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The Incubus System 30 Chapter 29. Death Call

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The Incubus System Chapter 29. Death Call

It was 2:54 PM, my last class was almost over while my lecturer was still speaking at the front. But instead of explaining about our subject, he told how he could catch a big fish when he was on vacation last week. Bored, I turned to the window facing the yard not far from me, staring at the other students who were busy chatting and laughing together. I smiled. In the past, I did not value what I have, what I thought was how to be better. I always live to chase my future. But since I died and turned into a demon, I came to realize that life is very valuable since we are very close to death. That's why, now, I live to enjoy my present and protect my loved one's smile.

"-han! Ethan!" a voice called me.

I turned to Larry, who sat next to me.


"You were called by the lecturer..." he whispered in a panicked expression as his finger pointed to the front.

"Ethan!" The lecturer's voice called me.

I quickly stood up from my seat.

"Yes, Sir."

"You don't usually daze like this," he said. A wrinkle appeared on his forehead.

"I'm sorry, sir," I replied, looking down. Listening to his chatter about fishing is really boring, even some students started to play with their cellphones from behind the book. But somehow he never rebuked them, whereas this was the first time I was slack off and he immediately rebuked me.

"You're a model student. You should set an example for your other friends," he said again.

"Yes, sir," I replied, without raising my head.

Suddenly, Larry stood up from his seat.

"Please don't blame Ethan, sir."

I turned my gaze to Larry in surprise, not expecting him to stand up for me. This time I was sure he was defending me because there was no advantage in against the lecturer. I could even see Larry staring at our lecturer with a serious face.

"Ethan has just been rejected by Olivia. So I hope you can understand his feelings," he continued. His expression did not change to show how serious he is.

My jaws dropped in shock upon hearing it.

'What the heck? !! When did I get rejected by Olivia ?! '

While others also have the same expressions as me.

"Is that true, Ethan?" asked the lecturer.

"That's not true," I quickly refused in panic while returning my gaze to the front. Is the gossip 'Ethan had dumped Larry for Olivia ' not enough? So there must be another gossip titled 'Ethan was rejected by Olivia'?

Larry tapped me on the shoulder and I turned back at him in response. He looked at me with a wistful gaze and gave me a bitter smile.

"It's okay, buddy. Being rejected is normal, you don't need to deny it."


Before I finished my sentence, another student interrupted me.

"Stay strong, Ethan," he said encouragingly.

I turned my gaze to the student.

"I do not-"

Again, my sentence was interrupted by others.

"Ethan, I never thought you were a brave person."

'Brave? Does that because no man dares to approach Olivia? '

"But, I really don't-"

* Ringgggg !!! *

A bell rang to indicate that our class was finished.

"Alright, we meet again next week," said the lecturer closing our class. Then he looked at me and gave me a consolation smile.

"Ethan, you're still young, don't let this problem get in your study."

I just opened my mouth to explain, but he had turned around and walked out of the classroom, and so did the others. My view is diverted from the source of this misunderstanding, Larry. And saw him already carrying his bag and walking along with other students. My hands quickly stuffed my book into my bag, carrying it and chasing him.

"I want to talk to you," I said, clamping my hand on his shoulder tightly, stopping his steps. My eyes looked at him in seriousness. How could he draw this wrong conclusion ?!

He turned. After seeing my expression he gave me another bitter smile.

"If you want to cry, I'll lend my shoulder, buddy." His hands raised to embrace my shoulders but I caught it, my expression remained serious and my feet began to move while he retreated with a scared face since it was clear from my expression that I'm not someone who wants to cry.

His back hit the wall and I put my hand on the side of his head. My eyes keep staring at him.

"Et-Ethan ... I already told you ... I just think of you as a friend," he said awkwardly. Slowly, he shifted his body to the other side to escape. I placed my other hand, preventing him from running away.

"Explain to me how could you conclude if I was rejected by Olivia?" I said without further ado. If he just wants to make fun of me I will be very angry with him.

"After you left the library, I followed you. Then I saw you staring at Olivia in the yard. But when I was about to approach, you suddenly went to the toilet. I went in and ... I overheard it ... "

"What do you hear?" I asked curiously.

"Your sobbing voice from inside the stall ..."

"What sobbing—" I was just about to be snapped in anger but then I stopped when I understood, what he meant was that the hissing sound when I turned into Damian.

