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The Incubus System Chapter 28. Demon Knight

12:11 PM

"Yeahhh! Finally! It's done!" shouted Larry happily after successfully completing his assignment. His loud voice made everyone turn their gaze at him with unhappy faces. While I covered my face with my hand in shame.

Realizing he shouldn't be noisy in the library, he immediately stood up from his seat awkwardly to apologize.

"Forgive me." Everyone turned their faces away and continued their activities, some of them shaking their heads slowly.

Larry sat down and turned his gaze to me, who sat next to him.

"Thank you for helping me. You are really my best friend!" Even though his typical dramatic tone didn't change, his voice was softer, so I'm the only one who could hear it.

I took my hands off my face and turned my gaze to him.

"Next time, do your assignment by yourself. Don't play too much video games. You should concentrate on your studies," I lectured him.

"Ah ... Come on. I have to do an important mission every night. After all, I already tried it before and did not understand at all. So I just stared at my desk for 2 hours. But if you taught me, I could complete it faster, " he whined while pulling my sweater sleeve over and over, like a kid asking for candy.

"What important mission do you do every night?" I asked curiously. I wondered if he started working. Although I do not justify sacrificing his studies for work, at least it means he has begun to take some responsibility now.

He released his hand and cleared his throat with a proud face.

"There's an arrogant and annoying man in my guild. So I'm on an important mission to defeat him! "

I was speechless after hearing his words. 'Guild ?!'

"And you know what? It's been a week since his hunting results lost to mine! He was really ashamed!" He continued eagerly, his voice getting louder and a happy smile began to develop on his face.

"Now, my rank is the same as him, even though he has joined far longer than me. He even doesn't dare to insult me anymore! Wahahahaha!"

His loud laughter brought the other people's attention back to him. Larry immediately covered his mouth in panic and lowered his head to avoid the people's angry gazes.

"Do you also want to say you are busy killing monsters every night?" I asked in exasperation since I could guess what he was doing.

"Ah, that's right! How do you know?" he answered lightly.

I sighed. Guild, rank, hunting results and monsters. Doesn't that mean he plays video games? And he ignored his studies just because he wanted to beat another player? I thought he had become a little more mature but I was wrong.

"What is wrong?" Larry asked, realizing that my face had turned sour after hearing his story.

"You are an adult now. Stop playing around like a kid," I said as I stuffed my book into my bag. I don't know how many times I've said this sentence to him.

"Hey! I tried," he denied.

"Then you must try harder," I said, rising from my seat and turning to leave.

* Bump *

I bumped into someone accidentally.

"Ah!" A woman's shocked voice followed by several books that fell from her hands.

Reflexively, I caught all the books easily, even though they were thick like a dictionary.

"I'm sorry," I said, giving the books back to her.

She looked at me in surprise while I also looked at her with the same gaze.

'Pearl ?!' I can hardly believe that the woman in front of me is the same person as the woman who had sex with me last night since her appearance was completely different. If last night, her hair was falling down, now her hair is braided to the side. Her mini dress was replaced with a turtleneck sweater and skirt. A pair of simple heels adorn her 'human' feet and she also wears big round glasses. If last night she looked like a seducer like Damian, now she looks like a model student like Ethan.

'Is she also a student here?'

But then I remembered when I checked Pearl's status, there was no information about college student in her profession status. Besides that, I also realized that there was a small mole under her right eye.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Diamond Seabloom] [Age: 20]

[Level 1] [Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 97/97] [MP: 55/55] [Skills: Sea Communications lv 3] [Emotion: Shocked, curious.]

[Love meter: 0/10] [Condition: Normal]

[Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Master of the sea, Diamond College Owner.]

My eyes widened in surprise at her name and profession. She has the same last name and age as Pearl. But what makes her different is, if Pearl owns Ledred, a place of male prostitution, she owns this place, Diamond Collage. A famous college with high educational standard.

"What is your name?" she said as she took the books from my hands . Her eyes filled with curiosity.

"My name is Ethan, miss," I replied as politely as possible. Although I know she is not angry, she could still be offended because I bumped into her earlier.

"Your movements are very fast, are you a martial artist?" Her suspicion was absorbed from the tone of her voice.

'Ah! Of course, she is suspicious. Why am I so careless? ' I grumbled internally. Since I distributed my stats points to my AGI, my speed has increased dramatically, so I can catch the books before they touch the floor.

"No, I just learned a little bit of it," I reasoned.

"Huh? You learned martial arts? Why did I not know about that?" Larry's voice came behind me.

I turned to him and could also see traces of shock on Larry's face clearly.

"I just learned it recently," I answered soberly.

