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The Incubus System 28 Chapter 27. One Awkward Day

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The Incubus System Chapter 27. One Awkward Day

"Ugghh ..." I grunted. I moved my head side to side slightly as my consciousness began to recover. My eyes opened slowly, the view of a room that wasn't mine began to become even clearer in my sight. Morning sunlight penetrated the window, telling me to wake up immediately but instead I remaining lay in silent on the bed. My naked body was only covered by a blanket, my gaze fixed on the foreign ceiling while I tried to collect my thoughts. After a while, my hands moved to cover my blushing face as I remembered what I had done with my sister last night.

"I must be crazy ..." I murmured. I can't deny doing it with my own sister really feels different than doing it with someone else, and more than that I didn't do it in my incubus form. I do it with my own body, with my own consciousness, as myself, not Damian.

After taking a deep breath to calm myself. Slowly, I woke up, sitting on the bed and glanced at the clock that was hanging on the wall near me.

08.24 AM

'No wonder Celia has gone to school ...'

Turning to the side, my legs dropped to the floor. My hands quickly tidied up Celia's bed, took my bag and sweater near her desk, then I stepped out into my room before hitting the shower. I only have 2 classes in the afternoon, that's why I'm not in a rush.

After I changed my clothes, I plopped to my chair to check both of my cellphones. There are two messages on Damian's cellphone, from Pearl and Camila. And they asked me at what time I could meet them today. I thought for a moment, trying to manage my schedule. Finally, I decided to meet them an hour earlier than yesterday at the same place. I checked my cellphone and found a message from Larry. He asked me to meet him early since he hasn't done his assignment, again.

'He must have been playing video games all night ...' I thought. Actually, I do not understand him, he rarely did his assignment and always panicked before handing it over. I do not like his irresponsibility over his study, even though he does not come from a rich family but he is also not from a poor one. He doesn't need to work like me, he should be able to concentrate on his studies better. Sometimes the fact that he has a better life, but he wastes it, pisses me off.

A sigh came out of my mouth, even though I was upset, however, he was my best friend, somehow I feel obliged to help him. But of course this time I will not let him copy my assignment just like that. My hand typed to reply to the message 'Meet me in the library 2 hours before the class starts'.


It was already 10.46 AM when I stepped into the Diamond College. As I was about to open the library door, the sound of rushed footsteps came closer.

"Ethannnnn !!!!" A familiar male voice called my name.

Turning to where the voice came from, my jaws dropped and my eyes widened when I saw Larry running toward me with open arms and a happy smile, like someone who hasn't seen his lover for a long time.

A second later, both of his hands embraced me tightly while I was still speechless without being able to make a move because I was too shocked.

"Ethan, my man! My saviour! What can I do without you, buddy? " he said, patting my shoulder. His voice sounded dramatic makes our stupid scenes look like a love drama on TV.

I smiled and sighed since I was used to his act. But then, my smile faded as I noticed the students who were walking past us holding their laughter while their eyes were still on us.

"We better finish up your assignment quickly," I said swiftly when I realized we were being laughed at by other students. I think this is the reason why Larry hasn't had a girlfriend until now, even though his face and posture are much better compared to mine. Because we often do stupid things like this.

"Okay," he said, releasing his arms. A happy smile still on his lips.

We were just about to step into the library when a female voice broke our movements.

"Ethan, can we talk for a minute?"

I turned to where the voice came from and saw Olivia approaching us. Her eyes glared at me like she was going to swallow me whole.

'Huh? Wasn't her problem already solved? '

Without thinking twice I used my observation skills.


Yep ... Since I raised my WIS, my DP is much higher than before, I have more courage to use my skills.

[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Olivia Creststream] [Age: 18]

[Level 4] [Race: Human]

[HP: 136/136] [MP: 25/25]

[Skills: Power Boost lv 1] [Emotion: In love, Curious]

[Love meter: 0/10] [Condition: Normal] [Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Master of martial arts, College student]

From her status, I could conclude she was not angry with me but maybe she just wanted to ask me why I could make Camila meet her yesterday, but I also noticed her 'in love' status. I wondered who is she in love with?

She kept walking toward me while I retreated in reflex until my back hit the wall. One of her hands is placed next to my head as her eyes are still fixed on me. What's wrong with her? Did she want to get revenge because I hugged her yesterday?

Larry was stunned to see us and the other students' attention returned to me. Since our position is similar to the cliché scene in the romantic drama, the difference is ... our position is reversed. I'm the man, Why am I the one who pressed to the wall?

'Ah!' A sudden guess crossed my head, remembering her status earlier.

'Is she in love with me?'

I looked into her eyes that were still staring at me as if she were going to eat me whole and looked away awkwardly in another direction.