'Ah! Shit! ' I grumbled internally as I bowed my head in annoyance. How can I explain this misunderstanding now?

Larry clamped his hands on my shoulder, treating me as if I were a broken-hearted person.

"It's okay, I understand. That's why I'm waiting for you to get out of there."

"You are waiting for me?" I said as I turned my head back to him.

"Yes, I was quite worried because you didn't get out of there for almost half an hour. But fortunately, you didn't do anything stupid." His eyes looked at me deeply.

I was silent as my anger began to subside. Even though he misunderstood this, I was quite surprised at his dedication to making sure I was okay. But then my forehead wrinkled in confusion.

"Wait... There is also Emma there. How can you say I'm staring at Olivia?" I asked.

Larry sighed as he shook his head side to side slightly with a pitiful gaze at me.

"You never even talked to Emma, how could she possibly make you cry? While Olivia kept looking for you. You even hugged her yesterday. If it wasn't Olivia who else?"

'Haa ... Now he thinks I'm chasing Olivia.'

I was just trying to find an excuse, at least I didn't want Larry to think that Olivia was rejecting me. But suddenly an announcement was heard.

* Ting Tong *

"Attention please! A call for Ethan Strongheart, please head to the Chairman's office immediately."

Both of us fell silent and exchanged glances as soon as we heard the announcement. My heart is beating fast. Forget about stupid gossip about me, Larry and Olivia. The announcement was like a death call for me since all students who were called into the Chairman's office would never be seen again in the next day, or in other words, they were expelled from college.

'Is it because I bumped Diamond earlier?'

After taking a deep breath trying to calm myself, I pulled my hand from the wall as Larry released his hands from my shoulder.

"I'm going to the chairman's office." If everything goes bad, I will have to use my manipulation skills on her. I just turned around but Larry clamped my shoulder once more, breaking my movements. When I turned to him, he shook his head slowly and gave me a worried look. His face looks serious.

He knew how hard I struggled to get into this college even though my family's finances were tight. He even knew how depressed I was when I found out that I was not included in the scholarship program because one of my exam scores was less than 2 points from the requirements since I could not concentrate due to my illness. Finally, my father decided to pay my college entry fee with his savings that he had accumulated for years.

"It's okay. I can deal with it," I tried to convince him. I took his hand off my shoulder and walked away.

"Ethan! If you have a problem you have to tell me!" he said again.

My steps stopped, I turned to Larry who was still staring at me with a worried face. I gave him a reassuring smile and a nod before leaving.


After taking a deep breath once more to calm myself, I knocked on the Chairman's office door in front of me.

* Knock * * Knock * * Knock *

"Come in," A female voice answered me from inside the room.

I opened the door and entered a large room with an elegant red carpet. A contemporary design wall adorned the room with some shelves filled with books. A long table and some chairs for meetings were on one side of the room while on the other side a coffee table with neatly arranged sofas. But what interests me the most, is a super large Pearl and Diamond painting that hangs behind a large desk at the end of the room.

'A twin?'

"Lock the door and sit," said Diamond, who sat behind her desk.

"Lock the door?" I asked in confusion. She is an honourable woman who owns this college, shouldn't it be abstinence for her to be alone with a man in a locked room? Moreover, we are still in college, it could damage her reputation.

"Yes, lock the door," she repeated.

I carried out what she was ordered to me while my brain immediately guessed what she would do to me. But one thing for sure, whatever that was, I could felt bad intentions from her, so I have to prepare for the worst.

After I sat in front of her, I put my bag on my lap. My eyes glanced at her board sign on the desk. From there I can draw conclusions, she is also the chairwoman of this place. In other words, she has the highest authority in my college.

"Why do you call me, Miss Diamond?" again, I set my voice as politely as possible.

"Put your bag on the next chair." Her hands took off her glasses and placed it next to her laptop on the desk.

I put my bag on the chair next to me following her orders and returned my attention to her. Although I know what to do if things go bad, but I can't be careless here. This is Diamond College, not Ledred.

She put her elbows on the desk, crossed her hands in front of her neck and rested her chin with it. Her eyes focused on me.

"Ethan Strongheart. A model student with the best grades, perfect attendance, never late and well behaved. Failed in the scholarship program during the registration period but could prove his ability in the first semester so that he gets a scholarship starting from the second semester." She tilted her head slightly and smiled. "Outstanding achievement, Ethan."