Larry frowned in confusion after hearing my answer but I didn't care. What in my thoughts now is how to escape from here immediately, I don't want to get myself into trouble, especially since she is the college owner. I returned my gaze at Diamond who was still looking at me suspiciously.

"I have to attend my class now. Excuse me," I reasoned, although my class is still in half an hour. Without further ado, I stepped my feet towards the exit.


"Hahhhh!" A long breath out of my mouth as I dropped myself into a bench in the college yard. I feel like digging my own grave.

'I should have let the books fall rather than be suspected like this'.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm myself.

'But her suspicions should be not that bad since she did not say anything else after that'.

My eyes shifted to my surroundings when my ears caught the women's faint giggling and caught Emma was walking not far from me. Her face still looks a little pale even though a smile adorns her face. Occasionally, she chatted with some friends who walked beside her. Olivia is also there.

My worries immediately caught me as I could remember what happened last night.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Emma Lunaspark] [Age: 18]

[Level 6] [Race: Elf]

[HP: 57/148] [MP: 23/58]

[Skills: Holy Chain lv 2, Mana Strike lv 3]

[Emotion: Calm]

[Love meter: 0/10]

[Condition: Tired]

[Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Demon Hunter, College Student.]

'I knew she wasn't fully recovered yet but she forced herself to come.' My heart aches remembering how she fought the demons last night.

I don't know how long she started living this kind of life but I didn't expect a graceful woman like her to fight with demons at night. My eyes fixed on her, watching her silver hair blowing in the wind and the sweet smile that adorned her lips even though I knew her body was tired.

'I want to protect her ...' Somehow that desire overwhelmed me.

Suddenly an announcement appeared in front of me.

[You have received a daily quest!]

[Kiss a woman's hand.]

[Target: Emma Lunaspark.]

[Reward: Title and EXP.]

[Punishment: Losing half your DP.]

[Time limit: 3:59:54]

I sighed. Of course, I got this quest since I looked at her earlier. Yesterday's invitation crossed my mind.

'Then I will use this opportunity to talk about it,' I thought as I took Damian's cellphone out of my bag and began typing messages to her.

Me: Hey, I'm at the Diamond College, now. I want to talk about your invitation. Can we meet privately in the west corner yard now?

A few seconds later a reply arrived.

Emma: Alright.

My hand put Damian's cellphone back in my bag as I got up from my seat and headed for the college building.


"Damian, are you also a student here?" she said as soon as she arrived. As before I had changed myself to Damian.

"No, I happened to come here to meet a friend and accidentally saw you. So I want to use this opportunity to answer your invitation."

Her face turned brighter after hearing my words.

"Since you called me, does that mean you agreed to join the demon hunter association?" she said excitedly.

"Of course not," I replied. Joining the demon hunter association will never happen in my life.

"Then are you asking me to meet you to refuse it?" Her disappointment was clearly heard from her voice as her face turned sour.

I shook my head side to side in reply.

Her eyebrows began to furrow in confusion.

"So, what do you want?"

"I will accompany you to hunt demons as your friend, but I don't want to join the demon hunter association."

She was surprised after she heard my words. It's very rare for a common person to help a demon hunter. Because besides putting my life on the line, I also don't get anything from there, either money or honour as a demon hunter. I was also at a disadvantage since I didn't have demon hunter basic skill, but yesterday she had seen that I could deal with the rat demons without any skills, she should have thought it was okay.

"Why don't you join us?" she asked curiously.

"I told you I just want to live a normal life. Besides, I have another reason," I reasoned.

"Can I know the reason?"

"I can't say it."

Emma paused for a moment while staring at me but she finally gave me a surrendering sigh. "Then we will meet at 10.00 PM in front of the Nighthallow station for our first hunt. Do you agree with it?"

I tried to manage my schedule since I also have another appointment with Camila at 05.00 PM and Pearl at 07.00 PM.

'I think I can accompany her, but I have to send a message to Celia that I will come home late again today'.

"I agree," I replied, extending my hand to her.

"Okay." She grabbed my hand.

As her hand held mine, I knelt down on one knee and bowed my head, kissing the back of her hand like a knight who swore to give his loyalty to his queen. Like yesterday I did it naturally because this is my feelings for her. I want to protect her like a knight protecting his queen.

[Congratulations! You have completed your daily quest!]

[Level Up!]

[You are now Level 11.]

[You have 15 unused stat points.]

[You have 1 unused skill point.]

[You have earned a new title: Demon Knight. A demon? A knight? Or both? VIT +2.]

I released her hand and stood up while she was still stiff in shock with a blushing face.

"Our yesterday's agreement is still valid. Please don't tell anyone if I can fight. See you tonight, Emma," I said with a smile. Then I turned and left.

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