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The Incubus System 21. The Game Has Just Begun

The sky above the Ledred District was already dark when I set my feet there. Instead of wearing my own clothes, right now I'm wearing my father's neat suit since all my trousers are too short for Damian. I had sent a message to Celia that I would be home late today and left my bag in the station's locker. I have put all the rest of my stat status into my WIS status. Now, My WIS is 27.

Today is arguably the first day of my debut as a real prostitute. My first day with Camila was just lucky, whereas when with Mia I just happened to meet her but today I had to find my own client. My feet stepped into a nightclub that was quite famous there, Sea Devil.

The sound of loud music along with the guests' stomping filled the room. Everyone dances accompanied by colourful laser lights that fire from the ceiling to the dance floor, on the stage a DJ is busy with his turntablists while on several other small stages, some well-built men who only wear feathers underwear dance to the beat.

To be honest I didn't have the experience to go to a place like this before but somehow I entered it without any burden or nervousness at all. Just a minute after I swept my view in the room a woman approached me while holding a glass of cocktails in her hand. Her other hand crept around my waist and her breast leaned against my body, showing her cleavage clearly from her neckline mini dress.

"Hi, are you new here? What's your name?"

I gave a seductive smirk as I held and lifted her chin slowly while my other hand holds her waist.

"Damian. Do you want me to accompany you tonight?" I offered myself without further ado. I was quite surprised at the women here. I thought I had to use my charm skills to get clients. But it seems Ledred is indeed a place for women to look for fun so I don't have to, plus Damian's handsome face also contributed to attracting them. Well, at least this makes it easier for me to fill my DP.

Two big men wearing security uniforms approached me.

"Can you come with us for a minute? Lady Pearl wants to see you."

Upon hearing the name 'Lady Pearl', the woman who was clinging to me earlier released herself from me in a panic.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were Lady Pearl's man." Then she immediately moved away.

'Lady Pearl ... What a beautiful name. But it doesn't look like her reputation is as beautiful as her name.'

The two bodyguards moved behind me.

"I hope you will not let Lady Pearl wait too long," they said again.

Although I was confused how could she ask me to meet her even though I had just arrived, but I still agreed.

"Show me the way," I said casually as my feet began to walk. Rather than being afraid, the previous woman's reaction actually made me curious about this woman named Lady Pearl.

The sound of music from the dancing hall dims in my ears. They opened the door for me to a private karaoke room and closed the door as soon as I entered. The room was large with red soundproof walls and a soft carpet-covered floor.

A sweet-faced young woman with long light blue hair and wearing a simple mini dress sits on a luxurious long sofa in the room with a large mirror behind it. But contrary to her sweet face, an evil smirk adorned her lips, her hands busy tickling a naked man who was tied to a large table in front of her with a feather stick. The man's cock was fully awake, sweat dripping from his body while breathing hard.

"Please - hah- no more ... Hahh ... Hahh ... Let me cum ... hah- Please ...." he begged with difficulty while trying to break away from the iron shackles that bound his hands and feet. His eyes were filled with extraordinary thirst.

But Lady Pearl didn't care, she tickled his fun bag, went up and tickled the tip.

"Anghhh !! Ahhh ... Hahhh!" The man flinched, his hips raised slightly with a blushing face and an extraordinarily lustful expression.

'Making a man as a toy? What a bad hobby. ' Well, but this is Ledred, everything can happen here.

"Are you Lady Pearl? Why did you call me?" I said after she ignored me for a while. The man's moan still filled the room.

"Sit down," she said without turning her face to me. An evil smirk still adorned her face while her eyes were fixed on her toy before her.

I stepped closer and sat on the smaller sofa, my elbows I put in the arm of the sofa while my chin relaxed on my hand. My eyes looked at Lady Pearl who was still busy playing around.

"What do you want?" I said again.

"You have to pay close attention to this because after I'm done with him, it's your turn," she said.

"You mean you want to make me your toy?" A breath accompanied by a chuckled out of my mouth.

"I am not interested." I stood up and was just about to leave but I could feel something holding my feet. Glancing down, I saw a tentacle tie my ankles. I turned my gaze to Lady Pearl and realized it was her leg, one of her eight legs to be exact.

'Kraken's descendant ... No wonder she can play with men as she pleases.'

Kraken's descendants are one of the rare hybrid sea-beasts. Their upper bodies are humans while their legs are like octopus tentacles. They can change their 'legs' into ordinary human feet and because of their royal blood lineage, they are all born with endless wealth. They are the masters of the sea, with their rare communication ability they can find out disasters and marine resources.

"I said after I finished with him, next is your turn," she said, staring at me with an unhappy face. While the other tentacles spread to that man's cock and shook it. The tip of the tentacles wiggled to stimulate the tip of the man's cock while its suckers suck it, transparent and sticky mucus dripping over his cock.

"Ahhh ... Hahhh ... Yesss !!! Ohh ... I'm gonna cum ... ahhh ...!" the man began to moan like crazy while his eyes turned upside down.

'Since you want to play with me, then I'll also play with you.' A smirk formed on my lips as I sat back down. "All right, but I hope you can finish it quickly. Because I'm an impatient person," I said, leaning my back against my sofa. Instead of being tense I even look relaxed.

