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The Incubus System 23 Chapter 22. Tentacle Lady 18+

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The Incubus System Chapter 22. Tentacle Lady

I could hear the sound of her breathing getting heavier in my ears and felt her breath on my neck while my fingers continued to play with the tips of her breast. My tongue moved and licked her side neck slowly to her ear.

"Ahhh ...!" she gasped and felt shivers run-up to her spine upon my lick. The wiggling of her tentacles all over my body began to run wild. The sucker sucks every inch of my body, especially between my crotch as if it told me she wants me to keep touching her. While all my underwear have been removed by her tentacles, including my shoes. All that was left was my shirt that was open and my suit.

Slowly, I bit her earlobe then whispered again in a sweet voice. "Lady Pearl, beg to me."

"Ahh ... hah ... Please ..." Her breathing got heavier, her body began to sway erotically.

I pulled my face away and looked at her. Enjoying her seductive gaze, her reddened face, her pleading expression and her wet lips slightly parted as if she wanted something from me. In an instant, she changed from a predator to a prey that waiting to be eaten.

"More ..." I asked in a seductive voice with a mischievous smirk on my lips. Her expression really turned me on.

"Damian ... please - hah - please satisfy me ..." she pleaded once again with misty-eyed expressions, dilated pupils, red nose and trembling lips.

I gave her a mischievous smile before my lips fell on her, my tongue entered her mouth and she welcomed me happily. Our tongues twisted, clashing with each other while I took my hands off her breast and moved down to touch her wet heat that was hidden between her 'legs'. I rubbed the entrance for a few seconds with my thumb before plunged my finger in it. It's so warm and tight, I can feel the inner wall throbbing calling me.

"Mmmppphhh ..." A muffled moan came out of her mouth as her body startled but I tilted my head and deepened my kiss. While her tentacles are playing with my body, exploring every corner of my body, stimulating me with its wiggle, crawling and clinging tightly all over my body as if it will not let me go before I satisfy her. The tickling sensation travelled all over my body, stimulating my desire to mating, making my cock increasingly tense and enlarged.

A few seconds later, I plunged my second finger in it and moved to tickle it slowly.

"Hmphhhh ...!" She flinched once more, her body lifted slightly, her liquid overflow trickled down to the carpet while I could feel her heat loosened, I knew she wanted me so bad ...

I released my kiss, a string of saliva still connects our tongue as I pulled my body away from her. My hands moved quickly, opened my suit and shirt and threw it. While she took off her mini dress and bra shamelessly, showing her pale white skin clearly and her ripe breasts with seductive pink tips.

She put her arms around my neck, leaned over me and pressed her breast against mine while we locked our gaze at each other, her tentacles tickling, playing my fun bag and soaked my cock with its liquid.

"Damian ... I want you so bad ..." she whispered in a sexy voice.

My index finger travelled from her temples to her wet lips and she responded by licking my finger's tip.

"Give yourself to me ..."

After those words left my mouth, a chuckled out of our mouths while our gazes were still fixed on each other. A second later, as if on cue, our lips crashed with each other once more. Our tongues swam wildly, clashing each other, our kisses getting dirty every second, our saliva dripped to our chin. Her tentacles are completely clinging to my body, giving me access to her heat freely. My hand squeezed her breast tightly while my other hand pulled the back of her head towards me.

Her body fell to the floor once again while I lay on top of her, my waist moved to rub my cock that was wet with her tentacles' liquid to her entrance that was wet, while her tentacle's sucker 'kissed' my cock wildly. The pleasure overwhelms me, my adrenaline increases. I must admit she's really pretty good at this. Although I wanted to play with her a little longer but now I could not stand with all the touches she gave me.

I broke my kiss.

"I'm going in," I declared. I want her to be prepared for what she will receive next.

"Aggghhhh ...!" she gasped as she planted her nails into my back when I started to slide my cock into her heat. I felt a resistance even though I just put my cock's head. She is crazily tight, but seriously even though I just put a little but I can feel her inside is warm and irresistibly delicious. Her tightness made me undo my intention to do it roughly. And even my urge for mating has already shot up to my head, I still hold myself to let her get used to it. Is mine too big? I haven't even used my Demonic Erection yet. Isn't she Ledred's ruler? She should have slept with many men, right?

"Ahh ... More ... Why did you stop? Give me more ..." she demanded.

Upon hearing her demand, my waist moved again pushing my cock deeper and deeper, penetrating her resistance, feeling the narrowness of her inner wall.

"Nggghh ..." I grunted. But not because of my difficulty penetrating her resistance but withstand the extraordinary pleasure given by it to me. If I hadn't restrained myself, maybe I would have pushed my cock in without mercy. She implanted her nails and began to scratch my back.

"Aaaghhhh... Damian ---- Ahhhh!" she cried loudly and her eyes closed tightly.

Meanwhile, I feel like my cock is being hugged tightly by something soft and warm, each time I slide in deeper the pleasure that is built by it is getting higher.

'It crazily feels so good ... Is it because she is a Kraken's descendant?'

She took a quick breath after I put all my cock into it.

"Ahhh... Haaahh --- it's so good ... Damian --- Give me - hah-" more pleasure ... hah - hah - I want more pleasure ... Satisfied me... "Her eyes glinted in excitement.

I responded with a seductive smirk and a second later I began to move my waist back and forth slowly. My eyes stared at her face getting redder every time I thrust my cock into it.