"Thank you," I replied simply. But I'm sure she called me not to praise me, so I used my observation skills.

[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Diamond Seabloom] [Age: 20]

[Level 1] [Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 97/97] [MP: 55/55]

[Skills: Sea Communications lv 3]

[Emotion: Interested, curious.]

[Love meter: 0/10]

[Condition: Normal]

[Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Master of the sea, Diamond College Owner.]

From her status, I can make sure she isn't angry with me, but that doesn't mean I can let my guard down since I don't know what her plan is. If she was curious to reveal my identity as a demon, that wasn't a good thing either.

She got up from her chair and started walking slowly towards me, her face looked calm.

"There is no information that says that you learned martial arts before, but I can add it since I feel your speed is at a master's level," Diamond said as she continued to walk behind my chair.

"I think you overrated me, Miss Diamond." Even though my eyes looked to the front but I know she stopped right behind me now.

"You are really interesting..."

After the words were heard, I could feel some movement from behind me. My instinct told me to turn around or at least avoid it but I forced myself to remain still in my position. It would be too strange if an ordinary student could detect movements behind him.

The tentacles passed through both sides of my head quickly and meandered before my eyes, showing their suckers with the transparent liquid clearly. Her face approached the back of my ear.

"Do you know what this means, Ethan?" she whispered.

"You are a Kraken's descendant?" I said while my brain continued to guess what she wanted. Why does she clearly show her status as a Kraken's descendant to me? To intimidate me?

"You don't look surprised by this. Have you ever met another Kraken bloodline?" she guessed. I need to admit she is sharp.

I didn't answer her question and instead asked another thing. Because from Pearl, I knew I would not be able to lie to a kraken's descendant.

"May I know why you called me, Miss Diamond?"

"Are you impatient or do you want to avoid my question?" Her tentacles began to cling to my body, crawling to my face, neck and shoulders. A slippery and slimy feeling greets my skin while I still remain in my position.

"I'm just curious. Is this because I bumped into you earlier?"

She did not answer, while her tentacles began to slip into my sweater and t-shirt, wiggling, exploring and examining every corner of my body. I realized, she was examining me, but the question was what was she looking for?

"Miss Diamond, I think this is already sexual harassment."

She remained silent as some of her tentacles began to tie my arms and legs to the chair. The other tentacles slither slowly, the tip gently touched my skin and swirled around just like examining my body in detail, while its suckers sucked my skin. I also can't resist since she has all my profile, the only way is to be patient and wait for my chance to cast my manipulation skills on her.

'What exactly does she want from me? We are still in college but she does this without any care. Even though she has the highest authority, shouldn't she still care about her reputation? 'I cast my gaze around me and realized there were two CCTVs in the room but both of it were off.

'She is up to something and she doesn't want to be found out or have any evidence of what she will do to me. '

After a while, she spoke again.

"Strange ... I can feel the kindness mixed with a strong dominating desire in you. Something that should fight with each other, but how come you can make it balance?" Her curiosity and confusion could be clearly heard from her voice.

'She said the same thing as Pearl yesterday ...'

"Don't all people have good sides and bad sides?" I reasoned.

But it seems like she doesn't care about my words. One of her tentacles pushed my chin, bent my head up while she bent her head down and gave me an evil smirk.

"Interesting ..." she whispered. Then without further ado, her lips fell on me. I gasped when I felt her tongue slip into my mouth along with a small object with the same taste as what Pearl gave me yesterday. Without announcement, I knew she was giving me a stimulant.

[Stimulants are detected.]

My tongue tried to push it out while her tongue swirled in my mouth trying to make me swallow the drug. I also can't use my manipulation skills since I don't look into her eyes. She managed to make me swallow it, the drug slid into my throat as she released her kiss.

* Cough * * Cough * * Cough *

I pulled my head back to the front as I coughed trying to get the drug out of my throat but in vain.

Her lips approached the back of my ear.

"Since you have two different sides, I want to know if you can still maintain your good side when the drug starts working. I want to know if you can still be a gentleman when the lust controls your mind," she whispered again in a sweet voice.

'This is strange. Why she gives me a stimulant if she wants me to keep my manner?'

Realizing there was something strange about this, my thoughts remembered about the CCTVs in the room. I glanced at it and could see a red light that was blinking, indicating that it would turn on soon.

' I see ... She wants to set me up.'

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