Seeing my reaction, Lady Pearl smiled with satisfaction.

"I like an obedient man like you." Her eyes looked at me mischievously.

Another chuckled out of my mouth. "Don't judge me too fast." My eyes locked at her with the same gaze. It was as if we were two beasts ready to devour one another.

"Aaaghhhh --- ahhhh!" The man's loud screams filled the room as his semen spurting and dripped into his groin. He was breathing heavily while the other tentacles crept loosened his shackles.

"Leave us," she ordered the man.

He rolled to the side while catching his breath, gathering his clothes quickly and went outside.

"Now it's your turn," she said, pointing to the table in front of her with her chin.

"I told you, don't judge me too fast. I'm not an obedient man," I said, raising my chin to challenge her.

She stood up with an unhappy face, all her legs clearly visible.

"I am Ledred's ruler! How dare you against my command?!" She approached me impatiently and leaned her face towards me. While I remained silent in my position, without changing my expression at all. Her eyes looked at my face carefully, a moment later a devious smile developed on her lips.

"But since you are so handsome, I will forgive you. I will tame you well." her tentacle spread to my face while the others began to unbutton my shirt and my zipper.

"Tame me?" A slight condescending chuckled out of my mouth then I brought my face close to her ear.

"Be careful, maybe you are the one who ends up tame by me," I whispered in a sweet voice. I pulled my face away from her and could clearly see her annoyed face.

All the buttons on my shirt were open and the tentacle was about to sneak into my trousers but I grabbed it. I brought the tentacles close to my mouth licking it, my eyes still locked to her. A wicked smile slowly grew on her face once again. "Do you want to make a bet?" she said.

"What bet?"

"If you manage to fuck me, I will pay you with a very high price. But if I manage to make you cum before you can do it then you must be my pet forever."

"Do you want to exchange money with my life? I think that's unfair."

"What do you want?"

My mischievous smile spreads across my face when she wants to listen to my negotiations. "You said you were Ledred's ruler right? Then I want this club."

"Do you think your life's price is that high ?!" she snapped with eyes staring at me.

I gave her a laughter before returning to speak. "Are you afraid?" I challenged her as my hand stroked the side of her face while my other hand returned her tentacle into my underwear.

She looks surprised with my clear challenge. "Deal," she said without hesitation. With so many 'legs' it was very easy for her to tie me up and play my body freely.

"It's a freestyle, right?" I clarified once again.

"Yes. A freestyle," she replied. The other tentacles began to creep up to my body while the tentacle that was already in my underwear was wiggling tickling my cock.

Without warning, I pushed her to the floor while she was easily carried away because of our strength difference. I placed her hips between my thighs and pinned her hands on the floor. She looked surprised by my sudden movements. "Then I'll use the rough method."

"You like a rough play, huh?" she said with a sinister smile. A slight hissing sound came out of my mouth as the tentacle wrapped in my half-awake cock and shook it slowly, while the other tentacles pulled my trousers and my underwear then spread and wiggled on my body. Sticky mucus began to cover my cock, while the tip of the tentacle tickled the tip of my cock. "Hnnggg ...." A slight moan escaped from my mouth.

I pulled her hands up and held her with one of my hands while my other hand went down holding her tentacle and was just about to pull it but its suction force was so strong. It kept clinging to my cock tightly.

An evil laughter came out of her mouth.

"You are too naive." She raised her head slightly, approaching my ear.

"You better give up now. I will treat you well."

"We'll see," I say confidently. My expression did not change even though I held the incredible stimulus at my lower part. My urge for mating is increasing but no... She wants to play with me, so I will also play with her. I let go of my hand from her tentacles then crept up to infiltrate her dress and take off her underwear.

"Tsk!" She clicked her tongue in annoyance. Two of her tentacles pulled my head, bumping her lips at mine. I gasped when I felt her tongue slip into my mouth along with a small object with a strange taste from it.

[Stimulants are detected.]

'Tsk! She tried to drug me. '

Her tongue swirled in my mouth trying to make me swallow the drug. I pulled my head away from her, with my strength I could easily do it even though she was holding me tightly.

"Ah!" she gasped and screamed in surprise. The tentacle holding my cock loosened, I immediately grabbed it and held it tight.

"How dare you play dirty tricks on me," I said with a displeased expression. I stuck out my tongue, showed the drug that was still intact then I tilted my head to the other side slightly and blew it out of my mouth.

"Damian Lucio," I introduced myself suddenly.

"I didn't ask your name," she said in a displeased tone.

"You better remember well. It would be very bad if you called a wrong name. It will turn me off."

"I already said-"

Before she finished her sentence, I brought my face close to her and she gasped.

"I've played enough."


Actually, I didn't want to use this skill on her but she pissed me off since she tried to cheat by drugging me. So I will show her what a real stimulant feels like.

A sweet erotic fragrance wafted. Her face began to turn red, her eyes glinted filled with lust, her breast moved up and down, while her breath began to pant.

[Charm skill succeeded.]

I let go of my hand from her tentacles and crept into her breast, embracing her soft and smooth mound. My hand immediately recognized something hard there, I pinched it slowly and twisted it while my face approached her ear. A mischievous smile developed on my lips.

"Beg to me ... I will serve you until satisfied," I whispered in a sweet voice.

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