"Ahhh ... Hahhh ... Hahh ... hah ... ahh ..." Both of us began climbing in pleasure as our heavy breathing sound filled the room. A minute later, my waist movements are getting faster and rougher.

"Uh ... Uh ... Damian ... Ahhhh --- Damian --- Anghh ..." Our mind sinks into pleasure. It was more difficult for me to hold myself since my load is already full.

"Cumming --- ahhh - Damian ... I'm cumming --- Anggghh ..." she moaned loudly as I sped up my pace.

Only a second later after those words, leaving her mouth, I shot my warm liquid mixed with hers. "Ngghhh ..." I groaned in pleasure while my load continued to shoot inside her. Even after all of my load came out, her heat kept 'biting' me hard as if not allowing me to leave.


[Charm has been cancelled.]

[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Level Up!]

[You are now Level 9.]

[You have 5 unused stat points.]

[You have 2 unused skill points.]

[You have earned a new title: Maiden Tamer. Congratulations! Her virginity is yours. INT + 1 AGI + 1 LUK + 1.]

[Congratulations! You have got a partner!]

[Pearl Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Love Meter 1/10 - I'm so excited to see you again. ]

My eyes widened after I read it.

'She's a virgin ?!' I was quite shocked. She was playing with man's cock earlier like she was used to having sex with them but apparently not.

She pulled my head closer and gave me a passionate kiss once more. While I move my lips and tongue in tune with her.

"You came so much," she said after she broke her kiss. A satisfied smile adorned her lips, one of her tentacles crept into my face and wiggled it slowly.

"Do you like it?" I teased while looking at her with an alluring gaze and giving her a smirk.

"Yes, I really like it ..." She tilted her head into my ear.

"I've been waiting for a wild man like you," she whispered in a sweet, friendly voice.

A chuckled out of my mouth in response as I pulled my cock out, the blue liquid immediately dripped onto the carpet. I can guess it's virginity's blood since I've heard the words 'as blue as Kraken's blood'.

"We will settle the contract quickly. Then after that you better give me more of it," she said as she stood up.

"You really are impatient don't you?" I stood and plopped myself on the sofa casually.

She pressed a button on an electronic device that was hanging on the wall near us.

"Bring this club contract to me."

"Okay," a voice answered her.

Then she walked and sat on my lap, her hands around my neck intimately. While I put my hand on her waist.

"It's your first time, but you don't seem to care about it," I asked in confusion.

Her hand rubbed the side of my face slowly.

"I told you I've been waiting for a man like you for a long time, of course, I'm ready for it. That's why I built Ledred."

"You built Ledred just for this?"

Another chuckled out of her mouth.

"Of course. Besides, I like it here, Ledred is like my playground." Somehow I'm not surprised by her words, given who she is.

"Then why did you call me earlier? How do you know me?"

"There are unwritten rules here. Every prostitute that wants to start working has to be my toy for one week."

After hearing her words, I grabbed her chin and made her look at me. "Now that you have me, stop playing with men like that. It is torture for them."

"Of course, after I met you, I don't need them anymore ..." she answered, leaning closer to me. Her lips came back to my lips, our lips soon crushed one another.

A knocking sound followed by the sound of a door opening was heard. A man came in carrying a few documents, but after a few steps he stopped and looked away in embarrassment as he noticed not a single piece of cloth was covering our bodies.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"It's okay, just put the contract on the table," she said after breaking her kiss casually.

The man immediately put the contract and the pen on the table without daring to glance at us, then he immediately got out of there.

She took the contract and gave it to me.

"Make it fast Damian ... Don't make me wait too long," she said in a teasing voice.

I took the contract from her hand. My eyes moved to read it a few moments before returning my gaze to her in confusion.

"Are you willing to give this place as long as I serve you in bed?" I thought at least the contract required me to work at least a few hours a day and have the responsibility to manage the place.

She gave me a small laugh after seeing my confusion.

"I told you Ledred is just my playground."

My mind sank into my thoughts, this is really too good to be true. It even looks like a trap. That's why I decided to check her emotions.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Pearl Seabloom] [Age: 20]

[Level 1] [Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 98/98] [MP: 50/50]

[Skills: Sea Communications lv 3] [Emotion: In love, excited.]

[Love meter: 1/10] [Condition: Normal]

[Relationship: Incubus's Partner]

[Profession: Master of the sea, Ledred's ruler.]

I was quite surprised by her status. She's only level 1 but her HP was almost the same as Bern while her MP was bigger than the rat demon. Now I understood why she was so confident that she could tame me earlier.

"You are not playing with me, right?" I made sure once more.

"Do you not believe me?" she said with a meek voice.

My eyes turned to the status screen before me and realized that her emotions had not changed, while I already read the contract carefully.

'I will trust her for now.'

"Well, I won't doubt you any longer." Then I took the pen to sign the contract.

Just after I finished signing, she took my pen and placed it on the table.

"Since we finished the contract, now I want you to continue what we have done before." she approached her lips to my ear.

"But this time I don't want you to restrain yourself like before," she whispered.

"How did you know I was restraining myself?" I said while taking a glance at her. She really surprised me for a lot of things.

"I knew it from your blood flow and your heartbeat. Kraken's tentacles are very sensitive, it's easy to find out."

An evil smirk developed on my lips.

"Then don't blame me."

We locked our gaze for a few moments then our lips came to each other while our body began to move, a sure sign of a new beginning. \u003cspan data-mce-type="bookmark" id="mce_marker"\u003e​\u003c/span\u003e

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