'That's impossible... ' There is no way a woman could do this to a man she loved, right? Isn' t a woman usually shy in front of her crush? Or at least she wouldn't give him the look like she gave me now. Besides, I almost never talked to her before she asked me to accompany her to look for Camila.

She clamped my chin with her hand and turned my face back to her.

"I want to talk to you," she said again with an unchanging expression.

"How about we talk in private?" I suggested. My eyes pointed at the students who had gathered to watch us.

She glanced at them for a moment while I caught her face turned slightly red, then she released me and pulled her body away.

"Alright, come on." She turned and walked away.

My feet just started to follow her, but suddenly Larry blocked our path.

"I won't let you take Ethan from me!" His eyes looked at Olivia with determination.

Olivia responded by glaring at him while the students gathered more and more. I knew he thought Olivia wanted to 'execute' me but his courage made me happy. I smiled at him as I didn't think he would defend me like this.

'Larry, you're really my best friend ...' - Ethan.

Larry gave me a reassuring smile.

��Calm down, mate. I will save you because you are the only one who can save my assignment's grade! ' - Larry.

My smile faded as my face turned sour. I really wanted to facepalm myself, his mind is not far away from his assignment's grade. But seriously ... if he cared so much about his grade, he should be studied more diligently. I sighed and stepped my feet past Olivia.

"Come on, Olivia. We'll talk in private."

Olivia had just followed me but Larry grabbed my sweater and looked at me deeply.

"Ethan ... don't go ..."

My hands quickly released Larry's grasp from my sweater when I realized the students around us had begun to make weird gossip about the love triangle between us with the title 'Ethan had dumped Larry for Olivia.'

"Just wait in the library. I will be right back."

"Promise me, you will come back soon," he said again. Okay ... Larry really looks like a brokenhearted man who is not willing to be dumped by his lover now.

Students' murmurs sounded again in our background, I have to do something fast before this weird gossip gets worse.

"I will definitely come back soon," I replied quickly then immediately escaped from there as fast as possible.


"What do you want to talk about?" I said casually, once we arrived at a quiet corner of the college yard. There was no tension from my face since I was already predicting what she would ask.

She paused while looking at me, while her gaze and expression did not change.

"Ethan ..." After calling my name she fell silent in hesitation.

"Hm?" I tilted my head in confusion. If she wants to ask about Camila and what happened yesterday why does she hesitate to say it?

"What is your relationship with Larry?" she continued.

Well, that question surely surprised me.

"Of course, we are friends. What else?" I replied.

"Is he really just a friend?" She confirmed once again. Her disbelief sounded from her tone.

My forehead wrinkled in confusion after hearing her question. What else do we look like?

I gasped as my earlier stupid scene crossed my head.

'Wait! Did she misunderstand us?! '

"Larry is my friend. Just a friend. Nothing more," I made it clear.

"It's good to hear that. " A sigh of relief came from her mouth.

I was more confused with her reaction.

'Huh? Why does she look relieved? Aren't I the one who should be relieved? Wait ... Is she really in love with me? '

Seeing my confused expression, she cleared her throat awkwardly.

"I want to ask you about yesterday's incident," she said, starting our main conversation.

As expected ...

'What the heck am I thinking? That 'In love' status could be not for me, right? 'I thought after hearing her question.

"Is that prostitute your friend?" she continued.

"Yes," I replied without hesitation. After I decided to bring them together, I was sure Camila would also tell her about Damian.

Her expression turned serious.

"Are you the one who asked him to reject my mother's request?"

"That is his own decision."

"You're lying, right?" she said as she looked at me in doubt.

"Why should I lie?" I answered casually.

"Then why don't you take me to meet him directly before?"

'Because I can't split myself into two.' But of course, I couldn't say that to her, so I gave another reason.

"Because he wants to settle it himself. He doesn't want this problem to become more complicated."

Olivia fell silent after hearing my answer.

"Yesterday ... Everything went well, right?" I made sure.

"Yes. My mother is calmer now. I was so relieved by that." Her expression looks more relaxed.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

'Thank goodness, I thought her problem wasn't over yet.'

"Ethan, please convey my thanks to him."

"Okay, I'll definitely tell him," I replied with a smile.

After the words left my mouth, both of us went silent.

"If there's nothing more to talk about, I'll excuse myself." I must help Larry to do his assignment.

Just as I took a few steps, she stopped me. "Wait!"

"Hm?" I turned my head to her.

She looks puzzled, her eyes moving from side to side avoiding my gaze.

"I - I ..." Her hesitation could be heard clearly from her voice.

"Yes?" I wondered what she wanted to say, we had just spoken as usual before.

"I just want to say thank you for accompanying me yesterday," she said, smiling awkwardly.

"No problem. I'm glad your problem is over," I replied lightly. I thought there was another important thing she wanted to say to me, but it seems I guessed wrong.

"I'll take my leave." Then I stepped my feet toward the college building.

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