suddenly throws a slap on my cheek. Even though I saw it, I couldn't avoid it since I was shocked. Why did she suddenly slap me?

[You have taken 1 physical damage.]

I ignored the announcement in front of me and returned my gaze to her with a confused expression.


She looked at me sharply with a displeased expression.

"You ruined my plan." Her annoyance sounded clear from her tone.

"What do you mean?"

She walked to the table and took her cellphone that was hidden behind the flower vase. She fiddled it for a while, a displeased expression seemed even clearer on her face.

"Tsk! This video can't be used," she muttered irritably.

I approached her in annoyance. I saved her from her jerk ex-boyfriend and she slapped me? I could not accept that!

"Celia! What exactly happened ?!"

She ignored me while continuing to fiddle around with her cellphone screen.

I grabbed her hand, stopping her from playing with her cellphone.

"Explain to me!" I accidentally looked at the cellphone screen and saw the video that was recorded. In the video, Celia was the one who seduced Bern first before Bern finally tried to **** her. "What does all this mean?" I said while turning my eyes to her.

She exhaled and looked at me in annoyance.

"I'm the one who asked Bern to come."

"What?" I wish I heard her wrong. I remember they had a big fight when they broke up three months ago and she just left Bern even though he already pleaded. To be honest, I also disagree with their relationship, since I think Bern treated her badly.

"Yes, I'm the one who asked Bern to come here," she said once again.

"Bu-but why?"

"He offered me some money if I did that with him. I agreed and asked him to come here. I was going to trap him and use the video to ask for some money, otherwise, I would give it as evidence to the police. But you destroy everything. "

My anger peaked after hearing her explanation.

"Why did you do such a thing ?!" I snapped.

"Because I have no other choice!" she screamed. She turned her face away from me, but I could clearly see the sadness in her eyes.

"My exam will be held next week. I won't be able to take it if I don't pay off my tuition fees," she said in a calmer tone.

I glanced down and realized she was trying to hide her trembling hands. I knew she was afraid, I knew her mind was stuck that's why she acted recklessly. Bern is much bigger than her, it's very easy for him to hurt her.

Unconsciously I hugged her tightly and she was shocked by my sudden movements.

"Why are you so stupid? Didn't I tell you to let me take care of our family's finance?"

"I know you tried hard. There is no need to force yourself. I think I'd better quit school and start to work," she said in a weak voice.

"I have already paid your tuition fees and our house bills."

She released my arms and looked at me in disbelief.

"You're lying, right?"

I pulled out some receipt payments from my pocket and placed it on the table.

"I'm not lying. I've paid for everything and also transferred your allowance to your account."

She took the receipts and examined it, in an instant her face turned brighter. While I took my bag and the groceries that was still left in front of the entrance.

"Where did you get this much money?" she asked.

"I just got a job and they paid me in advance," I lied. I put my groceries on the table.

"I bought this to accompany you for study next week. Concentrate on your exam, don't worry about anything else." I gave her a soft pat on her head and walked past her to the stairs.

"Brother." Her voice stopped me.

"Thank you ..." she said again.

A smile developed on my lips. "You are welcome," I replied as I moved my feet.


DP: Demonic Power is only for demon.

MP: Magic Power is for human/hybrid-beast/elf.

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